LifeHacks Waylon Sears
1. Doing Over Hearing 1 HR 7 MINS
2. Faith Works 56 MINS
3. Managing the Muscle in Your ... 1 HR 2 MINS
4. The Kind of Life God Rewards 1 HR
5. The Symptoms of a Sick Church 1 HR 3 MINS
6. Trials and Temptations 1 HR 3 MINS
This journey through the book of James will give you practical life skills, ranging from controlling your tongue to embracing God as your healer. As believers, we will find ourselves in difficult circumstances or seasons of sufferings. This is why the book of James is so valuable.
How significant is your life in light of eternity? God has created you with an eternal soul. Three people every second step into eternity. What does eternity hold for you? What if there is more to this life than just the here and now? In this series, learn the meaning behind Ecclesiastes 3:11, which declares, “He has planted eternity in the human heart…"
1. More Than This Life 1 HR 6 MINS
2. The Greater Church 1 HR 9 MINS
3. This Side of Eternity 1 HR 7 MINS
Have you ever wished you could go back and rethink something you’ve said or done? Every now and again we need to take a moment and look at the habits and thought processes that have taken hold of our lives and hit the reset button.
In this series, Pastor Waylon examines four very important topics that impact our culture today: How to Think the Right Thoughts, Money, Sex, and truly making Jesus the Lord of your life.
1. Is it Mammon or Money? 1 HR
2. Think Right 57 MINS
3. Who's in Control? 1 HR 2 MINS
We have the tendency to settle for good things, but God has equipped and called us to experience Greater Things through Him. Life’s circumstances may have caused you to believe that Greater things have passed you by, but this is not the case. God has Greater Things in store for you. 
1. Session 1 55 MINS
2. Session 2 1 HR 11 MINS
3. Session 3 1 HR
Whether you have just given your life to Christ, or you’re a longtime Christian, just starting a New Year, God has a roadmap for you. We are all on a journey toward Jesus. The goal is not to stay in the shallow end of the pool, but to dive into the deep waters. There is a desire built in all of us to discover the deeper things of God, but fear and life’s circumstance may have discouraged you.

Once you’ve discovered the deeper things of God, you’ll never be content with the shallow end again.
1. How Does God Speak? 57 MINS
2. The God Behind the Word of God 54 MINS
3. You Are More Than Just a Body 1 HR 3 MINS
4. You Were Made for This 1 HR 1 MIN
Most of us know that the words written in red in our Bibles are very important. But how important are they for today? In a world that overlooks Jesus, Pastor Waylon brings a greater emphasis to the power found in those words written in red.
1. The Power the Father 50 MINS
2. Come See 41 MINS
3. Springs Living Water 1 HR 4 MINS
Do you have a neighbor you disagree with? Are you not sure who to vote for? Are you dealing with disappointment? If so, the struggle you are facing is very real. This 8-Part series tackles some of the toughest questions facing our society and provides biblical solutions and perspective to help you in the struggle.

Allow God to overcome your struggles, so He gets the glory and you are equipped to help those around you who struggle.
1. Dealing with Disappointment 1 HR 7 MINS
2. How Do I Understand My Bible? 54 MINS
3. How Do We Deal with Difficult ... 1 HR 5 MINS
4. How to Deal with Stress? 56 MINS
5. The Struggle with Faith 44 MINS
6. The Struggle with Fear 1 HR 1 MIN
7. The Strugle with Addictions 1 HR 10 MINS
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