Faith, Work and Consumer Behavior Laureen Mgrdichian
Faith, Work and Consumer Behavior
Laureen Mgrdichian
1. Connecting Strategy and ... 7 MINS
2. Build Your Reputation, Increase ... 6 MINS
3. Customer Value, Increased Sales ... 7 MINS
Are you clear on what value you provide to your customers? The tie between consumer expectations and consumer satisfaction is inseparable and one that every business needs to explore. While expectations are based on perceptions of the brand being considered, businesses that misinterpret the perceptions of their customers will cultivate dissatisfied customers.

In this three part series, Professor Laureen M. Mgrdichian of Biola University provides insight into understanding your consumer and identifies the links between value, perception, and consumer expectations/satisfaction.
  • Learn the framework that makes up a consumer’s value 
  •  Identify the factors that create value for your customer 
  •  Discover the link between expectations and satisfaction 
  •  Learn how perception plays a role in the value you provide to your customers and what is needed to correct a faulty perception  

Faith, Work, and Consumer Behavior, will provide you with a lens into the consumer’s mind. Laureen illustrates why getting into the mind of your consumer and understanding their view of your brand can provide insight that will set you apart from your competitors.  
  Faith, Work and Consumer Behavior - Small Group Discussion Guide
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