RightNow Conference 2016 (Dallas) Pete Briscoe
RightNow Conference 2016 (Dallas)
Pete Briscoe
1. The Danger and Delight of ... 35 MINS
2. Driven vs. Called 36 MINS
3. Building a Passion for ... 59 MINS
4. Connection Before Production 37 MINS
5. Watch Your Mouth 34 MINS
6. Changing the World Through ... 39 MINS
7. The Kingdom and Culture 42 MINS
8. Enjoying to God's Glory 32 MINS
9. The Rock on Which Jesus Builds ... 35 MINS
10. The Crazy Cycle in Marriage 32 MINS
11. The Ideal Team Player 32 MINS
12. Convictions of the Leader 30 MINS
13. Self Leadership 28 MINS
In the beginning, God created light. When He made humanity, God infused the first man and woman with His own glory—so they would blaze with His light in the universe. But humanity’s sin snuffed out the flame. Through history, those who followed God flickered with His glory. Then God became human. In His perfect life and death, Jesus brought light back to our fallen race. Explore how you can blaze with God’s glory—through the power of Jesus’ gospel and with the fire of the Holy Spirit. In this darkened world, we were made to shine.

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our full lineup of speakers, who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

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Independientemente de la etnia, el género, el país de origen, la crianza o la condición socioeconómica, todos tenemos un rasgo en común: estamos hechos a imagen de Dios. A pesar de nuestras diferencias, vivimos en la historia de la obra redentora de Dios, que derriba las barreras que nos dividen. Seguir a Cristo significa convertirse en un miembro de su familia en la que pasaremos la eternidad. 

Hasta entonces, un mundo incrédulo está observando. ¿Pero qué es lo que ve? Mientras trabajamos para reconciliar nuestras diferencias, redirijamos nuestra mirada a donde pertenece: a nuestro Salvador, Jesucristo. Cuando lo hagamos, nos convertiremos en las personas para las que Dios nos diseñó.

La Conferencia RightNow es para pastores y líderes ministeriales que buscan una renovación y una oportunidad de crecer en su fe. Experimente nuestra línea principal de oradores que lo desafiarán a crecer en su relación con Dios, a liderar bien su equipo y a alcanzar al mundo. Para obtener más información sobre los oradores o las sesiones, descargue el programa completo de la conferencia a continuación.
1. Reiniciar 42 MINS
2. No desperdicies tu vida 37 MINS
3. Un amor 38 MINS
4. Completamente vivos en Cristo 52 MINS
5. ¿Cuál es tu primer dominó? 42 MINS
6. Líderes de la iglesia y ... 37 MINS
7. Plenaria en el escenario ... 1 HR 1 MIN
8. Plenaria en el escenario ... 55 MINS
9. Bernabé: un líder influyente 30 MINS
10. La fe sobre el miedo 38 MINS
11. Creación de equipos extremos 37 MINS
12. Los cristianos en la era de la ... 36 MINS
13. Integrados, pero aun así ... 37 MINS
14. Alentar a los rivales 29 MINS
Following rules is something many believers do. How often do we trade in the complete and perfect gift of Jesus for a list of "things" that we've been convinced we need to perfectly execute? And how often do we limit Jesus in our lives because we fail to have a complete and full understanding of Him? Why would anyone want to live this way?

The author of the book of Hebrews had a specific reason for writing his audience-to build the case that Jesus is better than the religion they were used to. He saw first-hand how these believers were reverting back to living in bondage and adhering to religious rules.

Pete Briscoe's Better: A New and Living Way will leave you overwhelmed with the supremacy of Christ and the freedom waiting for us through Him. Pete skillfully shows how the "new and living way" of Life in Jesus is better than the old and obsolete way of living by the law.

For new and mature believers alike they are delicious and satisfying truths in this series, which, if allowed to take hold of our hearts, will bring us and our communities real Life.
1. Jesus Is Better 44 MINS
2. Jesus' High Rank 45 MINS
3. Freedom for Rule-Followers 43 MINS
4. Why Is There Persecution? 40 MINS
5. Was Jesus Afraid to Die? 45 MINS
6. Free Access to Jesus 45 MINS
7. A Warning to the Religious 40 MINS
8. The Promise of Rest 42 MINS
9. Hiding Your Sin 40 MINS
10. Saints Who Sin 48 MINS
11. Baby Bottle Faith 43 MINS
12. Standing on the Edge of Faith 55 MINS
13. Can I Lose My Salvation? 36 MINS
14. The Law Isn't So Great 46 MINS
15. Is God Really Committed to Me? 42 MINS
16. Intimately Loved and ... 39 MINS
17. Freedom from Guilt and Shame 38 MINS
18. Where Forgiveness is Found 36 MINS
19. Indestructible Forgiveness 48 MINS
20. Stop Living Like an Old ... 48 MINS
21. Who Will Be Judged? 41 MINS
22. Stop Trying to Please God 45 MINS
23. What Sets Us Apart? 41 MINS
24. Getting Your Second Wind 43 MINS
25. Is There a Purpose for My Pain? 44 MINS
26. God Invites You to the Party 39 MINS
27. Redefining Marriage 44 MINS
28. Life is Better Outside the Camp 36 MINS
29. Thriving in an Unholy Culture 40 MINS
What would you say is essential to the Christian life? Is it adherence to religious activities you think are important to God like attending church services, volunteering, participating in rituals like baptism or communion, or following a long list of “thou shall nots”? The Apostle John would argue that these things are merely excess activities—they’re not the true essence of Christian living.

So then, what is the essence of Christianity? It includes knowing undoubtedly that you’re saved—having an intimate relationship with God, being capable of loving the unlovable, experiencing unspeakable joy in all circumstances, being available to God working through you.

This Bible teaching from Pete Briscoe explores the freeing truth found in John’s three letters. Once we peel away all the excess activities we tend to cling to, we can experiencethe intimacy, assurance, joy, and fulfillment that comes with Christian living the way God intended.
1. Just One Thing 44 MINS
2. Clean from Sin 42 MINS
3. What Happens After You Sin? 44 MINS
4. Distorted Love 41 MINS
5. Flirting With the World 37 MINS
6. Recognizing False Teaching 39 MINS
7. The Moment Jesus Returns 48 MINS
8. Believers Who Sin 44 MINS
9. Loving Those Who Have Hurt You 40 MINS
10. Overcoming Self-Condemnation 41 MINS
11. Deciphering Truth from Lies 40 MINS
12. A Dream for the Church 43 MINS
13. Chasing After Love 37 MINS
14. Obedience Isn't a Burden 35 MINS
15. Struggling with Doubt 39 MINS
16. Vibrant and Confident Prayer 53 MINS
17. Experience Transformation in ... 43 MINS
18. What the World Needs from ... 39 MINS
19. Believers on Mission 42 MINS
Regardless of ethnicity, gender, country of origin, upbringing, or socio-economic status we all have one feature in common—we are made in the image of God. Despite our differences, we are living in the story of God’s redemptive work, which tears down the barriers that divide us. Following Christ means becoming a member of his household, one in which we will spend eternity.

Until then, an unbelieving world is watching. But what does it see? As we work to reconcile our differences, let us redirect our gaze where it belongs—on our Savior, Jesus Christ. When we do, we will truly grow into the people God designed us to become.

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our main lineup of speakers who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, the website here.
1. Reset 42 MINS
2. Don't Waste Your Life 37 MINS
3. One Love 38 MINS
4. Fully Alive in Christ 52 MINS
5. What's Your First Domino? 42 MINS
6. Church Leaders and Golden ... 37 MINS
7. Main Stage Breakout – A Life ... 1 HR 1 MIN
8. Main Stage Breakout – The ... 55 MINS
9. Barnabas: An Influential Leader 30 MINS
10. Faith Over Fear 38 MINS
11. Extreme Team Building 37 MINS
12. Christians in the Age of ... 36 MINS
13. Integrated, Yet Still ... 37 MINS
14. Rooting for Rivals 29 MINS
Pete Briscoe
Are you ready to really let go and let Jesus? With our mouths, we readily claim, "Jesus is the answer!" But in our hearts and our actions, we struggle to embrace in tangible and pragmatics ways the freedom we have in Jesus. Maybe the reason we struggle is because our focus is on trying to imitate Christ- when most of us have no idea what Jesus would do in everyday situations. And even if we do know, we aren't capable on our own doing it!

So where does that leave us? In this 16-message series from the Gospel of Luke, Pete reminds us of a simple truth: The Christian life is not about imitating Jesus. The Christian life is about the indwelling Jesus. So the question is not, "What would Jesus do?" But, "What will Jesus do?" More pointedly, what will Jesus do in you if you let go and rely on Him completely?
1. Overpowering Temptation 36 MINS
2. You Have a Purpose 49 MINS
3. Authority Over Enemies 41 MINS
4. Overcoming Distractions 42 MINS
5. A Personal Invitation 40 MINS
6. In Step with the Father 44 MINS
7. Life to the Full 44 MINS
8. Extending Grace to ... 44 MINS
9. Love Your Enemies 23 MINS
10. Issues of Truth and Grace 52 MINS
11. United in Spite of Differences 41 MINS
12. Eligible for Redemption 41 MINS
13. Effective Where You Are 44 MINS
14. We Are Perfectly Incapable 40 MINS
15. Who Receives the Glory? 43 MINS
16. Ending Favoritism 37 MINS
Pete Briscoe
Extravagant. Playful. Fierce. Cunning. Scandalous...All words you typically wouldn't use to describe Jesus, right? Sure, He's loving, compassionate, gentle, and wise, but have you ever wondered if Jesus cracked any jokes, acted in socially unacceptable ways, or got angry?

We all picture in our mind of who we think Jesus is, based on our church background or upbringing. But in the Gospels, we see that Jesus' character is dynamic and displays emotions not commonly associated with Him. If we're unaware of the diversity of His personality, we'll miss out on His fullness and our experience of Him will be limited.

In this 7-message series, Everyday Jesus, Pete Briscoe takes us through the Gospels to examine Jesus' multi-dimensional personality. He'll highlight different characteristics of Jesus that will deepen your connection to Him and make your everyday living all the more rich.
1. A Limited Experience of Jesus 37 MINS
2. Jesus is Playful 45 MINS
3. Jesus is Extravagantly Generous 41 MINS
4. Jesus is Disruptive 43 MINS
5. Jesus is Scandalous 41 MINS
6. Jesus is Cunning 40 MINS
7. Jesus is Fierce 44 MINS
Larry Osborne
The Church isn't confined to a building. The Church consists of the people of God, who cover the ends of the earth. We're called to live and lead beyond the four wall of the church building as we follow Christ and share His message to the world. 

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our full lineup of speakers, who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, visit the website here
1. The Church Has Left the ... 54 MINS
2. From Small Groups to Missional ... 43 MINS
3. Is it Worth the Trade? 50 MINS
4. Don't Give Up 46 MINS
5. Outlive Your Life 54 MINS
6. The Holy Spirit 48 MINS
7. The Role of the Church 45 MINS
8. The Meaning of Work 44 MINS
Every one of us will have to face eternity—to look across the chasm of death to life beyond. For those of us who have chosen to follow Jesus, we look forward to an eternity filled with joy and free from sorrow. The guarantee of eternity means we can live every day on this earth not for our own gain, but for the benefit of God’s kingdom. Let's use what we’ve been given in the time we have to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to ourselves, our disciples, and the world.

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our full lineup of speakers, who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, visit the website here.
1. Practicing Eternity, Abiding in ... 41 MINS
2. Forever Home 36 MINS
3. Increasing Your Leadership ... 36 MINS
4. Beginning with the End in Mind 36 MINS
5. A Brother's Blessing 35 MINS
6. Contextualization: Reaching Out ... 49 MINS
7. A Model of Servant Leadership 34 MINS
8. Rooted in Community 30 MINS
9. Living in a Polarized World 32 MINS
10. Eternity and Everyday Life 30 MINS
11. Trust 34 MINS
Pete Briscoe
Kidnapping. Brainwashing. Visions. Wars. End times. It all sounds like the makings of a blockbuster movie, but it describes the real life of someone facing difficult situations well beyond his control, living a life he didn't expect to live.

The book of Daniel is a story of God empowering an individual to persevere, combined with remarkable apocalyptic revelations enlightening us to our future. Daniel provides enormous application for those of us who may feel like outsiders or outcasts, trying to live well in challenging circumstances.

In this deep-dive study, Pete Briscoe unpacks how we can thrive through adversity, know God is working behind the scenes for our good, and find deep assurance through a glimpse into the victory awaiting believers.
1. Christians in Exile 45 MINS
2. Is God Really in Control? 44 MINS
3. Beyond Our Intellect 44 MINS
4. Kingdom Confusion 46 MINS
5. When He Comes 44 MINS
6. Trust is a Choice 45 MINS
7. How Elections Are Won 50 MINS
8. Waiting for Justice 44 MINS
9. Getting Through Trials 47 MINS
10. Hanging in There 46 MINS
11. Enduring Persecution 39 MINS
12. God Will Keep His Promise 38 MINS
13. Freedom From Self-Condemnation 45 MINS
14. The Unseen Battle 43 MINS
15. This is Our Future 39 MINS
16. What Happens at the End? 40 MINS
17. The Darker It Gets the Brighter ... 41 MINS
Pete Briscoe
How would you define yourself? We live in a world that is constantly trying to define us based on achievement, financial standing, appearance, or popularity. Many of us struggle under the force of these lies, and we end up believing false perceptions of ourselves. But if you're in Christ, there's good news—He defines your identity!

So what is our identity as Christians? In this 6-message series, Pete Briscoe shares how Scripture defines who we are in Christ. He reminds us we are more than any definition society may give us. Pete's teaching will have you reconsidering who you really are. In Christ, you have a new identity, and if you grasp it, it can change your reality today!
1. You Have A New Identity 38 MINS
2. You Are God's Masterpiece 37 MINS
3. You Are A Living Saint 35 MINS
4. You Are God's Agent 41 MINS
5. You Are Connected To God 46 MINS
6. You Are God's Ambassador 46 MINS
You might think that we have more intense and volatile issues in our world to wrestle with than ever before, but much of the New Testament was written to encourage believers living in similar hostile times. These early believers were often seen as unpopular outsiders going against the new fashioned cultural tides. Today, speaking in favor and holding true to faith-based beliefs on issues like marriage and abortion can put Christians on the front lines of confrontation and persecution. So how do you keep your voice and still live peacefully?

In Living in a Messed Up World, Pete Briscoe answers that question by pointing us to Paul as the perfect example of one who speaks with tender boldness. Pete reminds us that our goal is not to win arguments, but to win people. And to do that, we must avoid falling into the trap of our Christian beliefs being pitted against culture in the public sphere of debate.

This 5-message series will help you find your voice and confidence to speak with tender boldness in an increasingly messed up world.
1. Living Through The Scripture ... 41 MINS
2. Arguments Don't Transform Lives 45 MINS
3. A Strategy to Engage Culture 44 MINS
4. Why Is Is So Hard to Tell ... 44 MINS
5. Pray Before You Speak 50 MINS
Pete Briscoe
God designed marriage to be an intensely intimate relationship between a husband and wife. Sadly, too many of us instead feel our marriages are more like battlegrounds or—equally bad—barren deserts.

Often, we're missing out on a cherished marriage because we're focused on the wrong things-selfish and destructive things like fighting for control, keeping score, and hiding our true selves. How do we achieve the beautiful oneness that God intended for our marriages?

In this 4-part series, Pete Briscoe teaches that there is a way to move our marriages beyond ordinary to extraordinary. But it requires transparency to our spouse and the willingness to look beyond ourselves to the only source of true Life.
1. Merging Two Kingdoms 43 MINS
2. Meet the Real Me 45 MINS
3. My Heavenly Father-in-Law 47 MINS
4. Reinvigorate Your Marriage 43 MINS
Is there a decision in your life that you're grappling with? Do you want to hear what God has to say about it? We face thousands of decisions throughout our lives—some are only minor, but others may be life-altering. It's easy to get overwhelmed and wonder: Is God even interested? And if He is, How do you recognize His voice amidst the clatter and chaos of life?

In this 2-message series called Hearing the Holy Spirit's Voice, Pete Briscoe gives practical guidance from Scripture on how you can discern God's voice, learn His will for your life, and live out the best life God has in store for you.
1. Knowing God's Will For My Life 46 MINS
2. Listening to the Voice Inside 45 MINS
Pete Briscoe
When you hear the words "good life," what comes to mind? Many define it by the success that comes with the right education, career, marriage, or possessions. It sounds appealing, but when we chase after it, we soon realize it's unattainable. We're left feeling unsatisfied and incomplete, and we discover it's nothing but a futile attempt to find life in a lifestyle. But what if there was a life more abundant and satisfying? What if we could be filled with joy and peace, and we could find life to more rich and fulfilling?

In this 7-part message series, Pete Briscoe reveals the secrets to a better "good life" that is waiting for those who are ready to grow.

1. Chasing the American Dream 44 MINS
2. What Are You Eating 34 MINS
3. A Secret that can Change Your ... 42 MINS
4. The Danger of Isolation 42 MINS
5. If You Want to Grow 43 MINS
6. It's Worth the Awkwardness 36 MINS
7. One Person at a Time 35 MINS
Mark Batterson
Leaders who are rooted in Christ are able to lead with His supernatural power. The 2015 RightNow Conference focuses on three areas of Jesus’ leadership to ensure that we are rooted in Him and are leading from His power: rooted in Christ, rooted in each other, and rooted in the Church's mission. 

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our full lineup of speakers, who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, visit the website here.
1. The Power of a Single Seed 29 MINS
2. Rooted in Christ, Not Just ... 39 MINS
3. Equip Your People for a Rapidly ... 29 MINS
4. Apart From Me You Can Do ... 39 MINS
5. Teach Us to Want 37 MINS
6. My Heart and My Relationships 28 MINS
7. Thriving in Babylon 38 MINS
8. Kicking Safe, Comfortable ... 41 MINS
9. Our Mission and Message 35 MINS
10. God Uses People 45 MINS
11. God's Blueprint for the Local ... 34 MINS
12. Holy Spirit Empowered Ministry 38 MINS
Pete Briscoe
Marriage is hard. There's no way to get around it. When two people commit to sharing their lives forever, there will be seasons in which the relationship is close and satisfying, but there will also be times when one of you feels distant, angry, or just lonely. The default choice can be to check out, give up, or store up frustration. But in the end, it won't improve your marriage, and it will leave you longing for something more. God doesn't want you to settle for an empty marriage, and you don't have to!

In this four-message series by Pete Briscoe, he uses 1 Corinthians 13, the familiar passage on love, to teach specific actions you can do today to change the dynamic of your marriage, The series includes these messages:

  • Love Your Marriage
  • Choosing to Lose Wins in Marriage
  • How to Share Your Hurts
  • Sticking It Out
1. Love Your Marriage 38 MINS
2. Choosing to Lose Wins in ... 40 MINS
3. How to Share Your Hurts 36 MINS
4. Sticking it Out 37 MINS
From our early teens, we are the target of credit card companies that dangle the carrot of getting whatever we want, right now, with the simple use of a plastic card. We are lured into believing the lie that we're "missing out" by not having "things" and that "things" will bring us contentment.

In Pete Briscoe's four-message series, he unpacks Scripture and sheds light on why so many of us struggle with finances.

Finding Freedom in Your Finances will help release you from the often unconscious pursuit of material things and show you how to find true financial contentment.
1. Where There Is Debt, There Is ... 36 MINS
2. The One Big Financial Lie 41 MINS
3. Debt's Kryptonite Is ... 37 MINS
4. Let Your Finances Be A Blessing 36 MINS
Pete Briscoe
The Christmas season tends to reveal out longing. It is a time of great influx. We encounter more celebrating, presents, time off, family moments, and bonuses from work than any other time of the year, yet these increases don't satisfy like we expect them to. The difference between longing and reality if full of disappointment. Thankfully, the real reason for Christmas does contain the right answer to our longing. It satisfies.

In this special Christmas Eve service, Bent Tree Bible in Carrollton, Texas uses classic Christmas carols to tell the story of Christ's arrival and mission on this earth. Pete Briscoe, Bent Tree's senior pastor, takes a line from each song, teaches how it aligns with Scripture and the Christmas story, and then the congregation sings the carol with a fresh perspective of the song's part in telling the story of Jesus. Pete teaches that Christ came to fill a void that all of the other stuff only makes more profound. The longing stops when belonging starts.
1. Heaven Come To Earth 1 HR 18 MINS
Pete Briscoe
The BEMA is a fictional dramatic production inspired by the biblical principle in II Corinthians 5:10 that we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due to him for the things done while in the body. 

Based on the novel, The Bema: A Story About the Judgement Seat of Christ, by Tim Stevenson, The BEMA Drama was initially performed by Pete Briscoe as part of a sermon series in 1999. In the Fall of 2011, Bent Tree reproduced The BEMA once more and recorded the services to create a resource that will hopefully continue to take the love of Christ into homes all around the world. 
1. The Bema 1 HR 44 MINS
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