Generosity Reset for Church Leaders
Generosity Reset for Church Leaders
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Session 1: From Fundraising ... 4 MINS
2. Session 2: From Programming ... 4 MINS
3. Session 3: From Inspecting ... 3 MINS
4. Session 4: From a Linear ... 3 MINS
5. Session 5: From a Business ... 4 MINS
6. Session 6: From Running ... 4 MINS
Are you planning for a new building or staffing needs? Do you have expanded vision for how to reach your local community or global missions? Or, do you want to simply teach your congregation about the generous heart of God?

GenerousChurch has served hundreds of pastors and leaders just like you. People who love Jesus and the people He's put in their flock. Based on these experiences, we've created a new stewardship campaign that shifts the focus from fundraising to disciple-making. Would a reset like this one instantly relieve stress and tension for you as a church leader? If so, you're invited to join us and begin this six-session series.
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