The Struggle Is Real Nicole Unice
Trailer 3 MINS
1. The Struggle 12 MINS
2. Memories Matter 11 MINS
3. The Rewrite 13 MINS
4. Foundations 10 MINS
5. Hearing God 9 MINS
6. Transitions 13 MINS
Life is never as easy as we want it to be. Car tires blow out. Work piles up. Kids throw tantrums. It’s a struggle. But should it be? We often believe that when we follow Jesus, life should get easier. And when it doesn’t we tell ourselves we’re failing or stuck or abandoned by God. But it’s simply not true.

In this 6-part series, Nicole Unice explores why life’s a struggle and what to do about it. With God as the hero of the story, a hard day has new meaning. We can find joy in him instead of feeling stuck. And our lives can be defined by redemption instead of struggle.

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  Book - The Struggle is Real
  Participant's Guide - The Struggle is Real
What is the difference between an ordinary life...and one live with courage? Imagine a life without worry-a life with more joy and wonder. What dreams could you make come true? Is it possible to live fully and confidently, free from the burden of trying too hard? Join popular author and dynamic speaker Nicole Unice in this eight-week study based on her book Brave Enough, and discover the courage to be who you are, not who you wish you were.

As you laugh and learn with Nicole each week, you'll see that bravery doesn't have to mean cliff-diving out of your comfort zone. Life is about being brave enough-for yourself, for God, for your relationships and calling right where he's placed you. The Brave Enough study will lead you on a journey beyond worry and into the abundant life God has planned for you.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Jesus-Courage 21 MINS
2. Our Daily Brave 24 MINS
3. True Grace 22 MINS
4. Grace Effects 22 MINS
5. Fight 24 MINS
6. Calling 24 MINS
7. Limits 22 MINS
8. Brave Enough 15 MINS
Christian counselor, ministry leader, and regular mom Nicole Unice shines on video in this inspiring six-session She’s Got Issues DVD Curriculum—perfect for churches and small groups. As she does in the book, Nicole talks candidly about how the everyday issues that drive you crazy affect you . . . and why you don’t have to settle for letting them win. Some days living up to the whole good-Christian image seems impossible. You do the right things (well, most of the time), but you just don’t feel changed by your faith. Deep down, you’re still dealing with the ordinary struggles—control, insecurity, comparison, fear, anger, and unforgiveness—that hold you back from living free and loving well. The good news? You don’t have to “fix” yourself. You have access to the power of Christ. His power can transform your everyday weaknesses into your greatest strengths and gifts.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Introduction 7 MINS
2. Session One: Control 20 MINS
3. Session Two: Insecurity 22 MINS
4. Session Three: Comparsions 24 MINS
5. Session Four: Fear 21 MINS
6. Session Five: Anger 19 MINS
7. Session Six: Unforgiveness 19 MINS
8. Wrap-Up 5 MINS
9. Message to Leaders 6 MINS
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