The Heart of Man: Roundtable 1
The Heart of Man: Roundtable 1
1. The Table 22 MINS
2. The Boat 26 MINS
3. The Cliff 24 MINS
4. The Lagoon 23 MINS
5. The Cave 26 MINS
6. The Feast 18 MINS
***Warning: This study may contain adult topics and language inappropriate for younger audiences. View discretion is advised.***

This is the first of two companion roundtable discussions to The Heart of Man that you will find on RightNow Media. If you haven't seen the film, please start there as it is also on RightNow Media. Once you have completed the film, please work your way through each of the roundtables.

Often times, our journey into into truly accepting the love of the Father happens in community. Only in community can we try-out such a daring trust. It is time for a clumsily real but increasingly authentic community to set the table in this wild land. You'll find that community here, with The Heart of Man Roundtables.

The Table
"There is a longing in the deepest parts of us to belong. The hope that there is a table somewhere, at which we might actually be comfortable in our own skin. We don't have to hide. We don't have to keep our secrets. There's always been a community of relationship. We are designed for that. We experience that at the Father's Table."

The Boat
"There are places of togetherness for a father and his children: playing catch, a bed-time story. And, here, we see this relationship in a boat. More than anything, it's a place where we experience side-by side togetherness with our dad. It's a place to laugh together, to breathe together. This is the primary longing of the Father's heart. And this is the offer we always have from God."

The Cliff
Probably the most inexplicable reality in all the universe is how you can have everything and simply want something else you've been told not to get. That's madness! You have a billion dollars and sell your soul for a quarter you see on the ground. Madness! Insanity! To try and explain that, all we can say is two things: God gave freedom to love; and without the choice to say 'no' there's no meaning to saying 'yes.'"

The Lagoon
"Here in the lagoon, your fantasy is shown to be what it really was all along -- death wrapped in a prettier package. The lagoon is that cruel moment when not only your failure and wounds have been revealed, but when you discover you sacrificed so much to gain hideousness that will not readily go away."

The Cave
"I wonder if one of the greatest truths that I and people like me will hear is that God is with me in my darkness. That God is with me in my shame. And that he's with me in my addiction, in my pain, in my unsettledness, in my woundedness that I don't want anyone else to see. Entering the cave is entering the battle ground of my recuse by a God that has been here all along."

The Feast
"God sees things in me that I barely know myself. Good things. Real things. Things that are alive. And I'm starting to see that He didn't just die for my sin. He died to free me from the shame that used to define my life. I'm starting to believe that He is a good Father and that I am a good son, a good daughter. This Feast is where we finally taste the meal He's been inviting us to all along."
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