Wonder Life Mike Foster
1. What is Wonder Life 4 MINS
2. Session 1 11 MINS
3. Session 2 11 MINS
4. Session 3 11 MINS
5. Session 4 10 MINS
Wonder Life is a new small group resource and weekend series that takes people on an authentic journey through their not-so-perfect stories to find their sacred calling. The small group workbook and weekend series is based on the principles of Psalm 139 and demonstrates how God can take broken things and make them beautiful again. With stunning design and a common sense approach, Wonder Life is unlike any other curriculum on the market today. Wonder Life is a small group curriculum based on four simple principles that will help you embrace the purpose God has for your life. In these teaching sessions, Mike Foster shares how to experience the joy and wonder of being the you God made you to be.  
  Wonderlife- Workbook
  Wonderlife- DVD
Freeway is a way to be free. It's a six-step guide built upon God's amazing grace, conversations with friends, and a personal exploration of our pain and loss. In these teachings sessions, Mike Foster shares how to experience God's love and freedom in your life.
Series Trailer 2 MINS
1. What is Freeway? 2 MINS
2. Introduction 6 MINS
3. Awareness 8 MINS
4. Discovery 7 MINS
5. Ownership 8 MINS
6. Forgiveness 7 MINS
7. Acceptance 8 MINS
8. Freedom 7 MINS
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