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The Box
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2. Episode 2 12 MINS
3. Episode 3 13 MINS
4. Episode 4 12 MINS
Next Step's series, The Box, showcases poet, political activist, & rap artist, Propaganda as he uses his unique style of word play and thought provoking teaching to challenge his listeners to break out of the boxes that entrap them. Boxes that proclaim, "you're not good enough, you're not beautiful enough, athletic or even smart enough," will be challenged as you come face to face with the tough questions of life. Get ready to gain a new understanding of the freedom and joy that can be found in a life outside of the box and in a real relationship with Jesus Christ.
Mariano Rivera
Join Mariano Rivera, the Acho Brothers, Propaganda, a former Navy Seal and many others in these 10 thought provoking films focused on real people facing real life challenges. CORE Series 1 is a tool that will give a man connection with his brothers, permission to be real, confidence in who he is, and vision for what he’s for. It is designed to be gone through with a group of guys. The Participant Guide is the tool that links the films to the group discussion and personal study.
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1. Called 10 MINS
2. Transformation 10 MINS
3. Redemption 9 MINS
4. Restoration 12 MINS
5. Purpose 12 MINS
6. Brotherhood 9 MINS
7. Choices 9 MINS
8. Pain 12 MINS
9. Identity 10 MINS
10. Suffering 11 MINS
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