Salmos 119 Matt Chandler
Salmos 119
Matt Chandler
Tráiler 2 MINS
1. Salmos 119:1–16 9 MINS
2. Salmos 119:17–32 12 MINS
3. Salmos 119:33–48 15 MINS
4. Salmos 119:49–64 13 MINS
5. Salmos 119:65–96 17 MINS
6. Salmos 119:97–120 19 MINS
7. Salmos 119:121–136 9 MINS
8. Salmos 119:137–152 13 MINS
9. Salmos 119:153–168 12 MINS
10. Salmos 119:169–176 12 MINS

Speaker:   Matt Chandler
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2018
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Hasta los creyentes más maduros enfrentan momentos difíciles que se pueden ilustrar como noches oscuras del alma. Durante esos tiempos, Dios se siente distante, Su Palabra se siente seca, y la comunión vibrante que solíamos tener parece ausente, dejándonos con la interrogación: "¿En dónde está Dios?"

En Salmos 119, el pastor Matt Chandler tiene como objetivo presentarle a la audiencia las palabras del rey David, quien experimentó temporadas similares en su vida. Salmos 119 revela el poder de la Palabra de Dios en las vidas de los creyentes; y demuestra su habilidad para proveer un alivio para nuestra alma.

Para obtener toda la experiencia descargue los recursos y complementos subsiguientes. La guía de estudio contiene más de 35 páginas de una enseñanza profunda con direcciones para la discusión en grupo y respuestas útiles para preguntas bíblicas. Esta guía de estudio va más allá de tan sólo darnos conocimiento, nos da varias aplicaciones prácticas de la Palabra de Dios para nuestra vida diaria o para nuestro estudio en grupo.  
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Speaker:   Matt Chandler
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2018
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Bryan Loritts
Ephesians 2:11–16 carries a unique importance regarding an issue that has plagued American churches since the conception of America itself—racism. The doubt and frustration surrounding current conversations about race and ethnicity provoke questions like, “Why do we keep bringing racism up?” “Isn’t race just a social construct?” and “Isn’t there just one race—the human race?” However, our nation has come to a turning point where many Christians can no longer ignore racial tensions or use simplistic responses to deflect from the complexity of our country’s racial problem. As those who follow Jesus, Christians have the unique opportunity to enter into—rather than shy away from—conversations about race and reconciliation in light of the hope of the gospel.

In this five-part series, pastors Bryan Loritts and Matt Chandler use Paul’s words in Ephesians to address race, racism, and injustice. Through teaching and honest dialogues, Bryan and Matt will unpack the hard truths about America’s racial past and present and suggest a pathway forward of healing, justice, and hope for multiethnic harmony in the church.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Race and the Gospel 18 MINS
2. Gospel Unity 17 MINS
3. Justice and the Church 23 MINS
4. The Dividing Wall of Hostility 20 MINS
5. A Reconciled Life 19 MINS
Jennie Allen
Do you believe you can actually change?

Life change happens at the moment you begin a relationship with Jesus. You have been rescued. But what happens when daily temptations and distractions from following Jesus leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the same discouraging patterns? This six-week study with Jennie Allen, Matt Chandler, and Oneka McClellan will help you understand the work of the Holy Spirit in your life and the process of sanctification. There is no checklist to follow, but there is a daily act of surrender to a God who will continue to mold and shape you. The more you know God, the more you can live like him.

Change is possible because the gospel changes everything. Let’s discover what it looks like to work out our salvation.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Is Change Really Possible? 17 MINS
2. Spend Time 12 MINS
3. Confess Sin 15 MINS
4. Build Community 14 MINS
5. Choose Discipline 18 MINS
6. Keep Going 17 MINS
Thabiti Anyabwile
In the summer of 2016, the United States was reeling from several deaths that spurred nationwide uproar. On July 5, 2016, Alton Sterling, a black man, was shot by two white police officers in Baton Rouge, LA. Just one day later, Philando Castile, also a black man, was shot by a Hispanic-American police officer in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. These two deaths were the motivation behind the fatal shooting of five Dallas police officers on July 7, 2016. One week after these events, Acts 29 held its summer gathering of pastors and leaders. As part of the event, pastor and Acts 29 president, Matt Chandler, hosted a timely panel discussion with several pastors to discuss racism, police brutality, white privilege, and the recent shootings from a Christocentric vantage point.

Pastors participating in the panel discussion are: 

  • Eric Mason, Lead Pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA
  • Léonce Crump, Senior Pastor of Renovation Church in Atlanta, GA
  • Brandon Washington, Pastor of Preaching and Vision of The Embassy Church in Denver, CO
  • Dwayne Bond, Lead Pastor of Preaching and Vision of Wellspring Church in Charlotte, NC
  • Thabiti Anyabwile, Lead Pastor of Anacostia River Church in Washington, D.C.

In light of the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Abery, and Breonna Taylor, we invite you to watch this discussion that is as necessary and timely in 2020 as it was in 2016.
1. Race and Reconciliation 1 HR 23 MINS
Before Peter preached to Jerusalem, before Paul put pen to papyrus, before John proclaimed the Second Coming, their lives changed with a few words: follow me. It’s no different today. Before there were sermons to plan, budgets to balance, or potlucks to organize, Jesus called us to follow.

The Christian life is first and foremost an act of following. Discipleship begins with shouldering the cross of Christ and settling into his footsteps. After all, it’s his church, it’s his mission, and it’s his Way we walk. Let’s shoulder only the burden he’s placed on us and find—in him—rest.

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our main lineup of speakers who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, visit the website.
1. Gospel Metaphors As A Ministry ... 40 MINS
2. The Precious Pearl of Patience 39 MINS
3. Soul Care for Pastors 47 MINS
4. With-ness 44 MINS
5. Survival Skills 40 MINS
6. When the Wilderness is His Will 41 MINS
7. Follow in His Footsteps 31 MINS
8. Greatest Threat to Your ... 31 MINS
9. Bottles and Bags 37 MINS
10. The War in Our Minds 37 MINS
11. Leadership and Repentance 31 MINS
12. Get Up and Live In God's Great ... 31 MINS
13. Ministering to Millennials ... 1 HR 1 MIN
14. How to Die (Breakout) 52 MINS
Matt Chandler
In this series, we asked members what theological and cultural topics they wanted to hear more about and looked at them through the lenses of Scripture. 
1. Week 1 - Family Discipleship ... 46 MINS
2. Week 2 - Singles 35 MINS
3. Week 3 - Evangelism 47 MINS
4. Week 4 - Enjoying the Triune ... 50 MINS
5. Week 5 - Sanctification 39 MINS
6. Week 6 - Mortification 51 MINS
7. Week 7 - Vivification 38 MINS
Matt Chandler
How are we to steward our money, resources and gifts? In walking through this series, our focus is on having generous hearts and examining spiritual gifts, explaining why God gives us specific gifts and what it looks like to practice them within the church. God's intention for the gifts, whether physical or spiritual, is that they be an outworking of grace and a means to build up the church.
1. Week 1 - Eyes to See 54 MINS
2. Week 2 - The Generosity of God 49 MINS
3. Week 3 - Madness 53 MINS
4. Week 4 - Stewardship 48 MINS
5. Week 5 - Gifted and Talented 53 MINS
6. Week 6 - Eccentric and Faithful 57 MINS
Matt Chandler
Epiphany is about the manifestation of Jesus Christ. This season focuses on Christ revealing His divinity and His saving plan for the nations, as the Light of the World invading darkness. As a part of Epiphany, we spend every January praying for and taking action on the issues of racial harmony, the sanctity of human life and the nations.
1. Week 1 - Jesus Is God 51 MINS
2. Week 2 - Racial Harmony 49 MINS
3. Week 3 - The Sanctity of Human ... 49 MINS
4. Week 4 - The Nations 44 MINS
Matt Chandler
All spiritual gifts come to us by the Holy Spirit, and all are given for the same reason: to serve the body of Christ in love. These gifts are at work today, but so many of us have either never heard of the gifts or seen them twisted for a glory other than God’s. But God has gifted, called and empowered each of us with gifts for the building up of His Church. In this series, we’ll explore the gifts together and help one another discover what our gifts are.
1. Week 1 - For the Common Good 45 MINS
2. Week 2 - Unique in Design, ... 33 MINS
3. Week 3 - Love From God Through ... 30 MINS
4. Week 4 - A Supernatural ... 47 MINS
5. Week 5 - In Pursuit of the ... 43 MINS
6. Week 6 - A Gospel Reminder 36 MINS
Matt Chandler
In this three-week series, we look at how to have Christian courage and conviction in the midst of our increasingly hostile culture.
1. Week 1 - God's Glory as Our ... 52 MINS
2. Week 2 - God the Protector and ... 52 MINS
3. Week 3 - Hospitality and the ... 53 MINS
Matt Chandler
The kingdom of God started long ago, and it continues today, and it will continue tomorrow and on into the future. Though we can’t see it in full, we are caught up in the story. Today, we live as both citizens and strangers, hoping and praying for the kingdom to come. We live in the “already but not yet,” prisoners of hope in this shadow kingdom, all while knowing it is not our true home. Something better is coming. God’s perfect kingdom is coming.
1. Week 1 - The Kingdom Made and ... 49 MINS
2. Week 2 - The Kingdom Promised 53 MINS
3. Week 3 - The Way of Jesus 52 MINS
4. Week 4 - The Entry and Death of ... 47 MINS
5. Week 5 - The Resurrection of ... 49 MINS
6. Week 6 - Character and ... 52 MINS
7. Week 7 - The Law Fulfilled 52 MINS
8. Week 8 - Righteousness and ... 35 MINS
9. Week 9 - The Remedy 44 MINS
10. Week 10 - Two Ways 46 MINS
11. Week 11 - The Kingdom Remade 43 MINS
12. Week 12 - The Kingdom Now 48 MINS
Independientemente de la etnia, el género, el país de origen, la crianza o la condición socioeconómica, todos tenemos un rasgo en común: estamos hechos a imagen de Dios. A pesar de nuestras diferencias, vivimos en la historia de la obra redentora de Dios, que derriba las barreras que nos dividen. Seguir a Cristo significa convertirse en un miembro de su familia en la que pasaremos la eternidad. 

Hasta entonces, un mundo incrédulo está observando. ¿Pero qué es lo que ve? Mientras trabajamos para reconciliar nuestras diferencias, redirijamos nuestra mirada a donde pertenece: a nuestro Salvador, Jesucristo. Cuando lo hagamos, nos convertiremos en las personas para las que Dios nos diseñó.

La Conferencia RightNow es para pastores y líderes ministeriales que buscan una renovación y una oportunidad de crecer en su fe. Experimente nuestra línea principal de oradores que lo desafiarán a crecer en su relación con Dios, a liderar bien su equipo y a alcanzar al mundo. Para obtener más información sobre los oradores o las sesiones, descargue el programa completo de la conferencia a continuación.
1. Reiniciar 42 MINS
2. No desperdicies tu vida 37 MINS
3. Un amor 38 MINS
4. Completamente vivos en Cristo 52 MINS
5. ¿Cuál es tu primer dominó? 42 MINS
6. Líderes de la iglesia y ... 37 MINS
7. Plenaria en el escenario ... 1 HR 1 MIN
8. Plenaria en el escenario ... 55 MINS
9. Bernabé: un líder influyente 30 MINS
10. La fe sobre el miedo 38 MINS
11. Creación de equipos extremos 37 MINS
12. Los cristianos en la era de la ... 36 MINS
13. Integrados, pero aun así ... 37 MINS
14. Alentar a los rivales 29 MINS
Cada uno de nosotros tendrá que enfrentar la eternidad para mirar a través del abismo de la muerte a la vida más allá. Para aquellos de nosotros que hemos elegido seguir a Jesús, esperamos una eternidad llena de alegría y libre de penas. La garantía de la eternidad significa que podemos vivir cada día en esta tierra no para nuestro propio beneficio, sino para el beneficio del reino de Dios. Utilicemos lo que nos ha sido dado en el tiempo que tenemos para proclamar el evangelio de Jesús a nosotros mismos, a nuestros discípulos y al mundo.

La conferencia de RightNow es para pastores y líderes de ministerio que buscan una renovación y una oportunidad para crecer en su fe. Experimente nuestra línea completa de oradores que lo desafiarán a crecer en su relación con Dios, a liderar bien su equipo y a alcanzar el mundo. Para obtener más información sobre los oradores o las sesiones, descargue el programa completo de la conferencia a continuación.

Si desea obtener más información o quiere experimentar nuestra conferencia en persona, visite el sitio web aquí.
1. Practicar la eternidad, ... 41 MINS
2. Hogar para siempre 36 MINS
3. Cómo aumentar su trayectoria de ... 36 MINS
4. Cómo comenzar con el objetivo ... 36 MINS
5. La bendición de un hermano 35 MINS
6. Contextualización: cómo tender ... 49 MINS
7. Un modelo de liderazgo de ... 34 MINS
8. Arraigados en la comunidad 30 MINS
9. Cómo vivir en un mundo ... 32 MINS
10. La eternidad y la vida ... 30 MINS
11. Confianza 34 MINS
Matt Chandler
Many people are familiar with Psalm 23. But because we all know it, we often breeze through the psalm without slowing down long enough to rest in the assurance it offers. In this 6-part series on Psalm 23, pastor Matt Chandler introduces us to the great shepherd, the Lord, who promises to provide for every need of his flock. Though only six verses long, this psalm teaches us profound truths about our loving and protective God. By studying Psalm 23, we’ll encounter a life-transforming question: Do you trust the Lord to care for your needs?

This series is part of our year-long roadmap of youth Bible study curriculum—learn more.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Psalm 23:1 7 MINS
2. Psalm 23:2 8 MINS
3. Psalm 23:3 8 MINS
4. Psalm 23:4 11 MINS
5. Psalm 23:5 9 MINS
6. Psalm 23:6 13 MINS
Regardless of ethnicity, gender, country of origin, upbringing, or socio-economic status we all have one feature in common—we are made in the image of God. Despite our differences, we are living in the story of God’s redemptive work, which tears down the barriers that divide us. Following Christ means becoming a member of his household, one in which we will spend eternity.

Until then, an unbelieving world is watching. But what does it see? As we work to reconcile our differences, let us redirect our gaze where it belongs—on our Savior, Jesus Christ. When we do, we will truly grow into the people God designed us to become.

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our main lineup of speakers who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, the website here.
1. Reset 42 MINS
2. Don't Waste Your Life 37 MINS
3. One Love 38 MINS
4. Fully Alive in Christ 52 MINS
5. What's Your First Domino? 42 MINS
6. Church Leaders and Golden ... 37 MINS
7. Main Stage Breakout – A Life ... 1 HR 1 MIN
8. Main Stage Breakout – The ... 55 MINS
9. Barnabas: An Influential Leader 30 MINS
10. Faith Over Fear 38 MINS
11. Extreme Team Building 37 MINS
12. Christians in the Age of ... 36 MINS
13. Integrated, Yet Still ... 37 MINS
14. Rooting for Rivals 29 MINS
Racial unity is a gospel issue and all the more urgent 50 years after Martin Luther King Jr.'s death. Join the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and The Gospel Coalition at a special event, "MLK50: Gospel Reflections from the Mountaintop," which took place April 3-4, 2018 in Memphis, TN. Key speakers included Matt Chandler, Jackie Hill Perry, Eric Mason, Russell Moore, John Piper, Benjamin Watson, and many others.

The 50th anniversary of King's tragic death marks an opportunity for Christians to reflect on the state of racial unity in the church and the culture. It creates the occasion to reflect on where Christians have been and look ahead to where we must go as we pursue racial unity in the midst of tremendous tension.
Trailer 4 MINS
1. King and Kingdom: Racial ... 35 MINS
2. The Most Segregated Hour in ... 32 MINS
3. Memphis 50 Years after King 31 MINS
4. Equipping the Next Generation ... 15 MINS
5. The Power of Unearned ... 27 MINS
6. Complex Aspects of King 30 MINS
7. Don't Lose Heart: Why It's ... 15 MINS
8. The Church Without Walls: How ... 31 MINS
9. The Civil Rights Movement 50 ... 27 MINS
10. Civil Rights Storytellers 34 MINS
11. A House Divided Cannot Stand: ... 33 MINS
12. Christian Hip Hop and the Next ... 21 MINS
13. The State of Racial Tension in ... 30 MINS
14. To the Ends of the Earth: The ... 31 MINS
15. Evangelicals and the Future of ... 31 MINS
16. The Glory of God and Racial ... 45 MINS
We might spend a few hours of our week at church or in a small group. This kind of worship is biblical and a vital rhythm in the life of a Christian. But during the other 166 hours of our week, we have just as much potential to worship the God who created us.

The Work as Worship retreat is for men and women in the business world who want to incorporate their Christian faith more fully into every day of their week. Experience the full lineup of speakers as they discuss what it looks like to worship with our work. Uncover opportunities you have waiting for you to carry your faith with you on Monday.

If you'd like more information about the Work as Worship retreat simulcast, visit the website here.
1. Abiding: Business and the ... 37 MINS
2. Rethinking Urban Poverty: ... 24 MINS
3. The Power of Purpose 31 MINS
4. Love Works 37 MINS
5. Have You Ever Had a Dream? 35 MINS
6. Fruitfulness Matters 25 MINS
7. Unleashing the Power of People 24 MINS
8. Religion in the Workplace—Is it ... 22 MINS
9. An Interview with Norm Miller 28 MINS
10. The Ideal Team Player 30 MINS
Every one of us will have to face eternity—to look across the chasm of death to life beyond. For those of us who have chosen to follow Jesus, we look forward to an eternity filled with joy and free from sorrow. The guarantee of eternity means we can live every day on this earth not for our own gain, but for the benefit of God’s kingdom. Let's use what we’ve been given in the time we have to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to ourselves, our disciples, and the world.

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our full lineup of speakers, who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, visit the website here.
1. Practicing Eternity, Abiding in ... 41 MINS
2. Forever Home 36 MINS
3. Increasing Your Leadership ... 36 MINS
4. Beginning with the End in Mind 36 MINS
5. A Brother's Blessing 35 MINS
6. Contextualization: Reaching Out ... 49 MINS
7. A Model of Servant Leadership 34 MINS
8. Rooted in Community 30 MINS
9. Living in a Polarized World 32 MINS
10. Eternity and Everyday Life 30 MINS
11. Trust 34 MINS
Matt Chandler
Even the most mature believers face dark nights of the soul. During those times God seems distant, his Word feels dry, and the vibrant intimacy we knew before seems absent leaving us wondering, “Where is the Lord in this?” In Psalm 119, Matt Chandler aims to introduce viewers to the words of King David who experienced similar seasons of life. Serving as the anchor for the study, Psalm 119 demonstrates the power of God’s Word in the lives of believers and its ability to provide a warm blanket for the soul.
Series Trailer 2 MINS
1. Psalm 119:1–16 9 MINS
2. Psalm 119:17–32 12 MINS
3. Psalm 119:33–48 15 MINS
4. Psalm 119:49–64 13 MINS
5. Psalm 119:65–96 17 MINS
6. Psalm 119:97–120 19 MINS
7. Psalm 119:121–136 9 MINS
8. Psalm 119:137–152 13 MINS
9. Psalm 119:153–168 12 MINS
10. Psalm 119:169–176 12 MINS
Matt Chandler
What is God's mission? What is the mission of The Village Church? Village Identity explores what a maturing disciple looks like at The Village, focusing on the mission of the church: to bring glory to God by making disciples through gospel-centered worship, gospel-centered community, gospel-centered service and gospel-centered multiplication.
1. The Mission of God 55 MINS
2. The Mission of The Church 49 MINS
3. The Mission of The Village ... 51 MINS
4. Gospel-Centered Worship 50 MINS
5. Gospel-Centered Community 51 MINS
6. Gospel-Centered Service 49 MINS
7. Gospel-Centered Multiplication 49 MINS
8. God Saves 50 MINS
9. A Shadow of Significant ... 49 MINS
10. Unique Yet Part of the Whole 42 MINS
11. Putting it All Together 50 MINS
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