Money. Purpose. Joy Matt Bell
Money. Purpose. Joy
Matt Bell
1. Remember Who You Are 16 MINS
2. Plan to Succeed 14 MINS
3. Give Some Away 13 MINS
4. Put Some Away 16 MINS
5. Avoid the Bondage of Debt 12 MINS
6. Build Wealth Slowly 15 MINS
7. Spend Smart 14 MINS
Today, there's no end to the amount of readily, freely available financial knowledge. And yet, there's also no end to the number of people who struggle to get the money thing right. This 7-week study will fill in the missing pieces of the financial puzzle. Learn how to connect your use of money to your life purpose as you gain practical, biblical guidance on everything from building savings to ditching debt, and from living generously to spending wisely. With video-based instruction, group discussion, and individual activities, you'll discover how to use money in ways that are more productive, more satisfying, and more glorifying to God.
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'Well done, good and faithful servant!' - Matthew 25:23

One of your most important biblical financial responsibilities is to provide for your family (1 Timothy 5:8) - now, and in the future. Today, with longer lifespans and the disappearance of traditional company pension plans, that "in the future" part has never been more challenging.

This Multiply study will help you meet the challenge. You'll learn how to take a portion of your income today- a seed- and plant it so its growth will help provide for your future financial needs. With video-based instruction, group discussion, and individual activities. you'll gain the knowledge, confidence, and biblical foundation to invest well.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Who Needs the Stock Market? 18 MINS
2. Managing Risk 14 MINS
3. The Least Taxing Way to Invest 17 MINS
4. Putting it All Together 16 MINS
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