Get Wise Bob Merritt
1. Wise Feet - Part 1 14 MINS
2. Wise Feet - Part 2 22 MINS
3. Wise Heart 22 MINS
4. Wise Mouth 32 MINS
This study can save you years of frustration and pain. The wisdom that Bob Merritt describes in this study is priceless. The difference between people who flourish in life and those who don't, is wisdom. They apply it virtually every situation they face. They intuitively ask, "What's the wise thing to do?" dozens of times a day. The wisdom contained within the books of Proverbs doesn't isolate us from problems or guarantee a smooth and pain-free life, but it does offer God's best advice for the challenges we call face. A proverb is a wise saying or principle that if lived out will generally turn out to be negative. GET WISE looks at the value of wisdom and how to acquire it. Look at a person's heart, listen to their words, watch their steps, and you can predict what kind of life they'll have. Bob Merritt, using relevant and amusing stories, explains why decisions about your heart, mouth and feet are foundational to the rest of your life.  
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  Get Wise - Wise Heart Discussion Guide
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