Making Life Disciples
Trailer 5 MINS
1. Start Here 4 MINS
2. The Sanctity of Human Life 38 MINS
3. Pregnancy - Facing the Unknown 41 MINS
4. Connection, Communication, ... 39 MINS
5. Pregnancy and Abortion ... 42 MINS
6. Effects of Abortion 31 MINS
7. Life Affirming Alternatives 8 MINS
8. Leader Session 34 MINS
***WARNING: This series addresses the topic of abortion. Viewer discretion is advised.***

Four in ten women were attending church at least once a month at the time of their first abortion. Abortion is not just a problem "out there" in the culture, but also "inside" the church. Making Life Disciples will equip you and your church to offer compassion, hope, help to women and men considering abortion. Covering topics from "The Sanctity of Human Life" to "Life Affirming Alternatives," this ministry resource will give you the tools and knowledge you need to support the abortion-vulnerable in your church and build bridges with pregnancy centers to local church discipleship. It will raise your life-affirming IQ but, more importantly, your EQ, equipping you to reach out with emotional intelligence and serve the abortion-vulnerable with love.

If you would like more information about how to bring the Making Life Disciples curriculum to your church, please click here.
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