Grace of God and Flaws of Men Anand Mahadevan
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Abraham 9 MINS
2. Jesus and Abraham 7 MINS
3. Isaac 7 MINS
4. Jacob 7 MINS
5. Grace Complete 7 MINS
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob stand towering among Old Testament leaders. They have always been celebrated for their faith, obedience, and accomplishments. But to only see their success without also seeing their flaws would alter the central message of the Bible—humans are sinners, and it is the grace of God that saves and transforms them through Christ Jesus. In this Bible study based on his book, Anand Mahadevan takes a fresh, true perspective on the lives of these three heroes and their many failures that will leave you captivated by the beauty, patience, and transforming power of God’s grace. 
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