1. Lesson 1: Faith When It Looks ... 35 MINS
2. Lesson 2: Love When It's ... 27 MINS
3. Lesson 3: Obey When It's Not ... 30 MINS
4. Lesson 4: Yield When It's My ... 25 MINS
5. Lesson 5: Speak Up When It's ... 24 MINS
6. Lesson 6: Give Even When It ... 26 MINS
7. Lesson 7: Community When I'd ... 19 MINS
8. Lesson 8: Joy No Matter What 23 MINS
9. Lesson 9: Hope When You Need It ... 23 MINS
10. Lesson 10: Rest in the Midst of ... 24 MINS

Libraries:   New and Popular, Women
Speaker:   Lina Abujamra
Publisher:   Lina Abujamra - 2015
god, focus, change, determination, purpose, intent
You're about to embark on a life-changing journey. I'm not just saying that to pump you up. I really mean it. In the next ten episodes of the Resolved video series, you're going to be challenged to make some radical decisions about your life and future. You're going to be reminded of who God is and what He has done for you and it's going to blow your mind! If you've read my book Resolved: 10 Ways to Stand Strong and Live What You Believe, you already know what I'm talking about. If you haven't read the book, you will want to read it after watching the Resolved video series.

Every day and in every possible way, God is in the process of drawing us closer to himself. Sometimes we listen better than others. The fact that you've taken time out to watch this video series shows that you've already resolved to jump in the deep end with God. You've already resolved to take the first step towards change. Well done. Now sit back and relax, or rather lean forward, and hang on. This study is not for the faint in heart. If you like speed, you'll love my style. And if you're serious about changing your world for Christ, you're already on the road to doing it! One last thing: you can watch the Resolved video series on your own, but it's even better with other people. We've put together a PDF outline of my notes and study questions that will help you process the material. Don't forget to pray: lasting change is only possible with God's help. I can't wait to hear what God does in your life! I'm so glad you said yes!  
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Libraries:   New and Popular, Women
Speaker:   Lina Abujamra
Publisher:   Lina Abujamra - 2015
god, focus, change, determination, purpose, intent
Lina Abujamra
When Christians answer God's call they are often unprepared for what that call entails. God's call typically comes with great joy and anticipation but is followed by confusion and disillusionment as trials and difficulties arise. Yet God never promised an easy road of personal comfort and ease. What God promises is a life of total transformation and a stripping of the former self in pursuit of godliness.

Stripped is about understanding the stripping process that must take place for sold out Christians to be used by God to build His kingdom.  It is about the surrendered and broken Christian life, the life that God uses to accomplish His purposes through every one of His followers.

In it you will:
  • Find how to endure the stripping process
  • Learn what must be stripped from the Christian's life
  • Be inspiried by Biblical and real life examples who were victoriously stripped
1. God's Call: Your Invitation 39 MINS
2. No Longer Just Waiting 33 MINS
3. Overcoming Pride 33 MINS
4. Letting Go Of People 29 MINS
5. Out Of The Comfort Zone 33 MINS
6. Deconstructing Expectation 32 MINS
7. Tools For The Road 33 MINS
8. Breadcrumbs Of Grace 33 MINS
9. The Power Of Endurance 35 MINS
10. More Than Enough 32 MINS
Tired of feeling sorry for yourself? Sick of answering the same old questions about why you still haven't found your perfect match?

Despite what many people think, singleness is not a disease. It's not the lesser option. Singleness is God's gift to you today.

In Thrive, Lina AbuJamra - who has been single for over 40 years - will show you how you can make a difference with your life right now instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen to you. If you're ready to figure out what God has to say about singleness instead of relying on your own feelings and conclusions, this book is for you.

Isn't it time you get excited about your life in Christ and quit falling back into the same old pattern of thinking? Freedom. Joy. Abundance. Hope. All these are yours the moment you embrace all that God has for you right here right now.

Go ahead. It's ok to smile. Life as a single Christian is good.
1. Thrive For Your Life 22 MINS
2. The Art Of Thriving 22 MINS
3. 5 To Thrive 29 MINS
4. 4 To Overcome 22 MINS
5. You Have All You Need To Thrive 27 MINS
6. Making It All Happen 23 MINS
7. Questions and Answers 25 MINS
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