All Things New Jack Graham
All Things New
Jack Graham
1. Revealing Jesus 39 MINS
2. Blacklist 45 MINS
3. Facetime 41 MINS
4. Ghost Riders in the Sky 42 MINS
5. Survivors 46 MINS
6. Taken 30 MINS
7. Terrorism and The Tribulation 34 MINS
8. Thunderstruck 44 MINS
9. What it Means and Why It ... 47 MINS
10. How to Live in the Last Days 45 MINS
11. Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory 37 MINS
12. The Collapse 37 MINS
13. The Coming Kingdom of God 43 MINS
14. The War to End all Wars 38 MINS
15. Where Will You Spend Eternity 41 MINS
16. How is the Anti-Christ? 38 MINS
17. All Things New 37 MINS
18. A Marriage Made in Heaven 34 MINS
19. Finally Home 38 MINS
20. Is There Hope for America? 44 MINS
21. When Christ Returns 41 MINS

Speaker:   Jack Graham
Publisher:   PowerPoint Ministries - 2013
biblical prophecy, end times, future
Prophecy and the end times are subjects that are both mysterious and intriguing to most Christians. And while these subjects may seem far-off or detached from everyday life, what will happen in the future actually does affect your life today!

That's why Jack Graham has put together his 21 message series, about the end times. Based on Revelation and other instances of biblical prophecy, the insights in this series will help you discover what changed are coming in the future...and how those changes really should affect your life now!
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Speaker:   Jack Graham
Publisher:   PowerPoint Ministries - 2013
biblical prophecy, end times, future
Jack Graham
There's only one thing better than leaving a legacy. It's living a legacy! And you can do that when you learn to live the legacy of Christ.

Through this inspiring six-message series called Legacy, Pastor Jack Graham will show you what living the legacy of Christ looks like, and how His legacy can be your legacy as you fulfill your calling as a parent and find your place in the local church.

As you apply these steps to your daily life, you'll soon be on your way to living a legacy for Jesus Christ that will impact many generations to come!
1. The Legacy of a Godly Mother 34 MINS
2. Passing the Torch 37 MINS
3. Going the Distance 39 MINS
4. The Eternal Word of God 36 MINS
5. Is the Church Relevant? 37 MINS
6. Man Up 32 MINS
Jack Graham

As a child of God, you are one of a kind, a “Master Potter’s original”! Before you were born, God knew you and formed you in your mother’s womb. And He created you specifically and purposely with a divine destiny.

In this 10-message series, Pastor Jack Graham equips you to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for your life. Based on the amazing story of Joseph, this teaching will help you discover your God-given dream, stand against temptation, turn disappointments into opportunities, make choices that impact your destiny, find success, and so much more!

1. Discovering Your God-Given ... 27 MINS
2. Discovering Your God-Given ... 34 MINS
3. Dreamweaver 31 MINS
4. Iron Man 42 MINS
5. Prison Break 31 MINS
6. Success God's Way 46 MINS
7. The Choices That Make You 32 MINS
8. The Collision Course 35 MINS
9. The Gift of Forgiveness 37 MINS
10. The Savior of the World 33 MINS
Jack Graham

Family life in America is not at all what it once was! And there is a great need today for people everywhere to begin deliberately building healthy relationships that bring blessing now and strength to the next generation.

This all-new series from Pastor Jack Graham focuses on the most important and influential relationships in life – between man and woman, parents and children, and the family as a whole. And with his usual straight-up approach, Pastor Graham helps you discover step-by-step how you can build the God-honoring, supportive, and successful marriage and family life God intends!

1. Model Family 43 MINS
2. Essentials 34 MINS
3. When A Man Loves a Woman 38 MINS
4. Happy Wife Happy Life 45 MINS
5. Training Days 40 MINS
6. It Takes a Church 38 MINS
Jack Graham
Unwrap the true meaning of Christmas with this special Christmas series by Pastor Jack Graham.
1. God Is For Us - 2 Corinthians ... 36 MINS
2. God is In Us - 1 John 4-9 27 MINS
3. God is with Us - Isaiah 7-14, ... 40 MINS
From the very first Christmas until today God¹s goodness has not changed.
The grace of God appeared on that wondrous evening in the form of an infant. That child was born in humble circumstances, but nevertheless that child was the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. In this four part series, celebrate the birth of the Savior and Great Redeemer of humanity and learn how to fully abide in his wonderful grace in your daily life.

1. How to Have Your Best Christmas ... 46 MINS
2. So This is Christmas 25 MINS
3. Surprising Grace 30 MINS
4. The Fullness of Grace 39 MINS
Jack Graham
Myths about angels are everywhere. Do we become angels when we die? Are angels always hovering nearby, on guard to protect us from danger? Can we talk to them? Many of our ideas about angels come from the media, which is more interested in ratings and ticket sales than truth. It's important for Christians to understand what angels really are.
1. Angels - Part 1 36 MINS
2. Angels - Part 2 48 MINS
3. Angels - Part 3 41 MINS
4. Dark Angel 34 MINS
Jack Graham
Our world needs the soul-saving and healing message
of Jesus Christ. But it won’t get it through more church
programs, bigger events, better marketing strategies,
and the latest outreach methodologies. We can only
transform the world when we choose to live totally for
Jesus—set ABLAZE through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Follow Pastor Graham as he takes you through this
power-packed study of the first seven chapters of Acts.
You’ll see how the early Church did so much with so little,
and you’ll find a fresh fire burning bright in your heart to
reach the world for Christ!
1. Uprising 41 MINS
2. Burning in My Soul 37 MINS
3. All In 32 MINS
4. Hope for The Hurting 38 MINS
5. When God Says Go 39 MINS
6. When Hope Turns to Sight 36 MINS
Jack Graham
Being filled with the Holy Spirit is a command we must follow. We need to continually making ourselves flexible in His hands so we can live out His life through us.

In this sermon series, Not Ashamed, you can learn how to tap into a fearless, Spirit-empowered life. This series reflects on the life and legacy of the apostle Paul a man who knew what bold, Spirit-filled living was about and it shows you how the Holy Spirit can empower you to embolden your witness and live without fear.
1. A Cross-Centered Life 29 MINS
2. A Mission- Driven Life 29 MINS
3. Forever Grateful 29 MINS
4. Live in Prayer - Live in Peace 29 MINS
5. Press On 47 MINS
6. The Secret of Our Strength 29 MINS
7. What's So Amazing About Grace? 29 MINS
8. Who Do You Think You Are? 29 MINS
9. Your Legacy 33 MINS
Jack Graham
In the busyness of Christmastime, it's easy to lose sight of why we celebrate. Yet there are some notable songs of the season we hear every day this time of year that truly point to the greatest Story Every Told!

In this unique series of messages, Pastor Jack Graham focuses on familiar Christmas carols to show you their biblical roots, and he uses each timeless melody to help you give you a new and fresh understanding of the true meaning of Christmas.
1. Bethlehem's Babe - Humanity's ... 38 MINS
2. Hark the Herald Angels Sing 41 MINS
3. O Holy Night 24 MINS
Jack Graham
The book of Revelation is the great unveiling of the risen Jesus in all His glory. He’s conquered sin and death, and all who love Him now share in His victory until His return.

Yet, while every believer can stand strong in what Christ has already accomplished, how we live out our faith as individuals and the Church greatly matters. We are not here to relax and bask in God’s grace and love—He’s commissioned us to seek after His heart, live in purity, love the world wholeheartedly, and expand His Kingdom!

So, sink your teeth into this clarity-giving study of Revelation 2 and 3. Journey with Pastor Graham and discover the great mission God calls you to accomplish!
1. A Call to Purity 29 MINS
2. First and Foremost 29 MINS
3. Flatline 44 MINS
4. Ministering at the Gates of ... 43 MINS
5. No Fear 37 MINS
6. What Makes God Sick 34 MINS
7. Where Love Lies 29 MINS
Jack Graham
While many people focus on what's visible, there's an invisible realm that's just as real and just as active as the physical world you see!

And in this revealing ten-message series called Invisible, Pastor Jack Graham opens a window of understanding into the unseen realities of angels, demons, hell, heaven and other spiritual forces that affect you every day. Getting a glimpse of the Invisible will forever change your perspective on the spirit realm....and yourself!
1. Dark Angel 33 MINS
2. What to Wear in the War 36 MINS
3. The Battle for Your Mind 34 MINS
4. Warfare Prayer 28 MINS
5. Heavens Warriors 36 MINS
6. Priceless 31 MINS
7. What Lies Beyond 36 MINS
8. An Uncomfortable Truth 37 MINS
9. Heaven, Really? 37 MINS
10. Endless Hallelujah 42 MINS
Jack Graham

If you’re like many today, you probably spend so much energy just trying to keep up that you rarely get a chance to simply unplug.

And in this powerful five-message series called Sheltered, Pastor Jack Graham will take you to some of the most beloved Psalms to show you how God protects you no matter what you may be experiencing in life. This comforting series is sure to bless you as you discover the shelter you can have from all of life’s worries and cares!

1. 911 34 MINS
2. A Blessed Life 39 MINS
3. Patriot Prayers 45 MINS
4. A Table in the Wilderness 33 MINS
5. Turning Your Stress into ... 37 MINS
Jack Graham
Are you or someone you love addicted or controlled by a substance, emotion, or behavior? Do you have a loved one enslaved to an addiction involving alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or immorality? Are you living in bondage to anger, fear, anxiety, or worry? Do you feel powerless to control the habits or behaviors that ensnared you?

If so, this powerful series of messages from Pastor Jack Graham can help guide you or your loved one to true liberty from sinful thoughts and habits. In these teachings you will learn that only Christ can set you free from anything that chains your body, mind, or spirit.
1. A Matter of Integrity 43 MINS
2. Breaking Free from Addiction 29 MINS
3. Breaking Free from Fear 29 MINS
4. Guard Your Heart 49 MINS
5. The Freedom to Let Go 29 MINS
Jack Graham

Straight Up is an exciting 10-message series from Pastor Jack Graham that shows you what the Scripture has to say about some of the most controversial topics of our day.

Avoiding popular opinion, Pastor Graham goes right to the heart of such issues as same-sex marriage and attraction, when life really begins, and whether or not love can really last a lifetime. With each message, you’ll become better prepared to offer a bold, biblical, and compassionate response to some of the most important issues in our culture.

1. Are All Religions the Same? 33 MINS
2. Are Same Sex Relationships ... 38 MINS
3. Can a Person Really Change? 35 MINS
4. Can Love Really Last a ... 37 MINS
5. Can You Trust the Bible? 36 MINS
6. How Can I Be a Hero to My Kids? 41 MINS
7. How Can I Know the Will of God? 28 MINS
8. Is it Right to Say You're ... 34 MINS
9. When Does Life Begin? 24 MINS
10. Why? 43 MINS
Jack Graham

Now more than ever, people are asking hard questions about God. Who is he? What does he have to do with real life? Why should anyone really believe in him? This is why today, Christians need to be “prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks”!

In this powerful series from Pastor Jack Graham, you’ll be given the biblical tools you need to answer some of the most challenging questions about God, Jesus Christ, and what happens after death. Whether you’re one who is searching for answers about God or you want to be prepared to give the answers to those who ask, you’ll be given the truth you need in this dynamic series.

1. Part 1 - The Greatest Story ... 44 MINS
2. Part 1 - The Breaking of the ... 47 MINS
3. Part 1 - All Things Possible 48 MINS
4. Part 1 - What If God Was One of ... 33 MINS
5. Part 1 - Embracing Jesus 35 MINS
6. Part 1 - Finding Favor 31 MINS
7. Part 2 - The Temptation of ... 32 MINS
8. Part 2 - Good News for the ... 34 MINS
9. Part 2 - Rolling in the Deep 50 MINS
10. Part 2 - How Jesus Changes ... 36 MINS
11. Part 2 - Lord Of The Sabbath 37 MINS
12. Part 3 - Why Believe? The ... 41 MINS
13. Part 3 - Why Believe? The ... 39 MINS
14. Part 3 - Why Believe? The ... 29 MINS
15. Part 3 - Why Believe? The ... 42 MINS
16. Part 3 - Celebrate Easter 2013 24 MINS
17. Part 3 - The Twelve So Close ... 40 MINS
18. Part 3 - Why Believe? The ... 45 MINS
19. Part 3 - Why Believe? The ... 42 MINS
20. Part 4 - Why Believe? Life On ... 30 MINS
21. Part 4 - Why Believe? Bird In a ... 43 MINS
22. Part 4 - Why Believe? Friend of ... 39 MINS
23. Part 4 - Why Believe? Lord of ... 44 MINS
24. Part 4 - Why Believe? ... 31 MINS
25. Part 4 - Why Believe? Mountain ... 41 MINS
26. Part 4 - Why Believe? Jesus and ... 45 MINS
27. Part 4 - Why Believe? The ... 36 MINS
28. What's Your Story - Love Does 39 MINS
29. What's Your Story - Audiacious ... 32 MINS
30. What's Your Story - Hearing ... 37 MINS
31. What's Your Story - Are You ... 31 MINS
32. What's Your Story? Spiritual ... 35 MINS
33. Part 7 - Why Believe? Ready or ... 36 MINS
34. Part 7 - Why Believe? Jesus ... 51 MINS
35. Part 7 - Why Believe? Little ... 33 MINS
36. What Really Happened - King ... 34 MINS
37. What Really Happened - The ... 47 MINS
38. What Really Happened - The Last ... 33 MINS
39. What Really Happened - Drops of ... 22 MINS
40. What Really Happened? Failing ... 43 MINS
41. What Really Happened - Justice ... 36 MINS
42. What Really Happened - Killing ... 37 MINS
43. What Really Happened - Why I ... 17 MINS
Jack Graham

Each day, people all over the world make choices without a second thought. But if your decisions actually determined your eternal destiny, how would that make a difference in the choices you make?

In this practical series called Choices, Pastor Graham brings to light the powerful, timeless wisdom of the book of Proverbs to help you choose God’s way in every aspect of life. These 10 messages will give you both personal and practical wisdom you need to guide you through any decision you may face!

1. Choosing His way over my way 39 MINS
2. Choosing service over ... 33 MINS
3. Choosing wisdom over ... 41 MINS
4. Choosing forgiveness over ... 33 MINS
5. Choosing love over lust 33 MINS
6. Choosing joy over sadness 29 MINS
7. Choosing courage over fear 43 MINS
8. Choosing faith over doubt 35 MINS
9. Choosing action over apathy 29 MINS
10. Choosing success over failure 37 MINS
Jack Graham

Sometimes life works – and sometimes it doesn’t. But in the ups and downs, the good times and bad, and the trials and triumphs, one thing is constant. One thing always works.

In his new 10-message series, LifeWorks, Pastor Jack Graham takes you straight to the New Testament book of James to show you life-changing biblical truth on subjects like…

  • Why a Christian worldview is so important to facing trials,

  • How to tame your tongue

  • Your true value as a member of God’s people.

1. What works when life doesn't 44 MINS
2. Turning your trials into ... 40 MINS
3. Character is a choice 38 MINS
4. The goodness of God 39 MINS
5. The life changing power of ... 35 MINS
6. Where everybody is somebody 34 MINS
7. Scary message 41 MINS
8. Taming the tongue 36 MINS
9. How to live in the last days 45 MINS
10. Wisdom and your worldview 47 MINS
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