Attributes of God Steven Lawson
Attributes of God
Steven Lawson
1. Introduction to the Attributes ... 23 MINS
2. The Aseity of God 23 MINS
3. The Spirituality of God 23 MINS
4. The Sovereignty of God 23 MINS
5. The Holiness of God 23 MINS
6. The Omnipresence of God 23 MINS
7. The Omniscience of God 24 MINS
8. The Omnipotence of God 24 MINS
9. The Immutability of God 24 MINS
10. The Truthfulness of God 24 MINS
11. The Wisdom of God 24 MINS
12. The Goodness of God 23 MINS
13. The Grace of God 23 MINS
14. The Love of God 23 MINS
15. The Foreknowledge of God 24 MINS
16. The Wrath of God 24 MINS

Speaker:   Steven Lawson
Publisher:   Ligonier Ministries - 2001
biblical, character, divine, scripture
Misconceptions about God abound. But they don't have to. God has revealed His character in Scripture, illuminating the attributes that define Him. While we, being finite creatures, can never truly comprehend everything that God is, we should study what He Himself has said. 

In this 16-part teaching series, The Attributes of God, Ligonier Teaching Fellow Dr. Steven Lawson articulates a biblical understanding of divine attributes and explores how a right understanding of God can affect every aspect of our lives.  
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Speaker:   Steven Lawson
Publisher:   Ligonier Ministries - 2001
biblical, character, divine, scripture
Steven Lawson
Christians often describe themselves as “born again.” While this phrase is familiar to many, people rarely explain what they mean when they use it. Unfortunately, talk of being “born again” often accompanies a man-centered understanding of salvation. In this teaching series, Dr. Steven J. Lawson will examine what Jesus said about the new birth in John 3 in order to recover a biblical understanding of what happens when a person is born again.
1. A Necessary Birth 22 MINS
2. A Supernatural Birth 23 MINS
3. A Scriptural Birth 24 MINS
4. An Instantaneous Birth 22 MINS
5. A Comprehensive Birth 23 MINS
6. A Permanent Birth 24 MINS
7. A Sovereign Birth 24 MINS
8. A Monergistic Birth 24 MINS
9. A Promised Birth 24 MINS
10. A Saving Birth 25 MINS
11. A Transforming Birth 25 MINS
12. A Permanent Birth 24 MINS

How does God love the world? Debates about Reformed theology and the Five Points of Calvinism almost always include the use of John 3:16 as a proof text against the Reformed position. Yet when we consider this famous verse in the context of John's entire Gospel, we see that the love of God that leads to salvation is reserved only for those whom the Father has given unto His Son. In this series, Steven Lawson demonstrates that the Gospel of John offers one of the clearest presentations of the doctrines of grace in all of Scripture, revealing that salvation is all of God from beginning to end.

1. Laying the Foundation 24 MINS
2. Radical Depravity (Part 1) 25 MINS
3. Radical Depravity (Part 2) 25 MINS
4. Sovereign Election (Part 1) 25 MINS
5. Sovereign Election (Part 2) 27 MINS
6. Definite Atonement (Part 1) 26 MINS
7. Definite Atonement (Part 2) 26 MINS
8. Irresistible Call (Part 1) 25 MINS
9. Irresistible Call (Part 2) 24 MINS
10. Preserving Grace (Part 1) 25 MINS
11. Preserving Grace (Part 2) 24 MINS
12. This Changes Everything! 26 MINS
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