1 John: A Call To Authentic Faith & Sacrificial Community
1 John: A Call To Authentic Faith & Sacrificial Community
1. Fellowship 11 MINS
2. The New Commandments 12 MINS
3. Anti-Christs vs. Children of ... 12 MINS
4. Love One Another 13 MINS
5. Authentic Faith 11 MINS
Community can be messy and complicated. Even though we are surrounded by people many of us feel disconnected, not knowing how to connect with others or how to navigate difficult relationships. Some of us use social media to hide, allowing our relationships to be defined by "likes" and "shares". This lack of depth is pouring out into culture, where many of us see the need for reconciliation, but feel hopeless, not knowing where to start. Join Jurrita Williams, Ashley Irons, Lauren Chandler, Elizabeth Woodson, and Rachel Joy and take a journey through the book of 1 John to learn how to pursue vibrant and redemptive community. Discover what it means to step out of your comfort zone and go deeper, loving others in the same way that Christ has loved us.
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