The Fully Lived Life Merry C. Lin
Series Trailer 3 MINS
1. About Dr. Merry 2 MINS
2. Can I Trust God? 15 MINS
3. Why Am I So Afraid? 15 MINS
4. Why Is Nothing Going My Way? 15 MINS
5. Why Can't I Measure Up? 15 MINS
6. Do I Have to Fake It to Make ... 18 MINS
7. Death Before Life 16 MINS
8. What's Love Got to Do With It? 16 MINS
9. The Whole Truth and Nothing But ... 17 MINS
10. Listen to Your Heart 15 MINS
11. Pursuing Your Best Friend 17 MINS
12. Sinning Boldly 15 MINS
13. Fullest Freedom 16 MINS
Available in softcover, e-book or video series format, The Fully Lived Life details the emotional and spiritual steps to finding God beyond, and even in the chaos of real life.  Written by psychologist, Dr. Merry C. Lin, this series is for everyone who wants more out of life but struggles with barriers that hold them back. With powerful therapeutic principles combined with biblical truth, you will learn how to:

• Face the truth of recurring struggles

• Identify the barriers that prevent you from living a full life

• Understand how to break free from all that holds you back

• Experience healing and breakthroughs

This series is in a 12-session format and can be completed either individually, or in a group study.  A free downloadable study guide is provided to assist you in your journey. Before you begin this series, if you haven't already, consider picking up a copy of the book that this video series is based on. While you can choose just to watch this video series and do the accompanying questions, you will find that reading along in the book as you do this study will offer you a deeper level of insight and food for thought. The first 5 segments will lay out the ways we are soul weary and the barriers that prevent us from living a full life. The next 3 sessions will draw you closer to God's heart for you as you choose to return to the full life He offers. And the last 4 segments describes the life of fullness we are meant to live—a fully lived life.  
  The Fully Lived Life - Study guide
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