ONE (The Woodlawn Study) Dave Stone
ONE (The Woodlawn Study)
Dave Stone
1. Who Is Your Team? 35 MINS
2. The Cost Of Following 37 MINS
3. Making A Difference 33 MINS
4. Your Identity 34 MINS
5. Dealing With Disappointment 36 MINS
6. Leaving A Legacy 37 MINS
In 1973, Birmingham was torn by racism and hate. God worked through the Woodlawn high school football team to unite the city and ignite a spiritual awakening. This revival was nothing short of miraculous. Could it happen again? ONE (The Woodlawn Study) features powerful scenes and exclusive footage from the movie Woodlawn to discover the only takes one person to start a revolution. What if that person is you? With teaching by Pastors Dave Stone and Dr. Tony Evans, ONE (The Woodlawn Study) prepares your heart to experience and embrace a move of God.  
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