Play the Man Mark Batterson
Play the Man
Mark Batterson
Series Trailer 2 MINS
1. Rewilding 13 MINS
2. The Seven Virtues of Manhood 19 MINS
3. Be a Man! 18 MINS
4. Rite of Passage 14 MINS
In the church today, many men find themselves confused about what it actually means to be a man. Our culture does little to help. The result is a generation of men who struggle to embrace their responsibilities, roles, and the purpose for which God created them.

In this series, Mark Batterson, highlights seven virtues of manhood to offer clear insight into what it means to be a faithful man of God. Keying in on the story of the martyr Polycarp, Mark teaches through engaging stories to inspire men towards biblical discipleship that can transform the generations to come. Each lesson provides practical truths for immediate application so that men everywhere can be the brothers, husbands, fathers, and leaders God created them to be.
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A muchas personas les cuesta creer que Dios todavía habla. Hemos aprendido de la Escritura que Dios le habló a su pueblo en tiempos antiguos y de formas misteriosas, pero ¿cómo oímos su voz ahora? La verdad es que Dios todavía se comunica con su pueblo, pero, a menudo, habla en susurros, no para que sea difícil escucharlo, sino para atraernos hacia él.

En esta serie de cuatro sesiones, Mark Batterson enseña lo que significa para los cristianos discernir la voz de Dios en sus vidas. Presentará los siete lenguajes del amor de Dios, cada uno de ellos único y completamente divino. Al aprender a sintonizar y a descifrar cada lenguaje, Mark prepara a los creyentes para oír la guía de Dios y acercarse más a él.

Dios está hablando. ¿Sabes cómo escucharlo?

Obtén el material de estudio completo al descargar los recursos a continuación. Esta "Guía del líder" contiene más de 35 páginas de una detallada lección narrativa con instrucciones para la discusión en grupo y respuestas útiles a preguntas bíblicas. Va más allá del conocimiento, hacia la aplicación de la Palabra de Dios en la vida real, ya sea en el estudio personal o en grupo.

Tráiler 1 MIN
1. El poder de un Susurro 12 MINS
2. El lugar para susurrar 10 MINS
3. La clave de las claves 11 MINS
4. Los siete idiomas 12 MINS
Mark Batterson
Many people have a tough time believing that God still speaks. We’ve learned from Scripture that God spoke to His people in ancient times and in mysterious ways, but how do we hear His voice now? The truth is God still communicates with His people, but He often speaks in a whisper—not to make it difficult to hear Him, but to draw us close.

In this 4-session series, Mark Batterson teaches what it means for Christians to discern the voice of God in their lives. He will introduce the seven love languages of God—each of them unique and entirely divine. By learning to tune in and decipher each language, Mark equips believers to hear God’s guidance and grow closer to Him.

God is speaking. Do you know how to listen?

Get the full study experience by downloading the resources below. This Leader’s Guide contains over 35 pages of in-depth narrative teaching with direction for group discussion and helpful answers to biblical questions. It moves beyond knowledge to the real-life application of God’s Word in either personal or group study.

Be sure to check out Mark’s book, Whisper: How to Hear the Voice of God. Available wherever books are sold. Additional “Whisper” resources are also available on
Trailer 1 MIN
1. The Power of a Whisper 12 MINS
2. The Whispering Spot 10 MINS
3. The Key of Keys 11 MINS
4. The Seven Languages 12 MINS
Mark Batterson
We have a tendency to complicate Christianity. Jesus simplified it. Love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Primal takes you on a five-week journey back to the purest faith possible. With creative video segments corresponding to the sections of the book, this study offers Mark's personal presentation of key insights about primal faith. Each segment ends with thought provoking questions that will help you or your group interact with the truths of Primal and apply them to life.
1. Primal Christianity 7 MINS
2. Heart 9 MINS
3. Soul 8 MINS
4. Mind 8 MINS
5. Strength 7 MINS
Mark Batterson
Trading Your If Only Regrets for God's What If Possibilities

If is a powerful little word. Some people are stuck in "if only," trudging through lives marked with regret. But God wants us to live lives marked with possibilities, with the "what if" attitude that looks forward to the future with confidence. Why? Because the answer to "If God is for us, who can be against us?" is "No one." God is always on our side. Every day, in every way.

With his trademark enthusiasm and contagious joy, Mark Batterson helps us overcome feelings of guilt, fear, and doubt because in Christ there is no condemnation. Unpacking the promises of Romans 8, he shows us that we are more than conquerors—right now and forever. And because of that, the possibilities for our lives are limitless.

Note: If you are leading a group though this Bible study, watch this short training post to help you facilitate. Click here!
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Introduction 8 MINS
2. If Only 18 MINS
3. As If 16 MINS
4. What If 19 MINS
5. No Ifs, Ands, or Buts About It 14 MINS
Mark Batterson
Leaders who are rooted in Christ are able to lead with His supernatural power. The 2015 RightNow Conference focuses on three areas of Jesus’ leadership to ensure that we are rooted in Him and are leading from His power: rooted in Christ, rooted in each other, and rooted in the Church's mission. 

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our full lineup of speakers, who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, visit the website here.
1. The Power of a Single Seed 29 MINS
2. Rooted in Christ, Not Just ... 39 MINS
3. Equip Your People for a Rapidly ... 29 MINS
4. Apart From Me You Can Do ... 39 MINS
5. Teach Us to Want 37 MINS
6. My Heart and My Relationships 28 MINS
7. Thriving in Babylon 38 MINS
8. Kicking Safe, Comfortable ... 41 MINS
9. Our Mission and Message 35 MINS
10. God Uses People 45 MINS
11. God's Blueprint for the Local ... 34 MINS
12. Holy Spirit Empowered Ministry 38 MINS
Mark Batterson
How Jesus Can Make Your Impossible Possible

If you long to see God work in miraculous ways in the life of your church, you will love the faith-building, life-giving message found in The Grave Robber. Join pastor and bestselling author Mark Batterson on a seven-week journey as he reveals the incredible power of the seven miraculous signs of Jesus found in the Gospel of John and walks us through the very spots where Jesus chose to reveal himself through these miraculous events.

Miracles are happening all around us all the time, but you won't see them if you don't know how to look for them.
Trailer 3 MINS
1. The First Sign: Water Into Wine 17 MINS
2. The Second Sign: Supernatural ... 16 MINS
3. The Third Sign: Very ... 13 MINS
4. The Fourth Sign: Two Fish 13 MINS
5. The Fifth Sign: Walking On ... 11 MINS
6. The Sixth Sign: Never Say Never 14 MINS
7. The Seventh Sign: One Little ... 24 MINS
Francis Chan
Are you stuck in a rut?

It's easy for Christians to find themselves caught up in the life of cluttered schedules, rhythms, and routines dictated by our culture. Many feel stuck in the routine of life—their jobs, relationships, and daily circumstances. They know it's not the life they dreamed of. And they feel stuck in a life yearning for deeper meaning.

The Unstuck Bible study has been designed to help guide you out of the ruts and pitfalls that so often ensnare us all. You will be inspired and equipped through the powerful biblical teaching of Mark Batterson, Francis Chan, Lisa Harper and Rich Stearns.

Each of these teachers will draw from the lessons of the award-winning short film Journey to Jamaa—a true story about two kids who are forced to search for hope in a broken world.

The dynamic combination of the film, profound biblical teaching and powerful real-life stories from everyday people will help you and your group get unstuck and back on the path to a life of purpose that God intends for you!

Four powerful sessions:
  • Session 1 – Unimaginable with Francis Chan
  • Session 2 – Unsafe with Lisa Harper
  • Session 3 – Unwanted with Rich Stearns
  • Session 4 – Unstuck with Mark Batterson
  • Bonus Session 5 - Journey to Jamaa Feature Film
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Unimaginable 28 MINS
2. Unsafe 27 MINS
3. Unwanted 31 MINS
4. Unstuck 31 MINS
5. Journey to Jamaa Feature Film 43 MINS
Mark Batterson
Discover a meaningful and adventurous faith

The perfect resource for small groups, book clubs, church-wide sermon series, and personal study, Surrendered and Untamed is a four-part video series that invites you to partake in an incredible 65-day, 692-mile unsupported trek in the most hostile environment in the world. With stunning cinematography and inspiring music, you'll journey with extreme explorer Alex Harris on his monumental walk to the South Pole through bone-numbing winds and subzero temperatures.

Host Mark Batterson guides you in this adventure, drawing poignant and life-changing spiritual truths from the journey. Reminding us that when we don't have the guts to take risks, we rob God of the glory that comes with success, Mark calls us to stop playing it safe and step out in faith. God promises victory, but like Alex we must take each and every difficult step to get there.

So start living a surrendered life . . . so that you will be free to live untamed.
Trailer 3 MINS
1. the promise 12 MINS
2. risk 11 MINS
3. the wilderness 11 MINS
4. destiny 13 MINS
Mark Batterson
What unknowns are you facing in life?

Many people feel like their life leads them from one path to the next with no certainty.  Is this the right job?  Is he or she “the one?”  Is now the time to have kids? What do I do now? Am I even on the right path?

In these four video Bible study sessions, viewers will experience cinematic short films that show Abraham living in the 21st century. What might he think and feel with the incredible steps of faith God asked him to take? After each short film, Mark Batterson will teach on the Biblical principles from Abraham's story that apply to us today.
Trailer 3 MINS
1. God's Call 12 MINS
2. God's Covenant 10 MINS
3. God's Timing 12 MINS
4. God's Provision 11 MINS
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