Togetherness: Couples Living Life Better Together Wil Lake
Togetherness: Couples Living Life Better Together
Wil Lake
1. Session One 10 MINS
2. Session Two 9 MINS
3. Session Three 9 MINS
4. Session Four 11 MINS
5. Session Five 5 MINS
6. Session Six 5 MINS
7. Session Seven 6 MINS
You desire to have a healthy marriage full of love, enjoyment, care and intimacy. You can create that kind of marriage and make it your reality. If you have a willingness to learn and change then the marriage you long for is achievable. You are the hero who will rescue your marriage from the enemies of marital love.

No one should spend years disliking their marriage. Yet, many couples do. There are many reasons why. Communication challenges, anger issues, financial hardship and falling out of love are a few causes that fuel the negativity couples experience.

Pastor and author Wil Lake has produced the Togetherness group curriculum, along with the companion book, Togetherness: Couples Living Life Better Together, from over 30 years of experience as a husband, father, and pastor, to guide marriages through the struggles of married life.

After you complete the Togetherness group curriculum you and your spouse will feel a deeper sense of what life together was meant to be like. And best of all, instead of felling discouraged and ready to give up, you'll be encouraged and equipped to make the marriage of your dreams! The Togetherness curriculum covers seven key areas of marriage. From Coming Together, Talking Together, Deciding Together, Fighting Together, Sleeping Together, Parenting Together to Staying Together, the Togetherness curriculum gives practical advice on how to love your marriage, live life better together and stay together for life.
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