Series Trailer 3 MINS
1. Promo 3 MINS
2. Our Homeless Leader 29 MINS
3. Putting Your Money Where Your ... 29 MINS
4. Responding to Poverty 27 MINS
5. Do No Harm 30 MINS
6. What About The Gospel? 29 MINS
7. The Power of Small Things 30 MINS
Many churches and individuals wonder what they can or should do to help others. Pov.ology is a six-session video curriculum exploring the topic of poverty and the church, and how each person can help. 

It features interviews with Shane Claiborne, Dr. Ronald J. Sider, and Bruxey Cavey, as well as interviews with professors, pastors, and missionaries. Pov.ology is sure to spark discussion and ideas as to how you and your church can do your part to help alleviate poverty.
  Pov,ology - Discussion Guide
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