Jesus Changes Everything Nick Hall
Jesus Changes Everything
Nick Hall
Series Trailer 2 MINS
1. New Self 20 MINS
2. New Relationships 18 MINS
3. New Habits 19 MINS
4. New Mission 19 MINS

Speaker:   Nick Hall
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2017
relationships, new, identity, mission, transform, habits, youth, change, jesus, captions
* Note: The real-life stories in this series contain mature themes.*

Teenagers often feel trapped. They’re stuck in the same habits, depression sets in, and they wonder about their purpose. Life might seem pointless or hopeless at best. The lie that says nothing will ever change pulls teenagers deeper into the rut.

But Jesus offers a way out. He reaches down to give life—a new path to follow. He has the power to free us from habits, redeem our relationships, and give us a new identity. It all begins by deciding to follow Him, because a life surrendered to Jesus is a life transformed.

In this 4-part series, Nick Hall, Founder and Chief Communicator for PULSE, a ministry focused on reaching the next generation for Christ, talks to students about how a relationship with Jesus changes everything—our identity, relationships, habits, and mission. Students will be challenged to allow Jesus to transform every aspect of their lives.

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Speaker:   Nick Hall
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2017
relationships, new, identity, mission, transform, habits, youth, change, jesus, captions
Look around you. Look around the world. So many needs, so many wounds and pains and divisions. So.much.brokenness. God made flesh, God dwelt among us. That’s what our world needs. An unsaturated, uncomplicated reconciling gospel that proclaims one thing: the healing work of the cross that has crossed two thousand years to get to us. 

For some, sharing the gospel is a dim memory. For others, it’s an archaic command. For others, it’s the call of a few. For too many, it’s hard, filled with fear, uncertainty, and a lack of feeling prepared. What all of these views lack is the rock-solid truth that God has called all of us, God will equip us, and God will do the work. When we take our eyes off ourselves, God is lifted high for all to see. 

Amplify 2018 will allow us to strip out the complexities of gospel witness and reveal the simplicity of the gospel that overcomes all barriers. Christ crucified. Christ lifted high. Our world made new. What does the simple, stripped gospel message look like to you? And how are you showing & sharing it with a world in desperate need of it?
1. How the Gospel Fills the Void ... 30 MINS
2. Picking Up the Torch from Rev. ... 16 MINS
3. Evangelism and the Mission of ... 15 MINS
4. How Creativity Opens Doors to ... 18 MINS
5. How the Christianity We ... 32 MINS
6. From Independent to ... 13 MINS
7. When the World Tells Us ... 31 MINS
8. Embracing a Theology for the ... 34 MINS
9. Severing the Bifurcation of ... 25 MINS
10. A Gospel Witness That Restores ... 30 MINS
11. Bringing the Simple Gospel to a ... 21 MINS
12. In the Broken Spaces: The ... 15 MINS
13. What is the Simple Gospel the ... 17 MINS
14. Putting on the Character of ... 29 MINS
15. A Gospel that Thrives in Small ... 21 MINS
16. This Invitation Life: Our Very ... 32 MINS
If we are honest, if we look at the fruit of many churches and Christ-followers today, we might say that too many hold evangelism to be a low priority in their daily lives. Perhaps they haven’t had much training, perhaps they are overcome by fear. Regardless of the reason we don’t show and share the love of Jesus with others, we must admit that the Church in North America is at a critical crossroads of witness.
1. Staying Firm to the Call to Be ... 21 MINS
2. A Commitment to Diversity as ... 17 MINS
3. Implications for Being God's ... 15 MINS
4. A Commitment to Evangelism In ... 23 MINS
5. Personal Discipleship: Why ... 30 MINS
6. A Commitment to Personal ... 17 MINS
7. Why Our World Is In Need of ... 27 MINS
8. How Research Can Aid Our ... 11 MINS
9. 2017 Research of Smaller ... 10 MINS
10. How to Create a Church Culture ... 33 MINS
11. Our Collective Calling of ... 26 MINS
12. The Critical Component of ... 17 MINS
13. A Commitment to the Emerging ... 17 MINS
14. Defining the God We Wish to ... 29 MINS
15. A Biblical Look at What Healthy ... 15 MINS
16. What Happens When We Disconnect ... 31 MINS
17. How to Integrate Evangelism & ... 31 MINS
18. What Is Our Mission Anyway? 31 MINS
19. A Biblical Look at Who This God ... 15 MINS
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