TV4DADS: Alaskan Adventure
TV4DADS: Alaskan Adventure
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On Season three of TV4DADS, host Brian D. Molitor travels to the wilds of Alaska to find adventure and sort out what's happening with today's men. Brian joins new and old friends as they catch sockeye salmon on the Kenai River, halibut on the Kachemak Bay, and world-class Grayling and lake trout near Denali. Their adventure continues as they come face-to-face with battling bears, fly over glaciers in a float plane and take in the beauty of God's creation around them. Each episode also includes practical teachings about character virtues that every man should have. Brian talks about courage, overcoming fear, self-sacrifice, work ethic, self-control, integrity, perseverance and more.

This series is a true Alaskan adventure that will challenge men to rise up and impact the world around them . . . and inspire you to head out on an adventure of your own.
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