Amplify 2016: Multiplying Evangelism in the Local Church Lee Strobel
Amplify 2016: Multiplying Evangelism in the Local Church
Lee Strobel
1. Dream Great Dreams 32 MINS
2. Ancient Antioch: A Faith ... 17 MINS
3. The Crime of the Century 32 MINS
4. Stronger Salt, Brighter Light 32 MINS
5. Unleashing The Full Outreach ... 27 MINS
6. What the Unchurched Can Tell Us ... 6 MINS
7. Restorative Witness: A Renewed ... 22 MINS
8. The Wonder of Words 16 MINS
9. Reaching the Unchurched 28 MINS
10. Spiritual Questions of the Day 17 MINS
11. Finding the Keys to Culture and ... 31 MINS
12. Prayer-less, Spirit-less; ... 22 MINS
13. Beyond Our Walls 25 MINS
14. Becoming an Engaging Church 21 MINS
Never have church leaders had so many good things to keep them busy. And never has the priority of gospel witness-both at the leadership and lay levels-been so needed. What would it look like to see a growing movement of churches filled with people who have weaved evangelism into every part of their lives?  
Dale Hudson
The D6 Conference will once again bring together parents and ministry leaders from across the country and around the world to be inspired and learn practical strategies for generational discipleship. Generational Discipleship is the very essence of cultural change.

Generational Discipleship is the very essence of cultural change. This theme emphasizes the idea that discipleship is not an event, but a way of life. Only when the church partners with parents will true discipleship occur.

1. Help Parents Hit a HOMErun 12 MINS
2. Lies Families Believe & The ... 30 MINS
3. Sports and the Christian ... 13 MINS
4. Answering the Call to Help 24 MINS
5. Our Kids in This Culture: What ... 26 MINS
6. Beyond Good Intentions 31 MINS
7. Toward a Confident Faith 33 MINS
8. Generational Worship 15 MINS
9. Creating Memorable Moments: ... 25 MINS
10. Visionary Parenting 23 MINS
11. The Normal Christian Life 31 MINS
12. Planning for X: Backward ... 24 MINS
13. The Impact of Culture 11 MINS
Having a biblical worldview means looking at life through the lens of the Bible. It’s how you see your world, and impacts everything you are—from morality to money to marriage to how you will vote in the next election. Pastor Greg Laurie, along with Ricky Ryan, Jack Graham, Skip Heitzig, Lee Strobel and Levi Lusko, shows you how to make sure your worldview is the right worldview—one that will help you navigate today’s challenges and lead you into an eternity of joy.
1. A Life of Endurance 52 MINS
2. A View from Another World 37 MINS
3. The Biblical Worldview on the ... 34 MINS
4. The Biblical Worldview on Find ... 45 MINS
5. The Biblical Worldview on ... 43 MINS
6. A Biblical Worldview of Human ... 33 MINS
7. The Biblical Worldview of the ... 41 MINS
8. The Biblical Worldview on ... 36 MINS
9. Tornados and Potatoes 49 MINS
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