Trailer 2 MINS
1. The Godspeed Documentary 37 MINS
2. Place 12 MINS
3. Presence 12 MINS
4. Pace 10 MINS
5. Identity 8 MINS
6. Stability 12 MINS
7. Names 13 MINS
8. Mission 9 MINS
The Godspeed film follows the story of a young American pastor whose desire to change the world grinds to a halt in a slow Scottish parish. With the help of mentors Eugene Peterson and N. T. Wright, pastor Matt Canlis discovers how Jesus walked this earth at three miles an hour. He saved the world at a walking pace – a pace of knowing and being known.

The Godspeed documentary challenges each Christian to live at Godspeed – a way of life that allows them to be face to face to their Lord, their neighbor, and themselves.

The follow-on Videos & Study Guide dare us to live more deeply in our communities, knowing that our growth is not in size or numbers but in quality of life and relationships. Each member of your small group will need a personal copy of the Godspeed Eight-week Video & Study Guide, which includes space for personal reflection, Scripture meditation, prayer, and instructions for facilitators at the back. Each session with Matt Canlis, Eugene Peterson, and N. T. Wright lasts 90 minutes.

In addition to the Godspeed Study Guide, a great resource for every small group is Julie Canlis’s book A Theology of the Ordinary where you can further explore the theology behind Godspeed. (What originally brought Matt to Scotland was his wife Julie’s pursuit of a PhD in Theology). After winning awards for her book, she settled into raising four kids in Methlick and dove into the ordinary “school of the parish.” The joys and challenges of living an ordinary life in the presence of God gave rise to this little book, and is the lived theology behind Godspeed.
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  The Godspeed 8-week Study Guide
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