The Genesis of Woman Tami Weissert
The Genesis of Woman
Tami Weissert
Series Trailer 2 MINS
1. Introduction 31 MINS
2. Value Added 31 MINS
3. What Happened? 27 MINS
4. Life is Tough 38 MINS
5. We Make Life Together 36 MINS
6. What Do We Do? 37 MINS
7. Learning How to Protect ... 39 MINS
8. We Can...! 33 MINS
9. God Only Made One "You" 40 MINS
In this first of three instructive and self-disclosing series, five speakers present Biblical content together, beginning with the reason women were created. Through authentic discussions on loss, grief, abuse, failure, and guilt, this interactive study leads women to surrender their imperfections to God and use their God-given strengths to become the women our Creator intended. 

Workbooks are an integral part of this study program. Each lesson ends with a series of questions designed to help each woman apply the material to her own life and to draw women together through group discussion.

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