The Party Series Adam Weber
The Party Series
Adam Weber
1. Levi's Story 30 MINS
2. The Jailer's Story 29 MINS
3. There's More 26 MINS

Speaker:   Adam Weber
Publisher:   Embrace Church - 2016
The Party Series pt. 1: Levi's Story

Jesus didn't come for those who think they have it all figured out. He came to throw a party. He came for the sick. The needy. The broken. You and me. And today we're going to look at how he came for a tax collector name Levi. 

The Party Series pt. 2: The Jailer's Story

Often we wait for the earthquakes in our own lives to spiritually wake us up. To stop us from coasting. To make us realize what's important. The jailer in the books of Acts had to experience a literal earthquake before he realized his need for Jesus. It was a holy a-ha moment. How can we too experience those holy a-ha moments? The jailer's story tells us more.

The Party Series pt. 3: There's More

Two sons, their father, and how they came to know the extravagance of his love. The story of the prodigal son may be a familiar one, but really, there's more to it. So much more. This is their story. This is Embrace's story. This is our story.


Speaker:   Adam Weber
Publisher:   Embrace Church - 2016
Adam Weber
From Death to Life:

Based on Self:
Paul tells us in Romans that a life based on oneself focuses on oneself. Where does it lead to?

Based on God:
In the Bible, we're told that a life based on God focuses on God. Where does it lead to?
1. Based on God 21 MINS
2. Based on Self 26 MINS
Adam Weber
Found a Friend:

Adam shared with us the simple yet profound truth that we can talk with God. And not only are we able to talk with God, but God wants to talk with us. Take the next 25 minutes and tune in.

Short. Simple. Honest:

What can we learn about prayer from kids? Keep it short, simple and honest.


In the Bible, we're told to "pray without ceasing". Why would we even try to do that? How is it possible to do so in the midst of our crazy lives?
1. Crazytown 20 MINS
2. Found a Friend 25 MINS
3. Short, Simple, Honest 22 MINS
Adam Weber
Jesus is sharing this picture to help us understand something. He’s saying, I am the vine, and you are the branches. Find out what this means for us. Are you growing?
Conviction, Circumstances, & Steps of Faith.

God, the gardener, can prune us in three ways: conviction, circumstances, and steps of faith. In these moments when God is pruning us, whether it’s with something big or something small, we can either choose to be faithful to God, allowing Him to prune us, or we can choose to walk away.
1. Conviction, Circumstances, & ... 27 MINS
2. The Gardner 28 MINS
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