The Generosity Revolution Alex Cook
The Generosity Revolution
Alex Cook
1. True Generosity 12 MINS
2. Where Is Your Church At 10 MINS
3. Cultural Change 8 MINS
4. Why Don't People Give? 8 MINS
5. Why People Give 7 MINS
6. Should You Know What People ... 6 MINS
7. Giving Warriors 8 MINS
8. Generosity Strategy 7 MINS
9. Money Follows Vision 8 MINS
10. Your Leadership Team 7 MINS

Speaker:   Alex Cook
Publisher:   Wealth with Purpose - 2016
awareness, generosity, honor, stewards
Designed to help you create a church of genuine, God-honoring stewards who are passionate about multiplying God’s Kingdom, this course aims to provide church leaders with an awareness of the key issues that drive generosity in a church, and to offer practical suggestions on how you can cultivate a culture of generosity. 
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Speaker:   Alex Cook
Publisher:   Wealth with Purpose - 2016
awareness, generosity, honor, stewards
Do you have a God-given dream to start your own business? As a serial entrepreneur, Alex Cook is passionate about helping Christians create and build Kingdom-minded businesses. In this course, he utilizes biblical principles of business to provide entrepreneurs the practical skills and tools they need to launch a business.

1. Kingdom Business 7 MINS
2. Vision and Mission 5 MINS
3. Goal Setting 5 MINS
4. Business Planning 5 MINS
5. Target Market 6 MINS
6. Market Research 6 MINS
7. Integrity 7 MINS
8. Critical Success Factors 6 MINS
9. The Marketing Mix 9 MINS
10. Supernatural Business 6 MINS
11. Improving Your Cash Flow 10 MINS
12. Multiplication 7 MINS
Alex Cook
The Financial Wisdom course is designed to give key financial planning lessons that will get you started on the journey to financial freedom. Using biblical principles of money management and offering practical skills and tools to implement them into daily life, this course aims to help Christians become good stewards. 

1. Money Midsets 7 MINS
2. Goal Setting 5 MINS
3. Budgeting 9 MINS
4. Emergency Funds 4 MINS
5. Controlling Your Cash 5 MINS
6. Bible And Debt 8 MINS
7. Getting Out Of Debt 6 MINS
8. Credit Cards 6 MINS
9. Why The Bible Talks About Money 8 MINS
10. Generosity 6 MINS
11. Good Stewardship 10 MINS
12. The Foundations of Wise ... 7 MINS
13. Eternal Focus 7 MINS
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