The DIO Trilogy: Part One - Discipleship Jared Dodd
The DIO Trilogy: Part One - Discipleship
Jared Dodd
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Intro 12 MINS
2. Getting the Correct Focus 36 MINS
3. Discipleship 37 MINS
4. The Kingdom of God 36 MINS
5. God Gives Mankind Dominion ... 32 MINS
6. The Fall (Epic Story, Part 2) 26 MINS
7. The Role of Jesus in the ... 34 MINS
8. The Role of Mankind in the ... 40 MINS
9. Our Eternal Destiny (Epic ... 34 MINS
10. The Cost of Following Jesus 25 MINS
11. Counting the Cost 30 MINS
12. Bonus Lesson: The Gospel 24 MINS

Speaker:   Jared Dodd
Publisher:   Dodd Family Ministry - 2017
discipleship, follow me, follower, kingdom, mankind, servant
Jesus wants disciples. Period. He isn't content with mere head knowledge, church attendance or professions of faith. Much of the church today has minimized the importance of discipleship. In doing so, this has set many people up for hearing the fateful words, "Away from me, I never knew you."

This is Phase One Discipleship Training that has changed so many lives throughout America. God is doing a great work and wants you to be a part of it. What does it mean to be a disciple? How much does discipleship cost? What is my role in God's Kingdom today? These are questions we will answer in this series.

The greatest opportunity ever is set before you in the person of Jesus Christ. If you choose to follow Him with everything you have you will hear the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant." The choice is yours.
  DIO Trilogy Discipleship: Book

Speaker:   Jared Dodd
Publisher:   Dodd Family Ministry - 2017
discipleship, follow me, follower, kingdom, mankind, servant
Jesus wants you to obey everything that He commanded. This means not only knowing what He wants you to do, but also how to do it. Disciples aim for perfection. God is calling you to come away from the culture of this world and enter into the culture of His Kingdom. In this final part of the DIO Trilogy, you will learn how to train to obey God in every area of your life. Your life is no longer your own. It is time to die to self. If you are going to fulfill your destiny in God’s Kingdom, then you must become proficient in kingdom living. Don’t be afraid. God can teach you to obey Him fully. Victory is right around the corner.
1. Introduction 9 MINS
2. The Command 12 MINS
3. The Fear of the Lord 13 MINS
4. Loving God 8 MINS
5. Living in Light of the ... 16 MINS
6. Putting Revelation Above Reason 22 MINS
7. The Culture of God's Kingdom 22 MINS
8. The Order of God's Kingdom 18 MINS
9. You Must Die 15 MINS
10. The Command to Train 17 MINS
11. How to Train 24 MINS
12. Teacher 16 MINS
13. Training Ground 19 MINS
14. Curriculum 21 MINS
15. Contentment vs Fear 19 MINS
16. Training Against Anger 16 MINS
17. Forgiveness 23 MINS
18. Pride 14 MINS
19. Self-Control 25 MINS
20. Conclusion 8 MINS
In the Great Commission, Jesus commands us to become disciples, be baptized, and learn to obey everything that He commanded. This 2nd Phase of the DIO Trilogy focuses on baptism. What is baptism? Is it necessary? Does baptism go beyond being dunked into water? These are the questions we are going to answer according to Scripture. What we will find is that God desires us to be baptized not only into water, but also into Him. He is inviting you to dive in. How deep are you willing to go?
1. Introduction 12 MINS
2. Baptism 13 MINS
3. Abba 24 MINS
4. Provider 15 MINS
5. Protector 15 MINS
6. Creator 20 MINS
7. Brother 13 MINS
8. Savior 26 MINS
9. King & Judge 21 MINS
10. Shepherd 19 MINS
11. Holy Spirit 17 MINS
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