The Book of Jonah Eric Mason
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1. Jonah 1:1–3 9 MINS
2. Jonah 1:4–6 8 MINS
3. Jonah 1:7–16 7 MINS
4. Jonah 1:17–2:10 9 MINS
5. Jonah 3:1–5 8 MINS
6. Jonah 3:6–10 9 MINS
7. Jonah 4:1–4 9 MINS
8. Jonah 4:5–11 6 MINS
At the end of the day, God is less concerned with what we do for Him than who we are in Him. Few figures illustrate that truth better than Jonah. Focused on the prophet rather than his prophecy, the story of Jonah gives us a picture of a man on the run due to his own selfish desires. Instead of showing mercy to his enemies, he determined to keep God's grace to himself rather than share it with those he considered undeserving. Can you relate?

Over the course of 8 verse-by-verse sessions, pastor and author Eric Mason expands our vision to see that Jonah's story is our own. Far more than a thrilling Sunday school adventure, it offers a profound glimpse into the conflict that occurs when God calls resistant believers to His mission. More importantly, it underscores the depths of His compassion not only in redeeming the lost, but redeeming those He has called to participate in His reconciling work.

So climb aboard and settle in as Eric reveals how God uses extraordinary circumstances to break our hearts of selfishness, convince us of His tender care, and unite our lives to His glory.

Get the full study experience by downloading the resources below. This Leader's Guide contains 30 pages of in-depth narrative teaching with direction for group discussion and helpful answers to biblical questions. It moves beyond knowledge to the real-life application of God's Word in either personal or group study. 
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Al final del día, a Dios le importa más quienes somos en Él que lo que hacemos por Él. Pocas figuras ilustran esta verdad mejor que Jonás. El libro de Jonás se enfoca principalmente en el profeta y no tanto en la profecía; al hacer esto nos da la ilustración de un hombre que está huyendo porque tiene deseos egoístas. En lugar de mostrar misericordia a sus enemigos, él está determinado a no compartir la gracia de Dios con aquellos que no la merecen. Es este punto el que permite que nos relacionemos fuertemente con él, ¿no lo cree?

En ocho sesiones, el pastor y autor Eric Mason expande nuestra visión y nos permite observar que la historia de Jonás es también nuestra historia. Este libro es más que una aventura de escuela dominical, este libro nos abre el entendimiento al conflicto que ocurre cuando Dios llama y sus hijos resisten Su llamado. Aun más importante, el libro de Jonás enfatiza la profundidad de Su compasión por redimir no solo a los perdidos, sino a aquellos que Él ha llamado a ser parte de Su obra de reconciliación.

Así que abróchese el cinturón y prepárese para que Eric revele como Dios usa circunstancias extraordinarias para quebrantar nuestros corazones, remover el egoísmo, demostrarnos Su dulce cuidado, y enlazar nuestras vidas con Sus propósitos para Su gloria.

Para obtener toda la experiencia descargue los recursos y complementos subsiguientes. La guía de estudio contiene más de 30 páginas de una enseñanza profunda con direcciones para la discusión en grupo y respuestas útiles para preguntas bíblicas. Esta guía de estudio va más allá de tan sólo darnos conocimiento, nos da varias aplicaciones prácticas de la Palabra de Dios para nuestra vida diaria o para nuestro estudio en grupo.
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1. Jonás 1:1–3 9 MINS
2. Jonás 1:4–6 8 MINS
3. Jonás 1:7–16 7 MINS
4. Jonás 1:17–2:10 9 MINS
5. Jonás 3:1–5 8 MINS
6. Jonás 3:6–10 9 MINS
7. Jonás 4:1–4 9 MINS
8. Jonás 4:5–11 6 MINS
Note: The real-life stories in this series contain mature themes.*

Teenagers are constantly advised toward one extreme after another. Their parents and teachers likely push them toward maturity and responsibility. Friends usually suggest conformity to peers and pursuing that which will bring the most immediate pleasure. The image portrayed by many musicians, actors, and athletes glorifies sex and drugs and untamed selfishness. With all of these conflicting views, how does a Christian teenager decide how to live? 

In this Bible study, Eric Mason encourages students to make every decision out of a worldview shaped by God's Word and centered around our Savior, Jesus. Eric calls teens to abandon the idea that choices made in youth are temporary and meaningless, and instead to make decisions now that will impact both their lives and God's Kingdom for eternity.

Please Note: This series is intended for High School aged teenagers. Please preview the material, especially if you plan on showing it to Junior High aged youth.
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1. The Most Important Decision 25 MINS
2. Core Decisions 24 MINS
3. Deciding Holiness 26 MINS
4. A One Another Decision 25 MINS
Note: The real-life stories in this series contain mature themes.*

Who are you?

Our world values being unique. So much so, that we end up looking the same as we try to be different. But we aren't a number. We aren't our clothes, our relationships or our accomplishments. In Christ we are much more.

In these four thought-provoking youth Bible study sessions, Eric Mason compares the message the world constantly tells teens about their identity with the truths found in Scripture. The world tells us it's all about how you look, what you have, what you do, and whom you are connected to. But Scripture teaches that while those things can be important, they do not constitute who you are. As followers of Jesus Christ, our identity is found in Him.

With biblical teaching and real-life stories, this series will help students ground their identity in Christ and live boldly as children of God and heirs of heaven.

Four sessions:
Session 1 – Image
Session 2 – Choices
Session 3 – Relationships
Session 4 – Accomplishments

Eric Mason bio:
Eric Mason is the co-founder and lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia. He is known for articulating and proclaiming the gospel with clarity, passion, and authority at churches and conferences nationally.

In addition to his role at Epiphany Fellowship, Eric serves as the president of Thriving, a ministry dedicated to aiding ethnic minorities to be resourced and trained for ministry to the urban context. He also serves on the boards of the Acts 29 Network and Reach Life Ministries.

Eric received his Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary as well as a Doctorate degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He resides in Philadelphia with his wife, Yvette, and their two sons.
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1. Image 24 MINS
2. Choices 29 MINS
3. Relationships 27 MINS
4. Accomplishments 27 MINS
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