Awesome Science - Explore John Day Fossil Beds
Awesome Science - Explore John Day Fossil Beds
1. Explore John Day Fossil Beds 36 MINS

Show:   Awesome Science Media
Publisher:   Awesome Science Media - 2012
biblical, children, creation, elementary, evidence, kids, pre-teen
In this episode, Noah travels to Eastern Oregon and explore the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.  It's here that thousands of feet of Columbia River Basalt are exposed by a major erosional event, most likely the global flood.  John Day Fossil Beds are also have the largest collection of mammal fossils in the world.  These fossils are supposed millions of years old, yet they show very little change from present mammals.  Noah will dig for fossils and explore cool locations such as the Palisades, the Painted Hills, and Picture Gorge.  He'll show strong evidence for this area being formed and eroded quickly just a few thousand years ago.

Learn How:
-What conditions near the end of the Flood would have caused massive amounts of magma to escape to the surface and build layers quickly
-There is very little evidence for major evolution in the fossil record
-The Flood would have caused chaos in the layers of sediments
-The Flood explains water and wind gaps
-Fossil leaves show quick burial and fossilization at the beginning of the Flood  
  Awesome Science Episode 6 – “Explore John Day Fossil Beds” DVD

Show:   Awesome Science Media
Publisher:   Awesome Science Media - 2012
biblical, children, creation, elementary, evidence, kids, pre-teen
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9. Explore Dinosaur National Park 37 MINS
10. Explore The Mammoth Site 35 MINS
In this episode, Noah travels to Northern Arizona to find out how the 40 layers of the Grand Canyon were laid down by the Global Flood, then cut quickly, all through catastrophic processes.  He then compares other geologic processes found around the world which show additional evidence of quick geologic catastrophe.

Learn How:
-The layers in the Grand Canyon show evidence as being laid down in less than a year
-The Grand Canyon was cut in just days, not millions of years
-Other geologic features explain the quick cutting of the Grand Canyon
-The Biblical record can be trusted as earth's history book
1. Explore the Grand Canyon 32 MINS
In this episode, Noah travels to Wyoming to explore America's first national park and show evidence of how many of the parks features were created by catastrophe and not long ages.  He pays specific attention to the Petrified Forests, showing evidence of why they were not  twenty-seven separate forests created over long ages, but quickly laid down by water and fossilized in a matter of a few years.

Learn How:
-The Geologic Column is best explained by the Global Flood
-Supervolcanoes were used to shape the new earth after the Flood
-Many of the geologic features in Yellowstone were created quickly
-The Petrified Forests in Yellowstone were formed in just a few years
1. Explore Yellowstone National ... 30 MINS
In this episode, Noah travels to the Southwest to explore Yosemite National Park and Zion National Park.  He'll discover amazing evidence for the quick formation of the granite rocks at Yosemite during the Flood, the massive erosion of the granite, and also the quick accumulation of ice in the valleys from ideal conditions right after the Flood.  At Zion Noah will explore evidence of how the massive sandstone layers were made during the Flood, then eroded during the sheet and channel erosion as the flood waters receded.

Learn How:

-The evidence of radiohalos shows quick formation of the granite rocks
-Large canyons can only be explained with massive floodwaters
-The Ice Age could have formed in 500 years after the Flood
-The development of crossbeds in the sandstone indicate water deposition
-Sheet erosion and channelized erosion work on a worldwide scale
1. Explore Yosemite & Zion 40 MINS
In this episode, Noah travels to one of the few active volcanoes in the contiguous United States to find out why it's called, “God's gift to creationists.”  Through cataclysmic events back in the 1980s, similar geologic features worldwide can now be explained by the Flood using Mount St. Helens as a scale model.  Noah explores each of these features at the mountain, including a huge lava cave and lava cast forests.  The features found here can help us understand catastrophic processes that were thought by secular scientists to take millions of years taking only hours or days.

Learn How:
-The events at Mount St. Helens show rapid strata formation and erosion
-Other huge canyons such as the Grand Canyon, can be explained through catastrophic processes
-The massive coal beds were formed quickly during the Flood
-The catastrophe at Spirit Lake explains other petrified forests, like at Yellowstone
-God created life on earth to recover quickly after the Flood
1. Explore Mount St. Helens 45 MINS
In this episode, Noah travels to Colorado to explore the spectacular mountains, streams, pine forest, diverse wildlife, and lush vegetation of Rocky Mountain National Park.  He'll explore how mountains were made during the global Flood by Catastrophic Plate Tectonics, then eroded as the flood waters spilled into the seas.  Noah shares about the evidence for this massive erosion and wasting since the flood waters receded.  He also explores how other geologic sites like Great Sand Dunes National Park and Devils Tower were built in relation to the formation and erosion of the Rockies.

Learn How:
-The Rockies and other mountains were formed during the Flood through the Catastrophic Plate Tectonic theory
-The different processes that mountains form
-The Flood causes large geologic features as the waters receded
-Devil's Tower in eastern Wyoming was formed by volcanic activity during the Flood and eroded at the end stages of the Flood
1. Explore Rocky Mountain National ... 36 MINS
Noah explores Dinosaur National Monument in western Colorado. He'll explore this amazing site, where hundreds of dinosaur skeletons have been found in a mass graveyard. He'll take a look at the evidence for the Biblical record of dinosaurs living in recent history and why meteorites just don't make sense for their demise. He'll share how the global flood makes much more sense of how they met their end, as well as how they came off the ark and survived for a while after the Flood.
1. Explore Dinosaur National Park 37 MINS
Noah explores The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota. He'll explore this amazing site, where over one hundred mammoths have been preserved in the sediments in an ancient sinkhole. He'll find out how genetics can explain where the mammoths came from after the global Flood, why radio carbon dating can only give us accurate dates of a few thousand years, and how they could have reproduced so quickly after coming off the ark. Finally, he'll explore how the Ice Age, caused by the global Flood, would have come and gone quickly, causing the right conditions to force the mammoths into extinction.
1. Explore the Mammoth Site 35 MINS
Noah Justice travels to Arches National Park and Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah where explores how catastrophic erosion has produced these incredible rock structures. At Arches he’ll see how sediments were laid down quickly, then were eroded by water catastrophically, leaving behind these arches. He’ll show how the simple rate of erosion should have destroyed these arches long ago if naturalism were true. Then he travels to southern Utah to go under some of the largest natural bridges in the world. He’ll see how the global flood and subsequent flash floods carved these amazing geologic features. Finally, he’ll explore evidence for early Americans living along side dinosaurs here at the monument. 
1. Explore Arches National Park & ... 48 MINS
In this episode, Noah travels to northwestern Montana to explore the amazing sites and geology at Glacier National Park.  He researches evidence for this area being created and eroded quickly by the effects of the global Flood.  He'll share why the Flood provided the right mechanisms to cause the Ice Age and how the end of the Ice Age provides the right conditions for the massive extinctions of mammals like the woolly mammoths.

Learn How:
-The use of Thrust Faults is evidence for a global Flood and not millions of years of geologic activity
-The Flood provided the right conditions to produce the Ice Age in only several hundred years
-The post-Flood Ice Age explains the mass extinctions of animals such as the Woolly mammoths
-The post-Flood Ice Age explains other mysteries such as wet deserts
1. Explore Glacier National Park 41 MINS
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