Crossing The Waters Leslie Leyland Fields
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Under the Waters 13 MINS
2. Calling out of Water 10 MINS
3. Rocking the Boat 10 MINS
4. Storming the Peace 10 MINS
5. Over the Waters 13 MINS
6. The Final Catch 14 MINS

Speaker:   Leslie Leyland Fields
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2017
Get ready for the wettest, stormiest, wildest trip through the Gospels you’ve ever taken! The Gospels are dramatic and incredibly wet, set in a rich maritime culture on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Yet we’ve missed much of this perspective—until now.

In this 6-part series, Leslie Leyland Fields, author, speaker, and seasoned Alaskan fisherwoman, takes us on a journey through the life of Christ. She leads us across the waters of time and culture out onto the Sea of Galilee, through a rugged season of commercial fishing with her family in Alaska, and through the waters of the New Testament beside the ragtag fishermen disciples. Her own story and her fresh insights will challenge our understanding of Jesus and what it means to “Come, follow me.”

Get the full study experience by downloading the resources below. This Leader’s Guide contains over 50 pages of in-depth narrative teaching with direction for group discussion and helpful answers to biblical questions. It moves beyond knowledge to the real-life application of God’s Word in either personal or group study. 

Also, if you're leading a group, Leslie has some words of guidance for you in this training post.
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Speaker:   Leslie Leyland Fields
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2017
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