Why We Believe the Bible John Piper
1. Why Does It Matter If the Bible ... 23 MINS
2. Why Does It Matter If the Bible ... 21 MINS
3. Which Books Make Up the Bible? 29 MINS
4. Do We Have the Very Words...? 27 MINS
5. What Does the Bible Claim for ... 30 MINS
6. Can We Justify That the Bible ... 23 MINS
7. Can We Justify That the Bible ... 22 MINS
8. Natural Revelation and ... 28 MINS
9. The Internal Testimony of the ... 26 MINS
10. What Does It Mean That the ... 28 MINS
With the deluge of communication around us—books, newspapers, blogs, journals, and magazines—all insisting that their view of the world is most compelling, which should we trust? This is no small question. In fact, our answer has eternal implications.

The ten-session Why We Believe the Bible Series and Study Guide are designed to help study groups and classes explore the claim that the Bible stands above all others as the book of books, pointing infallibly to the King of kings. Through the teaching of pastor John Piper and the five guided assignments per week, participants will study biblical texts and discuss probing questions to help them see why the Bible alone is worthy of our confidence.
  Why We Believe the Bible
  Why We Believe the Bible - Study Guide
Journey to Joy is a six-part series on the theme of joy in the book of Philippians. John Piper walks us through a short study on how to understand joy, pursue it for ourselves, and then apply it in all of life.
1. How Do You Define Joy? 10 MINS
2. What Is Christian Hedonism? 10 MINS
3. What Is the Secret of Joy in ... 9 MINS
4. Do We Have to Enjoy God to ... 8 MINS
5. How Does Joy Overflow in Love? 11 MINS
6. Does Joy Die in Sorrow? 12 MINS
In this series John Piper discusses proper biblical interpretation including what to do when we don't know what a verse means, and how to read narrative parts of the Bible, like the Gospels.
1. How Do We Read the Bible's ... 12 MINS
2. Mine God's Poetry for God's ... 11 MINS
3. How Do You Decrypt Confusing ... 13 MINS
We don't want to become stagnant in our faith—we desire to grow into mature followers of Christ. But we often feel powerless and confused about what it means to mature in our faith. In this series, John Piper, Founder and Teacher of desiringGod.org and Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, provides clarity for Christians who want to grow up. Using multiple passages of Scripture, he coaches believers into a life of spiritual maturity.
1. An Abundance of Joy 7 MINS
2. Breathed Out By God 10 MINS
3. Precious and Great Promises 10 MINS
4. To Die Is Gain 8 MINS
5. New Years Resolutions 12 MINS
6. Sell the Treasure That Will Not ... 8 MINS
7. Seek the Treasure That Will Not ... 10 MINS
8. The Fleeting Pleasures of Sin 9 MINS
9. Bought with Blood for Obedience 11 MINS
10. God Gives Us Joy in Grief 11 MINS
11. Love by Faith Not by Sight 10 MINS
12. Think Hard for the Sake of Your ... 11 MINS
13. Put Away Ignorant Passions 14 MINS
14. Fear Treating God as Trash 16 MINS
15. God Will Never Forsake You 11 MINS
16. Spiritual Growth Is Not ... 11 MINS
17. A Remedy for Envy 13 MINS
18. Why You Exist in the World 13 MINS
19. Your Old Passions War Against ... 13 MINS
20. Fix Your Eyes and Heart on the ... 10 MINS
21. How Do We Obey Commands to Feel 12 MINS
22. The Key to Enjoying Your Life 11 MINS
23. What Does It Mean to Meditate 9 MINS
24. Can You Defend Your Hope in ... 8 MINS
25. How Can We Obey from the Heart 10 MINS
26. Do You Love God More Than ... 10 MINS
27. Does the Bible Contradict ... 9 MINS
28. Practical Steps to Walk By ... 10 MINS
29. Are the Old Testament Promises ... 9 MINS
God is a lot like the number pi. With committed work, we can memorize many of the numbers in the sequence, but we can never know it fully. God is too big for our limited minds, but He has graciously given us everything we need to know about Him through His living and active Word. In this series, John Piper, Founder and Teacher of desiringGod.org and Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, walks us through what the Bible says about God. He highlights essential elements of God's character—His love, grace, and holiness—as described in Scripture to encourage us to love Him and know Him better.
1. He Will Not Cast Off Forever 9 MINS
2. The Eyes of the Lord 9 MINS
3. For My Name's Sake 11 MINS
4. Vengeance Is Mine 7 MINS
5. What Will Please God 11 MINS
6. God's Love for the Worst 12 MINS
7. The Immeasurable Value of Grace 10 MINS
8. Grace Redeems the Worst Pasts 13 MINS
9. Grace Empowers the Best Work 11 MINS
10. Grace Supplies Strength for ... 14 MINS
11. Glory Full of Grace and Truth 12 MINS
12. If We Are Faithless He Remains ... 12 MINS
13. Do Not Diminish God's Love for ... 11 MINS
14. Would a Sovereign God Ever Harm ... 10 MINS
We live as forgiven sinners in a sin-stained world that is hostile to Christians. How can we have a holy worldview in a godless culture? In this series, John Piper, Founder and Teacher of desiringGod.org and Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, sheds light on key aspects of the Christian worldview. He teaches through several New Testament passages that challenge believers to model Christ to the government, authorities, and their enemies.
1. Render to Caesar 12 MINS
2. Live on Earth as Citizens of ... 13 MINS
3. Obey as People Who Are Free 10 MINS
4. Fear God Not the Government 14 MINS
5. Slaves Obey Your Masters 9 MINS
6. Trust God When You Are ... 9 MINS
We can sometimes forget the profound complexity of our salvation. We go through the motions at church and take for granted the beautiful gift of life in Christ. In this series, John Piper, Founder and Teacher of desiringGod.org and Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, walks us through specific passages to increase and refresh our understanding of the doctrine of salvation.
1. Our Disobedience and God's ... 11 MINS
2. The Victory That Overcomes the ... 12 MINS
3. The Book of Life -- Exploring ... 10 MINS
4. Take Care Brothers 7 MINS
5. Exhort One Another Every Day 6 MINS
6. The Light of the Gospel of the ... 10 MINS
7. God May Grant Repentance 11 MINS
8. They Refused to Love the Truth 8 MINS
9. What Can Be Known About God 12 MINS
10. Law-Keeping Cannot Save You 12 MINS
11. Crucified to the World 16 MINS
12. Known by God Before You Were ... 12 MINS
13. Born Again to a Living Hope 14 MINS
14. Forgiveness Leads to Love 12 MINS
15. How God Purifies Our Souls from ... 11 MINS
16. They Were Destined to Disobey ... 13 MINS
17. Five Truths About Eternal ... 13 MINS
18. Saved by Grace But Not Without ... 11 MINS
19. Invincible Joy Proves Our ... 11 MINS
20. Election Gives Evangelism Power 11 MINS
21. The Heart of the Christian ... 9 MINS
22. How to Rise After We Fall into ... 11 MINS
23. Can a True Christian Fall Away ... 10 MINS
Jesus never intended for the gospel to stay behind closed doors. He called us to proclaim the message of salvation to the entire world. In this series, John Piper, Founder and Teacher of desiringGod.org and Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, speaks from several passages on evangelism and outreach. He challenges Christians to do good works, speak the truth, and point unbelievers to Jesus.
1. I Am With You Always 8 MINS
2. God's Agents of Repentance 11 MINS
3. Silence the World with Good ... 11 MINS
4. Will Others Worship God Because ... 9 MINS
5. God Blesses You to Bless the ... 9 MINS
6. Should We Want to Shame ... 8 MINS
Believing in Jesus doesn't give you a free ticket to an easy life. Christians still have to deal with real world issues, even after salvation. We stress about work, wonder about God's will, and try to steward our money. But God doesn't leave us hanging out to dry—He speaks to us through His Word about these specific issues. In this series, John Piper, Founder and Teacher of desiringGod.org and Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, teaches through key passages that deal with real life issues to help Christians honor God in everyday life.
1. Fear Not Little Flock 10 MINS
2. Have No Fear of Them 12 MINS
3. A Better and Abiding Possession 7 MINS
4. A Letter to Exiles 13 MINS
5. God's Power Will Guard You 10 MINS
6. We Cannot Love Without Hope 10 MINS
7. Bringing Back a Wandering ... 12 MINS
8. God Will Reward Every Wrong ... 10 MINS
9. God's Love Allows Pain and Loss 13 MINS
10. Hope Will Put You to Work 11 MINS
11. The Gospel Triumphs Through ... 9 MINS
12. Bless Those Who Revile You 10 MINS
13. Those Who Suffer Receive a ... 12 MINS
14. Love Your Enemies for Your Own ... 9 MINS
15. How Does God Bless the Hurting 8 MINS
16. Does Anyone Ever Ask About Your ... 8 MINS
17. Treasure Jesus More Than Safety 11 MINS
18. Does God Will Sin Done Against ... 12 MINS
19. Prepare Your Heart for Cancer 9 MINS
20. Do Not Be Anxious About ... 11 MINS
21. The Heart of Fearless ... 12 MINS
Many people believe Jesus was a mere prophet, an influential spiritual leader, or just a nice guy. However, the Bible paints a vivid picture of Jesus as the Son of God, full of authority and power, humility and love. In this series, John Piper, Founder and Teacher of desiringGod.org and Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, takes us through the New Testament accounts of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection to introduce us to the real Jesus.
1. What Child Is This 11 MINS
2. Why Christmas 9 MINS
3. Jesus Christ the Beginning and ... 11 MINS
4. Come to the Man Rejected by Men 15 MINS
5. God Lived Among Us 11 MINS
6. Holy God Became Like Us 9 MINS
7. Lower Yourself in Love Like ... 12 MINS
8. Jesus Suffered to Keep You from ... 9 MINS
9. By His Wounds You Have Been ... 11 MINS
10. Why Did Jesus Let Lazarus Die 10 MINS
11. Why Did Jesus Come Into the ... 11 MINS
The Bible says several times that our God is utterly unique among all the gods in the world and in history. But what makes him so unique? In this series, John Piper will take a look at key texts for understanding why there is no god like our God.
1. God Will Supply Your Every Need 11 MINS
2. God Does Not Need You 10 MINS
3. God Will Abundantly Pardon 11 MINS
4. God Works for Those Who Wait 9 MINS
In this series John Piper discusses issues within scripture related to a Christian view of life. Topics include love, putting Jesus first, and the keys to know how to live.
1. Love Builds Up 11 MINS
2. God Treasures You But Not ... 14 MINS
3. Enjoy Apply and Share 11 MINS
4. God's Bigger Purpose for ... 8 MINS
5. Remember Jesus in All You Do 9 MINS
6. Cleanse Your Conscience of ... 9 MINS
7. The Keys to Knowing How to Live 9 MINS
This three-part series of labs takes on anxiety by studying Matthew 6:24–27. If the Bible is going to effectively speak to our anxious hearts, we need to learn how to read it well. In this lab, John Piper lays out the arguments and gives three short lessons for our daily Bible reading.
1. Nine Arguments Against Anxiety 9 MINS
2. Do Not Be Anxious About ... 12 MINS
3. Your Father Knows What You Need 12 MINS
In this series John Piper tackles specific topics in the area of family and marriage including the roles of husbands and wives, and prayer as a foundation for marriage.
1. Husbands Should Be Heads Not ... 9 MINS
2. To Wives with Unbelieving ... 11 MINS
3. The Saving Power of a Fearless ... 12 MINS
4. Beauty Is Not in Makeup or ... 10 MINS
5. Holy Women Are Fueled by Hope 12 MINS
6. Love Your Wife for the Lord's ... 11 MINS
7. Honor Your Wife as the Weaker ... 12 MINS
8. Your Wife Is an Heir of the ... 10 MINS
9. Your Prayers Hang on Your ... 7 MINS
What does it mean to be a friend of Jesus? In this lab, John Piper begins a series of three labs focused on friendship with Jesus. Jesus loves you with the greatest possible love and paid the ultimate price to have you — a friendship like no other.
1. We Are Friends Not Slaves 12 MINS
2. Are You a Friend of Jesus 9 MINS
3. Love Lays Down His Life 8 MINS
Romans 9 potentially creates a massive problem for the glorious promises of Romans 8. In this lab, John Piper begins a series through this difficult, but critical chapter by explaining the crisis of unbelieving Israel and the sure hope of the new people of God in the word of God.
1. The Great Antidote to Shame 14 MINS
2. Partakers of God's Promises 12 MINS
3. The Circumcision of the Heart 10 MINS
4. Jonathan Edwards and His Angry ... 8 MINS
5. The Ultimate Purpose of the ... 12 MINS
6. God Wants to Show His Wrath 12 MINS
7. Why Have You Made Me This Way 10 MINS
8. Who Are You to Question God 11 MINS
9. None Can Resist God 12 MINS
10. God Exalted Him to Crush Him 13 MINS
11. God Has Mercy on Whom He Wills 10 MINS
12. Not By Human Will or Effort 10 MINS
13. God Acts for the Sake of His ... 13 MINS
14. Is God Just to Choose Some 10 MINS
15. The Mystery of Election 11 MINS
16. Why God Chooses Who He Chooses 10 MINS
17. Jacob I Loved But Esau I Hated 10 MINS
18. God's Promises Never Fail 10 MINS
19. Chosen by God Cut Off from ... 9 MINS
20. Unending Joy and Unceasing ... 13 MINS
21. The Word of God Has Not Failed 9 MINS
We learn to pray by reading the prayers in the Bible. This short series will look at David's prayer in Psalm 141
1. Pray for God to Meet You 13 MINS
2. Pray for God to Guard You 11 MINS
3. Pray for God to Satisfy You 14 MINS
In five short verses in Matthew, Jesus taught us to pray. There are prayer-life-changing glories to be seen in these most familiar words if we slow down enough to see them. In this lab, John Piper begins a three-part series on the Lord's Prayer.
1. Your Kingdom Come 9 MINS
2. Deliver Us from Evil 10 MINS
3. Hallowed Be Your Name 12 MINS
Pastor John introduces a new series focused on Romans 8. First, he spends a couple minutes helping you make the most of Look at the Book. Then, he gives you seven reasons why Romans 8 is the greatest chapter in all the Bible.
1. The Greatest Chapter 9 MINS
2. No Condemnation 13 MINS
3. Free In Christ Jesus 10 MINS
4. The Spirit Set You Free 9 MINS
5. God Sent His Own Son 8 MINS
6. Love Fulfills the Law 9 MINS
7. What the Law Could Not Do 9 MINS
8. Set Your Mind on the Spirit 9 MINS
9. The Mind Against God Is Dead 8 MINS
10. The Spirit Lives in You 8 MINS
11. You Are Not Your Own 6 MINS
12. The Spirit In You Is Life 9 MINS
13. Sin Will Kill You 8 MINS
14. Put Sin to Death 8 MINS
15. The Children of God 8 MINS
16. Not Slavery But Adoption 7 MINS
17. The Witness of the Spirit 9 MINS
18. Heirs of God 9 MINS
19. The Freedom of the Glory of the ... 9 MINS
20. The Redemption of Our Bodies 10 MINS
21. The Spirit Helps Us in Our ... 10 MINS
22. All Things Work Together for ... 11 MINS
23. Do You Love God? 9 MINS
24. Called According to God's ... 10 MINS
25. Foreknown by God 12 MINS
26. Conformed to the Image of ... 11 MINS
27. Predestined Called Justified ... 10 MINS
28. Who Can Be Against Us 11 MINS
29. It Is God Who Justifies 9 MINS
30. We Are More Than Conquerors 11 MINS
31. Nothing Can Separate Us From ... 9 MINS
32. The Big Picture 10 MINS
Everything revolves around Him. And as the most valuable and glorious person who exists, God is loving, not conceited, when He calls us to worship Him. His pursuit of glory and our pursuit of joy are not at odds-because God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.

Recorded in the intimate setting of a retreat for youth leaders and students, these sessions are ideal for use in adult and youth Sunday school classes, small groups, retreats, classrooms, and families. To get the most from this resource, use it along with The Blazing Center study guide.
1. The Blazing Center: A Personal ... 29 MINS
2. The Blazing Center: Is God ... 31 MINS
3. Pursue Your Joy: Isn't That ... 25 MINS
4. Pursue Your Joy: God Commands ... 29 MINS
5. True Love: Duty of Delight Part ... 30 MINS
6. True Love: Duty of Delight Part ... 31 MINS
7. Suffering: For the Joy Set ... 29 MINS
8. Suffering: For the Joy Set ... 30 MINS
In this study, Desiring God John Piper explains how the supreme calling of life is to "glorify God by enjoying Him forever."

Drawing upon Scripture after Scripture, Piper shows why pursuing maximum joy is essential to glorifying God and, in what may be surprising to some, how God is ready to pursue with all His might our pleasure in Him! The implications of this truth are discussed in regard to conversion, worship, love, Scripture, prayer, money, marriage, missions, and suffering.
1. One Great Mission and ... 24 MINS
2. A Summary of Christian Hedonism 19 MINS
3. The Foundation of Christian ... 28 MINS
4. The Essence of Christian ... 29 MINS
5. The Grand Obligation: Part 1 - ... 22 MINS
6. The Grand Obligation: Part 2 - ... 24 MINS
7. The Grand Obligation: Part 3 - ... 28 MINS
8. The Grand Obligation: Part 4 - ... 28 MINS
9. How Then Shall We Fight for ... 28 MINS
10. How Then Shall We Fight for ... 29 MINS
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