Winning the Race Chris Schneider
Winning the Race
Chris Schneider
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Just as athletes compete to win, so do we in the human arena. The contestants we battle, however, are frequently ourselves, our circumstances, and struggles we wage against the powers of darkness in this fallen world. While our personal scorecard may reveal a lackluster performance, God wants each of us to take the ultimate prize -- the crown of life -- already won for us by Jesus Christ.  
  Winning the Race - DVD
In the high-stakes, big-money world of NFL football, players who boldly proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ are not the norm. Then again, Colt McCoy is not your typical player. In Colt McCoy: A Father, A Son, and Football, the Cleveland Browns' quarterback puts his service and commitment to God at the front of the line-even when the going gets tough. 

In this original Bible study, the father-son dynamic between Brad and Colt is plainly evident, and it's easy to see how a godly father can influence his son to greatness with the simple knowledge that Christ is the cornerstone. "He's thrown thousands of touchdowns and won so many games, of which I am very proud of ... but to see him grow up and influence people in the world for Christ ... no doubt he's doing kingdom work and I am very proud of that," Brad McCoy said. 

Throughout this video, interviewer Chris Schneider's questions reveal this father and son's practical Christian faith in action and show how-no matter what the situation-God can be honored through the circumstances in our lives. Schneider is the sports director and morning drive anchor of 1080 KRLD in Dallas, Texas.
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