Faith, Work and Money Scott B. Rae
Faith, Work and Money
Scott B. Rae
1. Is Capitalsim Immoral and ... 11 MINS
2. The Bible, Economics and Money 10 MINS
How should a Christian think about money, economics and capitalism in light of the teachings of the Bible? Dr. Scott Rae of Biola University, looks to the Bible for answers asto how we are to view capitalism and money in light of honoring and fulfilling the Creation Mandate and the Great Commission.

In this two-part series, Dr. Rae will address questions such as:

  • Is there validity to the common objections to a market economy? Doesn’t a market system lead to consumerism, materialism, and over-consumption? 
  • How is money and economics a moral issue? 
  • Why should we be careful when reading about money and economics in scripture? 
  • How could a market economy, money and work be God honoring? 

  Faith, Work and Money - Small Group Discussion Guide
In this three part segment, Dr. Scott B. Rae and Dr. Tom L. Wilson of Biola University address the issue of whether good ethical practices really do result in good economic results. 

Some have said that business is premised on greed and honesty doesn’t pay, but is that really true? Is greed the engine that powers business, or is there something better and higher? What is the real purpose of business for a Christian business person? These videos will address those questions and others: 

  • The cost of ethical behavior, its connection to the market, why good ethics is in fact good business, and the proposition that trust, not greed, is the real engine that drives business. 
  • The right thing to do when faced with the inevitable ethical dilemmas that arise in the workplace, and the proposition that, in the absence of compelling reasons to the contrary, the default position of Christians should be to engage culture and keep their places at the various tables of influence in the business world. However, in recognizing that there must be limits to this, the five factors to help Christians in business determine if they should stay or walk away from a particular ethical challenge. 
  • The issue of bribery in foreign cultures, and the factors used in determining the important question of whether a payment is truly a bribe, a premium for faster service, or something else entirely. 

Faith, Work and Business Ethics, will provide you with some new insights and practical suggestions to enable your business to be successful economically and ethically and why good ethics lead to good results in business. 
1. Bribery, Business Ethics, and ... 10 MINS
2. Influence, Business and ... 10 MINS
3. Ethical Dilemmas - Stay or Walk ... 7 MINS
Work matters. Whether it’s in the home, the local church, the marketplace, or in the community.Your work can be worship and glorifying to God. However, when asked, most people don’t see how the work that they do every day connects to the Great Commission. Could it be that we have an incomplete view of work or is there more to the Christian mission in the world? What really is our salvation for?

 In this nine part series, Dr. Scott B. Rae and Helen M. Mitchell, of Biola University, will unpack the concepts of faith, work, calling and vocation that is theologically grounded and practically oriented. They will address questions such as:

  • What hidden beliefs and prejudices affect how we see ourselves and others in our work? 
  • Is there work and places that are “sacred,” and work and places that are “secular?” 
  • Where in early church history did this sacred and secular distinction come from? 
  • Does the Bible support hierarchies of calling? 
  • Is ministry only confined to the work in and through the local church? What does it really mean to be a Christian in the workplace? 
  • What is the role and calling of Christians in the world? 
  • How can work be as a place for spiritual formation? How do we have an incomplete view of work? 
  • What are the common misconceptions regarding faith, work and vocation? 
  • How do pastors lead and disciple people in their worklife?  
  • Why should a pastor be concerned about the productivity in the marketplace? 
1. 3 Lies About Work That Have Us ... 7 MINS
2. Debunking the Myth that Work is ... 6 MINS
3. Does Business have More of a ... 11 MINS
4. How does the Great Commission ... 8 MINS
5. The Bible on Work, Calling and ... 10 MINS
6. Flourishing in One's Call to ... 14 MINS
7. Work as Ministry and as a ... 9 MINS
8. Workplace Small Groups for ... 8 MINS
9. Your Job as a Place for ... 10 MINS
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