GC2 Summit on Mass Incarceration Thabiti Anyabwile
GC2 Summit on Mass Incarceration
Thabiti Anyabwile
1. The Gospel and Mass ... 33 MINS
2. A New Mindset on Mass ... 18 MINS
3. Story of a Formerly ... 13 MINS
4. Reintegration and Collateral ... 17 MINS
5. The Role of the Church in Mass ... 17 MINS
6. Pastors, Research, and the ... 11 MINS
7. Church Engagement in Mass ... 13 MINS
8. What Is Mass Incarceration? 25 MINS
9. Politics & Mass Incarceration 19 MINS
10. Is Ministry Among the ... 15 MINS
11. A Special Note on Mass ... 12 MINS
Mass incarceration is a human rights and justice issue impacting over 2.3 million adults and youth, along with their families and victims. The U.S. is known as the land of the free, yet more people are locked up than any other country in the world. Representing less than 5% of the world’s population, we now hold almost 25% of the world’s total prison population. While mass incarceration impacts individuals and communities, the impact is felt more deeply by those who are people of color and the poor.

Mass incarceration is an issue which has been largely ignored by the Church. Now is the time for the Church to speak up about the injustices and respond with justice, mercy, and compassion.

The GC2 Summit on Mass Incarceration was a one-day event where top leaders in the field, representing different disciplines, who tackled difficult issues of mass incarceration. This series of videos will equip you to speak up for justice and act in ways that honor our Lord Jesus as well as each individual as made in the image of God.
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