Truth and Dare
Truth and Dare
1. Crissy Outlaw 14 MINS
2. Mark Johnson 10 MINS
3. Harmony Dust 11 MINS
4. Sevin 16 MINS
5. Mo Isom 14 MINS
6. Katherine & Jay Wolf 12 MINS
7. Reconcile 12 MINS
8. Shane Claiborne 12 MINS
9. Bizzle 12 MINS
10. Ian Taylor 10 MINS
11. Sam Childers 12 MINS
12. Will Mayo 11 MINS
Next Step's Truth and Dare series showcases a diverse array of people, just like you, that have encountered the truth about Christ's love and compassion and dared to live that truth out in amazing ways. Get ready to be inspired in your faith, pushed in your understanding about what God can do through you, and challenged to live an extraordinary life.
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