No More Perfect Marriages Mark and Jill Savage
No More Perfect Marriages
Mark and Jill Savage
1. We Are So Different! 10 MINS
2. What's The Condition of Your ... 15 MINS
3. Love the Real, Not the Dream 10 MINS
4. If It Matters To Me It Should ... 12 MINS
5. When I Said "I Do" I Didn't ... 10 MINS
6. The Dishes Go In The Dishwasher ... 14 MINS
7. I'm Not Overreacting! 12 MINS
8. Beware the Quicksand 10 MINS
9. Naked But Not Ashamed 10 MINS
10. Contentment, Freedom, and Hope 8 MINS
A real marriage isn’t perfect. A real marriage is two people being perfected. In this 10 week study, Mark and Jill Savage are incredibly honest about their marriage of 35 years that has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Based upon their book by the same title, No More Perfect Marriages looks at the seven slow fades that every marriage experiences and the eight God-Tools that stop those fades in their tracks. A leader’s discussion guide is available in the back of the No More Perfect Marriages book.

Reading the No More Perfect Marriages book is not required to use this video series. However, if you choose to use the videos in conjunction with the book, this is how the chapters and videos line up:

Video 1: Intro and Chapter 1
Video 2: Chapters 2 and 3
Video 3: Chapter 4
Video 4: Chapter 5
Video 5: Chapter 6
Video 6: Chapter 7
Video 7: Chapter 8
Video 8: Chapter 9
Video 9: Chapter 10
Video 10: Chapter 11
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