RightNow Conference 2018 (Dallas) Louie Giglio
RightNow Conference 2018 (Dallas)
Louie Giglio
1. Reset 42 MINS
2. Don't Waste Your Life 37 MINS
3. One Love 38 MINS
4. Fully Alive in Christ 52 MINS
5. What's Your First Domino? 42 MINS
6. Church Leaders and Golden ... 37 MINS
7. Main Stage Breakout – A Life ... 1 HR 1 MIN
8. Main Stage Breakout – The ... 55 MINS
9. Barnabas: An Influential Leader 30 MINS
10. Faith Over Fear 38 MINS
11. Extreme Team Building 37 MINS
12. Christians in the Age of ... 36 MINS
13. Integrated, Yet Still ... 37 MINS
14. Rooting for Rivals 29 MINS
Regardless of ethnicity, gender, country of origin, upbringing, or socio-economic status we all have one feature in common—we are made in the image of God. Despite our differences, we are living in the story of God’s redemptive work, which tears down the barriers that divide us. Following Christ means becoming a member of his household, one in which we will spend eternity.

Until then, an unbelieving world is watching. But what does it see? As we work to reconcile our differences, let us redirect our gaze where it belongs—on our Savior, Jesus Christ. When we do, we will truly grow into the people God designed us to become.

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our main lineup of speakers who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, the website here.
  "One" Program (Dallas)
Louie Giglio
What the world needs most today, what our cities and communities need most today, what we all need most today is a spiritual awakening. Here’s the good news.

It’s possible.

Right now, God is closer to you than you think.

How close?

Twenty inches. Twenty inches is all that separates you from, “then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

It’s the twenty inches between your knees and the ground. It’s assuming a position of kneeling before the mighty God and admitting that you need help. Twenty inches to go from death to life. Twenty inches that change your story from, “I was a victim of circumstance,” to, “I found Jesus, and He stood me up victorious.”

God is closer than you imagine today, and He’s calling you. Will you answer?
At Passion City Church we believe that because God has displayed the ultimate sacrifice in Jesus, our response to that in worship must be extravagant. It is our privilege, and our created purpose, to reflect God’s Glory back to Him through our praise, our sacrifice, and our song.

Passion City Church is a Jesus church with locations in Atlanta and Washington D.C.

More info on Passion: https://passioncitychurch.com

1. 20 Inches to Mercy 41 MINS
Louie Giglio
Es importante lo que pensamos de Jesús. Nuestra percepción de Él nos moldea. Moldea lo que hacemos, como tratamos a otros e incluso lo que pensamos. Si no entendemos que Jesús es Supremo por sobre toda la creación, que Él es la imagen del Dios invisible y que Él es el Salvador del mundo, nuestra teología se tergiversa y nuestra fe sufre.

En esta serie de 8 sesiones, Louie Giglio nos guiará a través del libro de Colosenses para ayudarnos a tener una imagen completa de Jesús. Lo que creemos de Él influencia todo. Influencia nuestra alabanza en la comunión con el cuerpo de Cristo, influencia nuestras relaciones y nuestra actitud hacia el pecado. Ahora que estamos vivos, que hemos resucitado con Cristo, podemos vivir de manera digna del Señor, para ya no caer en la vieja manera de vivir, o regresar a los caminos del mundo. 
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Colosenses 1:1–14 13 MINS
2. Colosenses 1:15–23 12 MINS
3. Colosenses 1:24–2:5 15 MINS
4. Colosenses 2:6–15 14 MINS
5. Colosenses 2:16–23 12 MINS
6. Colosenses 3:1–17 11 MINS
7. Colosenses 3:18–4:1 15 MINS
8. Colosenses 4:2–18 18 MINS
Louie Giglio
What we think about Jesus matters. Our perception of Him shapes us—what we say, how we treat others, even what we think. If we paint Jesus as any less than who He is as supreme over all creation and savior of the world, not only does our theology slip, but the working out of our faith also suffers. 

In this 8-session series, Louie Giglio will take us through the book of Colossians to help us form a complete picture of Jesus. What we believe about Him influences everything from our corporate worship to our relationships to our attitude toward sin. Now alive in Christ, we can live a life worthy of God instead of falling back into the ways of the world.

Get the full study experience by downloading the resources below. This Leader’s Guide contains over 60 pages of in-depth narrative teaching with direction for group discussion and helpful answers to biblical questions. It moves beyond knowledge to the real-life application of God’s Word in either personal or group study. 
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Colossians 1:1–14 13 MINS
2. Colossians 1:15–23 12 MINS
3. Colossians 1:24–2:5 15 MINS
4. Colossians 2:6–15 14 MINS
5. Colossians 2:16–23 12 MINS
6. Colossians 3:1–17 11 MINS
7. Colossians 3:18–4:1 15 MINS
8. Colossians 4:2–18 18 MINS
Louie Giglio
Do you ever feel powerless? Ever struggle with feeling too tired, too worn, too weak, too spread thin to accomplish the plans and purposes that Jesus has assigned for your life?

You're not alone. In fact, no one can accomplish what God is asking us to do in our own strength; a God-sized mission can't be done with human-sized strength.

Follow along with Pastor Louie Giglio as he leads us through the book of Acts in the POWER-FULL series. In Acts, we uncover the clarity of God's mission for our lives—that we carry the name of Jesus far and wide to the whole world. We also discover we have sufficient power through the Holy Spirit to lift up Jesus for all to see. God's power enables us to be everything God has created us to be and to do everything He has called us to do.

Join in on the journey of POWER-FULL and take your place in God's global plan to carry the truth and grace of Jesus to the world.
1. Purpose and Power 55 MINS
2. Strike the Match 53 MINS
3. Day 1 48 MINS
4. The Miracle and The Message 52 MINS
5. The Miracle and The Message ... 44 MINS
6. Eternal Impact Through Everyday ... 45 MINS
7. Carry The Name 51 MINS
8. Past Forward 40 MINS
Louie Giglio
Labels matter, and our culture is saturated with them. Some labels are given to us by others, some we place on ourselves. We wear, either in pride or shame, the labels of our accomplishments and failures, our family name, our job titles or stage of life, our popularity or pain. But when we let anything other than our Creator make claims about who we are, we end up being defined by temporary labels that are as fleeting as the wind.

In Label Maker, Pastor Louie Giglio shows us five labels that God speaks over us as we discover our true identity in Christ. As we join our lives with Jesus, everything about us changes and we tap into who we really are.

So what labels are you wearing? Whose opinion have you let define you? And how would knowing what the Maker of the Universe says about you make a difference in your life? The One who gets the first and last word calls you a CHOSEN HEIR whom He has made HOLY, ALIVE and ABLE.
1. Chosen 51 MINS
2. Heir 53 MINS
3. Holy 1 HR 1 MIN
4. Alive 30 MINS
5. Able 46 MINS
Louie Giglio
"The Lord is my Shepherd..."

You've probably heard these treasured words before. Psalm 23 is one of the best-known, most often-quoted passages in Scripture. And there's a beautiful reason why.

In this five-week journey through the 23rd Psalm, Pastor Louie Giglio and Passion City Church lead us through the promises of the Good Shepherd, who commits to guide, restore, comfort and provide for us—for all of our days, in every season.

If you're struggling to sleep at night, or to keep the enemy away from the table of provision Jesus has prepared for you, the truths of Psalm 23 will restore your comfort in the presence of the Shepherd, and lead you to rest in the promise of His peace. Join as we learn what it means to be a sheep under the watch and care of the only Good Shepherd.
1. Don't Give The Enemy A Seat 49 MINS
2. The Good Shepherd 45 MINS
3. The Freedom of Humility 45 MINS
4. Putting The X in Anxiety 51 MINS
5. He Guides Me 43 MINS
Louie Giglio
There are times in life when our circumstances defy simply explanations. Trying times such as an unexpected diagnosis, abandonment from loved ones, or even the death of someone we care deeply for stretch us to our limits and leave us in the place where we have no choice but to lift our eyes about our understanding.

The hope of this series, Eyes Up, is to speak life and encouragement to everyone who finds themselves in uncertain seas. Often when we start to think of how desperate our storm is we lose sight of the fact that Jesus is in the midst of it all. When we recognize the battle is not ours but His, and get down on our knees in prayer and surrender, we find peace in the presence of an almighty God.
1. Look Up 47 MINS
2. Knees Down 52 MINS
Louie Giglio
What does it mean to be built? How do we build a life that, like a wisely built house, stands the test of time?

Built dives into what it means to let Jesus build your life like a house, from the foundation to the rooftop. Starting from the inside out, Jesus is THE builder who comes in and loves up just the way we are, even with all our stuff we don't want anyone to see. It is only when we let Jesus be the builder that we can become the men and women that He has dreamed for us to be. Jesus has more in mind for our lives that we could ever dream of if we realize that the point of life isn't to get a plan, but to get God. He is the ultimate builder; for it is by wisdom a house is built.
1. A Sure Foundation 51 MINS
2. His Truth is Marching On 46 MINS
3. By Wisdom a House is Built 43 MINS
4. Can't Stop Won't Stop 53 MINS
5. The Stuff Underneath the Fluff 47 MINS
6. A House to Call Home 56 MINS
7. Shine On 59 MINS
In this series, A Matter of Life and Death, Pastor Louie Giglio tackles fundamental life questions such as:

Where do we go when we die?
Is hell a real place?
Is heaven real, and if so, is it somewhere we want to go?
Does our life on earth affect our eternity?

Pastor Louie boldly guides us in answering these questions with biblical truth, and makes us acutely aware of the beauty of heaven and the reality of hell. These messages teach us that God gives us the ability to embrace what the world fears most and that we have the opportunity to better leverage our lives here on earth. This series leaves us confident in the truth that with Jesus – death is life.
1. The Dash 36 MINS
2. What Happens When We Die 1 HR 3 MINS
3. Northern Lights 1 HR 3 MINS
4. Hell Is For Real 54 MINS
5. Moving Day 1 HR 2 MINS
Louie Giglio
The Jesus Generation United  

At the heart of it all, Passion exists to see a generation stake their lives on what matters most. For us, that is the fame of the One who rescues and restores, and our opportunity to amplify His name in everything we do.

Captured during Passion 2014, these messages amplify what it looks like to take our place in the unrivaled story of God, spreading His fame in our own lives and throughout the nations. We are the Jesus generation...united for His fame.
1. Crushed By Grace 56 MINS
2. The Spirit's Power and My ... 47 MINS
3. The Darkroom Process 43 MINS
4. A Radical Revelation of the ... 48 MINS
5. Take Your Time 39 MINS
6. What Just Happened 47 MINS
7. Sent by Mercy 47 MINS
Louie Giglio
We all know what it is like to be wounded. We are no strangers to suffering and pain. Branded and bruised, we carry the wounds that this broken world has inflicted on us, as we desperately try to find the cure for all this pain. Yet in our constant pursuit for healing, God keeps calling us to Himself. He reminds us that true healing is found not in digging deeper into our own wounds but into the wounds of the One who lived and died for us.

Wounded takes us back to the Scriptures where we find Jesus, the true source of healing. We are reminded that through the cross God made a way for our restoration. This way is not marked by people who have worked themselves into wholeness but by a perfect Healer who laid down His life so that the fatally wounded could live. It is by His wounds that we are healed.
1. Stop And Stare 54 MINS
2. Speak What Is True 55 MINS
Louie Giglio
You have most likely heard or even said the Lord's Prayer at some point in life. "Our Father, who art in heaven..."

In this series, we take a close look at this familiar prayer and discover that Jesus was not necessarily teaching us what to pray but instead, how to pray. Prayer has the power to influence not only our relationship with God, but also know we live our lives. "Shift" is about opening our eyes to see the kingdom that Jesus came to establish. He has invited each one of us to join Him in the work of bringing His kingdom to earth. By learning to shift how we pray, we will find that our whole perspective on life will also shift and through grace, we'll learn to see things the way Jesus sees them.
1. Shifting From Hollow To ... 57 MINS
2. Shifting Your Spot Of Earth 57 MINS
3. Jesus Is Enough For Today 52 MINS
4. 3 Words That Shift The World 56 MINS
5. Lead Us 46 MINS
Louie Giglio
Fear and anxiety fuel so many in our world today, and can be debilitating in the darkest of days. Yet, Christ calls us to be rooted in faith, standing on His promises and truth to get us through. Fear and faith cannot occupy the same space, so we lift our gaze to Jesus and praise takes over the darkness, bringing light and life as we lift our hands to believe. He is with us, our refuge and strength. Faithful, forever.

Even in the darkest night of the soul, there is always a song to sing.
1. I Believe In Jesus 1 HR 1 MIN
2. If I Can??? 57 MINS
3. I Lift My Hands 51 MINS
4. Built Strong 41 MINS
Louie Giglio
Anchor takes a three-part look at the foundational truths that the Church is built on. In this series, we recognize the overarching story of a glorious God who extends radical grace to the people He loves so much. Through Jesus, God has made it possible for people who were once far from Him and not His people to enter into a life of joy and freedom as the people of God. This beautiful gift of grace demands a response, and extravagant one. Worship is more than singing songs. True worship is a life and lifestyle that reflects the glory of our Creator. Lives anchored in these three truths are lives that shine with the beauty of Jesus!
1. Radical Grace 59 MINS
2. Extravagant Worship 54 MINS
3. The Glory of God 51 MINS
Louie Giglio
Chances are, we've all been there. Stuck in a job...day after day...asking "What is the purpose of my life? Is this all there is?"

In "Passion + Purpose," we discover that God has uniquely gifted us with a passion. Though each of our passions are different, each of them have been specifically fitted for us by God. Among us all are incredible business people, artists, athletes, scientists, moms, dads, chefs, accountants...the list is endless! There is something specific in each of us that makes us come alive. That's our passion. Then, accompanying every passion, there is a purpose. God's purpose is to make Jesus famous. So, whatever we do or wherever we go, we find that God is inviting us to leverage our passions for one greater purpose. It's then that our passion and our purpose collide in the beautiful story of God.
1. Whatever 46 MINS
2. All People/All Things 53 MINS
3. Doing Good Vs. Doing Time 1 HR
Louie Giglio
Our God is extraordinary. Powerful and mighty. Full of grace and love. Our God is unusual.

Created in His image and walking in His ways, our lives should also be unusual. Set apart and unsuspecting like the lives of Elijah, Daniel, Joseph and Paul, whose trust in Almighty God challenged and changed the world.

In the workplace, at home and wherever God calls you, you can stand for truth and with excellence, faithfulness and joy be a mighty force that transforms the world around you. With confidence in the One who does all things well, even in the midst of adversity, you can live an unusual life that leads to the extraordinary.
1. God, Who Makes Beautiful Things ... 53 MINS
2. The Boys Of Babylon 41 MINS
3. The Boys Of Babylon Part 2 1 HR 3 MINS
4. The Key Of Midnight 51 MINS
5. Pit Stop In The Plan Of An ... 53 MINS
6. The Ultimate Comeback 1 HR 6 MINS
Louie Giglio
At The Heart Of It All, Passion exists to see a generation stake their lives on what matters most. For us, that is the fame of the One who rescues and restores, and our opportunity to amplify His name in everything we do.

Captured during the four days of Passion 2011, these six messages amplify what it looks like to take our place in the unrivaled story of God, spreading His fame in our own lives and throughout the nations.
1. Unstoppable: Free and Fully ... 58 MINS
2. The Captivated Mind 46 MINS
3. Living a Life that Makes Sense 57 MINS
4. The Future for a Bowl of Stew 42 MINS
5. Getting to the Bottom of Your ... 58 MINS
6. We Will Carry The Name 56 MINS
Louie Giglio
At The Heart Of It All, Passion exists to see a generation stake their lives on what matters most. For us, that is the fame the One who rescues and restores, and our opportunity to amplify His name in everything we do.

Captured during the four days of Passion 2012, these seven messages amplify what it looks like to take our place in the unrivaled story of God, spreading His fame in our own lives and throughout the nations.
1. No Funeral Today 37 MINS
2. To Be Made Clean 39 MINS
3. Divine Interruptions 27 MINS
4. Taking God At His Word 47 MINS
5. Ephesians 30 MINS
6. Seeing and Savoring the ... 46 MINS
7. Fearless 54 MINS
Louie Giglio
At The Heart Of It All, Passion exists to see a generation stake their lives on what matters most. For us, that is the fame of the One who rescues and restores, and our opportunity to amplify His name in everything we do.

Captured during the four days of Passion 2013, these seven messages amplify what it looks like to take our place in the unrivaled story of God, spreading His fame in our own lives and throughout the nations. We are the Jesus generation...united for His fame.
1. Can These Bones Live? The God ... 50 MINS
2. The Table and the Cup 51 MINS
3. The Fight for Freedom: What God ... 39 MINS
4. God Is Faithful 48 MINS
5. Set Stones 39 MINS
6. The Power to Suffer in the Path ... 40 MINS
7. Raised to Life by the Breath of ... 57 MINS
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