Conversations on Leadership Randy Harris
Conversations on Leadership
Randy Harris
1. Intro 1 MIN
2. Managing Polarities 15 MINS
3. Biblical Resources 19 MINS
4. Pastoral Leadership 17 MINS
5. Spiritual Practices 19 MINS
6. Empowering Others 18 MINS
7. The Life Cycle Of a Church 19 MINS
The work of congregational leadership is a complex and challenging call. Nonetheless, by the grace and prompting of God, shepherds and elders respond to this call in various ways. This response includes the commitment to mature personally and communally as disciples of Jesus Christ and to develop an understanding of personal identity in light of God's leadership. Congregational leadership also requires pastoral care, hope-filled visioning, effective governance, and above all else, practicing wisdom in all things.

Since these characteristics are essential to effective leadership, congregational leaders should seek to excel in them all. This series will help provide practical and meaningful resources for church leaders as they strive to grown in each of these six areas. The series comprises six segments of 15-18 minutes each.
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Randy Harris
In twelve film segments, Randy Harris takes you through the weirdest Gospel: John. This unbelievable story John tells is that God became man and lived among us. These claims got Jesus killed. And ever since, people who believe that claim still lose their lives. If you believe that Jesus is truly God, you believe the most daring idea of all time. 

Daring Faith will cost your life. But along with the risk comes the great reward of becoming children of God. Are you reading for daring faith?
1. The Weirdest Gospel 17 MINS
2. The Word 15 MINS
3. Born Again 13 MINS
4. Worship 15 MINS
5. Christian Cannibalism 17 MINS
6. I Was Blind but Now I See 16 MINS
7. Raising the Rotting Dead 16 MINS
8. Lord and Servant 14 MINS
9. The Holy Spirit 15 MINS
10. Living the Prayer of Jesus 15 MINS
11. The Cross as Glory 15 MINS
12. Coming Back 17 MINS
Randy Harris
Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount, "You are blessed." But does Jesus really expect you to live the hard teachings that follow these blessings?

Randy Harris says "Yes, Jesus does!" But even in following these difficult teachings there is more blessing than we can imagine.

But how do you begin to receive these blessings that come from following Jesus' teachings?

In twelve film segments, Randy Harris takes you into the greatest sermon ever preached, saying Jesus fully intends for us to have integrity that's not for sale, sexual purity that begins in the heart, and a life of obedience that's a response to the profound grace of God.
1. Start at the End: Wise and ... 13 MINS
2. You Are Blessed 13 MINS
3. You Are Salt and Light 15 MINS
4. The Heart of the Law 13 MINS
5. Idiot! Stupid! Moron! 15 MINS
6. God Made Sex Really Good 16 MINS
7. Deep Integrity 15 MINS
8. Holy Prank! 15 MINS
9. Watch Me! 11 MINS
10. Treasures in Heaven 16 MINS
11. Stick in My Eye 15 MINS
12. Wolves in Sheep's Clothing 12 MINS
13. Extra: Living the Sermon 9 MINS
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