Secret Church 14: The Cross and Everyday Life David Platt
1. The Cross and Everyday Life - ... 1 HR 4 MINS
2. The Cross and Everyday Life - ... 1 HR 8 MINS
3. The Cross and Everyday Life - ... 1 HR 17 MINS
4. The Cross and Everyday Life - ... 1 HR 7 MINS
In Secret Church 14 David Platt applies the truth of the gospel to every area of life, from spiritual disciplines to taking care of your body to relationships with family and neighbors. Even areas like working, playing, and social media are considered based on the counsel of God's Word. We'll see that all of life should be affected by the reality of Christ's death and resurrection.  
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This series through 1 and 2 Corinthians shows us how the cross should affect everything about the Christian life. Paul addresses everything from suffering to sexual immorality to marriage to leadership to spiritual gifts to the resurrection, and a number of topics in between. Because the Corinthians were being lured by the wisdom of the world, Paul had to remind them that there is no room for pride or divisiveness for those who belong to a crucified Savior. We continue to need this cross-shaped message in our own day.
1. The Cross and Christian ... 1 HR 3 MINS
2. The Cross and Christian ... 54 MINS
3. The Cross and Christian ... 1 HR 3 MINS
4. The Cross and Christian Wisdom 1 HR
5. The Cross and Christian ... 1 HR 8 MINS
6. The Cross and Christian Unity 49 MINS
7. The Cross and Christian ... 1 HR 1 MIN
8. The Cross and Christian ... 56 MINS
9. The Cross and Christian ... 58 MINS
10. The Cross and Christian Manhood 1 HR 5 MINS
11. The Cross and Christian ... 1 HR 7 MINS
12. The Cross and Sexuality Part 2 1 HR 12 MINS
13. The Cross and Christian ... 57 MINS
14. The Cross and Christian ... 52 MINS
15. The Cross and Christian ... 58 MINS
16. The Cross and Christian Liberty 48 MINS
17. The Cross and Christian Mission 1 HR 10 MINS
18. The Cross and the Christian's ... 51 MINS
19. The Cross and the Christian's ... 1 HR 4 MINS
20. The Cross and the Christian's ... 1 HR 4 MINS
21. The Cross and the Christian ... 50 MINS
22. The Cross and Christian Gifts: ... 55 MINS
23. The Cross and Christian Gifts: ... 58 MINS
24. The Cross and Christian Love 58 MINS
25. The Cross and the Christian's ... 1 HR 8 MINS
26. The Cross and Christian Gifts: ... 50 MINS
27. The Cross and Christian ... 56 MINS
28. The Cross and Christian Giving 59 MINS
29. The Cross and The Church 20 MINS
30. The Cross and Christian ... 1 HR 8 MINS
31. The Cross and Christian ... 1 HR 7 MINS
32. The Cross and Christian ... 1 HR 10 MINS
33. The Cross and Christian ... 1 HR 10 MINS
What should the church, the family of faith, be about? David Platt and the pastors at The Church at Brook Hills walk the church through the following purpose statement: We glorify God by making disciples of all nations. This four-part series breaks down each aspect of that purpose statement, and as we'll see, every member of the church was meant to be a disciple-maker.
1. Every Member A Disciple-Maker 54 MINS
2. We Glorify God 52 MINS
3. By Making Disciples 54 MINS
4. Of All Nations 56 MINS
As followers of Christ, we are recipients of a new covenant. He has bought us with His blood and sealed our salvation for all of eternity. As a result of each of us being in Christ, we are also members of a new community. In a very real sense, we belong to each other. The covenant that unites us to God also unites us to one another. This separates the church—the body of Christ—from any other institution, organization, club, or relationship that we might have. We literally have an eternal bond with one another. In God's covenant with us, He has designed a covenant community that will display His character to a watching world.
1. Recipients Of A New Covenant 58 MINS
2. Members Of A New Community 53 MINS
3. The Importance Of Covenant in ... 58 MINS
4. Baptism: Identification With ... 1 HR
5. The Lord's Supper: Celebration ... 1 HR
6. A Church In Covenant 57 MINS
7. God-Centered Community 56 MINS
8. Open-Handed Community 56 MINS
9. Redemptive Community - Part 1 50 MINS
10. Redemptive Community - Part 2 58 MINS
11. Redemptive Community - Part 3 59 MINS
12. Generosity In Community 59 MINS
13. Leadership In Community 1 HR 8 MINS
14. A Covenant Blessing 1 HR 2 MINS
The series from I Timothy gives us the instructions for the community of believers. We begin by looking at the components of our earthly worship. We learn that our worship is an expression of a heavenly assembly. Then we'll move further into the lessons on worship by seeing the characteristics of our devotion to God and how this should affect the earthly outpost of the heavenly kingdom we know as “the church." There's a lot to consider as we move into this important teaching with David Platt.
1. The Household Of God 49 MINS
2. Undeserving Sinners United and ... 48 MINS
3. Global Prayer in the Local ... 50 MINS
4. What About Women, Paul? 52 MINS
5. The Family of God 1 HR 13 MINS
6. Caring For Elders, Caring For ... 52 MINS
7. What About Slavery, Paul? 48 MINS
8. The Gospel And Materialism - ... 50 MINS
9. The Gospel And Materialism - ... 1 HR 10 MINS
10. The Church At War 55 MINS
The IMPACT sermon series reveals the biblical basis for commitment to membership in the local church and the missional purpose for that membership. A personal commitment to the local body of believers, the church is consistently revealed throughout the New Testament. Defining the Church as the people for whom Christ died and the people that are created by the salvation which Christ brings, Dr. Platt explores the scriptural picture of the local church. In his teaching he emphasizes the importance of a personal membership commitment in the local church and the biblical directive for the local body of believers to worship biblically, make disciples and have a global impact by sharing the gospel message.
1. The Gospel and Church ... 1 HR 1 MIN
2. We Glorify Christ 1 HR 19 MINS
3. By Making Disciples 1 HR 8 MINS
4. Of All Nations 59 MINS
From beginning to end, from creation to new creation, the Bible is telling God's story of redemption. This year-long series takes us from Genesis to Revelation in order to help us see that all of Scripture points to Jesus Christ as the climax of God's saving purposes for all nations.
1. Prologue: Creation 1 HR 2 MINS
2. Chapter 1: Believing In God 57 MINS
3. Chapter 2: Pain and Providence 1 HR 5 MINS
4. Chapter 3: Holy, Hurting, ... 1 HR 5 MINS
5. Chapter 4: Yahweh 57 MINS
6. Chapter 5: Blood That Satisfies 46 MINS
7. Chapter 6: Where Glory Dwells 59 MINS
8. Chapter 7: The Wonder of ... 55 MINS
9. Chapter 8: Fear or Faith 52 MINS
10. Chapter 9: Love God, Love ... 52 MINS
11. Chapter 10: Courage that ... 1 HR 7 MINS
12. Chapter 11: Depravity and ... 59 MINS
13. Chapter 12: Story of Love 35 MINS
14. Chapter 13: The Improbable ... 57 MINS
15. Chapter 14: This One Thing 49 MINS
16. Chapter 15: Father to the ... 45 MINS
17. Chapter 16: Shepherd Who ... 43 MINS
18. Chapter 17: The Promise of a ... 1 HR 11 MINS
19. Chapter 18: Giving in the ... 1 HR
20. Chapter 19: Sex in Salvation ... 1 HR 3 MINS
21. Chapter 20: Walking in Wisdom 52 MINS
22. Chapter 21: Extravagant Worship 59 MINS
23. Chapter 22: Vanity and the ... 48 MINS
24. Chapter 23: Christ Our Prophet 1 HR 1 MIN
25. Chapter 24: Fish Food 1 HR
26. Chapter 25: Unwavering Holiness ... 1 HR
27. Chapter 26: Sinful People and a ... 58 MINS
28. Chapter 27: Hope in God 52 MINS
29. Chapter 28: The Scandal of the ... 1 HR 2 MINS
30. Chapter 29: The Divine Warrior 37 MINS
31. Chapter 30: Repenting of Sin ... 34 MINS
32. Chapter 31: The New Covenant in ... 38 MINS
33. Chapter 32: Questioning God 43 MINS
34. Chapter 33: Trusting God, ... 48 MINS
35. Chapter 34: Our God-Centered ... 44 MINS
36. Chapter 35: The God-Centered ... 45 MINS
37. Chapter 36: Christ Our Priest ... 51 MINS
38. Chapter 37: The Sin of Man and ... 55 MINS
39. Chapter 38: The Son of God and ... 1 HR
40. Chapter 39: The Eternal ... 51 MINS
41. Chapter 40: The All-Satisfying ... 58 MINS
42. Chapter 41: The Light of the ... 43 MINS
43. Chapter 42: A Fast for the ... 57 MINS
44. Chapter 43: Redeemed for a ... 1 HR 4 MINS
45. Chapter 44: The Church for The ... 58 MINS
46. Chapter 45: A Coming King and ... 51 MINS
47. Chapter 46: The Cross-Centered ... 1 HR 3 MINS
48. Chapter 47: The Marvel of God's ... 1 HR 5 MINS
49. Chapter 48: The Mystery of ... 51 MINS
50. Chapter 49: Not by Bread Alone 54 MINS
51. Epilogue: Re-Creation 57 MINS
For years, the people of God were looking for the promise of redemption, the long-awaited King who would save His people from their sins. At Christmas, we celebrate that reality that this King, indeed has come. In this series, we will explore six passages of Scripture that reference why Jesus came to earth. In the process, we will realize that the deepest needs of our lives and the deepest longings of our hearts are only met in the One who came to us.
1. To Free The Captives 52 MINS
2. To Destroy The Devil 46 MINS
3. To Serve The Helpless 45 MINS
4. To Bring Us Life 47 MINS
5. To Save The Lost 16 MINS
6. To Give God Glory 50 MINS
He established a testimony in Jacob and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded our fathers to teach to their children, that the next generation might know them, the children yet unborn, and arise and tell them to their children, so that they should set their hope in God and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments” (Psalm 78:5-7). Throughout Scripture, God has instructed His people to pass His Word on from generation to generation. As His people in our day, we want to be faithful to this command – for our good and the good of children across our community, for God's glory in succeeding generations, and for the spread of the gospel to all nations. We want to explore the biblical foundations that must undergird all that we do. If we merely create nice programs and enjoyable activities for children and students, but we ignore God's design for the home and God's commands to the church, we will miss the point altogether. During these nine weeks, we will explore God's Word to men, women, husbands, wives, moms, dads, singles, and senior adults in order to know how together we can most effectively pass the gospel on to the next generation.
1. The Gospel and the Next ... 55 MINS
2. Biblical Manhood and Womanhood ... 53 MINS
3. Biblical Manhood and Womanhood ... 52 MINS
4. The Gospel and Marriage 57 MINS
5. The Child, The Home, and The ... 45 MINS
6. Singleness and the Next ... 55 MINS
7. The Fatherhood of God 55 MINS
8. Homes Built by The Lord 48 MINS
9. The Children Yet Unborn 1 HR 12 MINS
From the first to the last verse of the book of James, God gives us one of the most practical pictures of the Christian faith in all the Bible. Written to a people who were scattered and suffering, James envisions communities of faith caring, providing, and praying for one another as they show what the life of Christ looks like in action. Possibly more than any other New Testament book, this letter from James lifts our lives far above the superficial religious formalities we are so prone to settle for and sets our sights on active, authentic faith that makes a radical difference in the needs of the world around us.
1. Faith Perseveres 59 MINS
2. Faith Obeys 57 MINS
3. Faith Loves 59 MINS
4. Faith Acts 51 MINS
5. Faith Sacrifices 1 HR 14 MINS
6. Faith Risks 50 MINS
7. Faith Speaks 45 MINS
8. Faith Submits 47 MINS
9. Faith Lasts 1 HR 2 MINS
More than any other book in the New Testament, the book of Acts provides us with a clear picture of how the early church made disciples in obedience to the command of Christ and multiplied churches in order to advance the kingdom of Christ. This series challenges individuals and churches to put aside traditions, comforts, preferences, and programs in order to follow the example of the early church as they beheld the glory of Christ, relied upon the Spirit of Christ, and proclaimed the gospel of Christ.
1. The Church's Blank Check 59 MINS
2. A Bold Strategy 50 MINS
3. Unstoppable 1 HR 1 MIN
4. Transformation 53 MINS
5. The God Who Holds The World in ... 56 MINS
6. Fasting that Changes the World 49 MINS
7. Legalism: Its Attraction, ... 58 MINS
8. Zealous for One Thing 1 HR
9. A Church Mighty in the Word 50 MINS
10. From Birmingham to Seattle 1 HR 3 MINS
11. To be Continued 59 MINS
12. Disciple-Making: Share the Word 1 HR 1 MIN
13. Disciple-Making: Show the Word 52 MINS
14. Disciple-Making: Teach the Word 48 MINS
15. Disciple-Making: Serve the ... 1 HR
In Secret Church 13 David Platt looks at the sobering realities of death, judgment, and hell, as well as the believer's ultimate hope of heaven. What happens after we die? When will Christ return? What kind of body will we have at the resurrection? Is hell a literal reality? What will heaven be like? What is the millennium? These are the kinds of questions covered in this study, but not so that we can simply satisfy our curiosity: the goal is to persevere in hope and to realize the urgency and gravity of the mission that God has given to His people.
1. Heaven, Hell, and the End of ... 1 HR 20 MINS
2. Heaven, Hell, and the End of ... 40 MINS
3. Heaven, Hell, and the End of ... 49 MINS
4. Heaven, Hell, and the End of ... 56 MINS
5. Heaven, Hell, and the End of ... 52 MINS
In Secret Church 15 David Platt addresses the critical social issues of our day from the standpoint of the gospel. The issues of abortion, orphan and widow care, poverty, slavery, sexuality, ethnicity and immigration, liberty and persecution, and—the greatest injustice of all—the fact that there are still people groups who have little or no access to the gospel, are addressed based on the authority of God's Word. Rather than compromise, followers of Christ must hold fast to the teaching of Scripture and engage these issues with conviction, compassion, and courage.
1. Christ, Culture, and A Call to ... 1 HR 8 MINS
2. Christ, Culture, and a Call to ... 1 HR 25 MINS
3. Christ, Culture, and a Call to ... 1 HR 22 MINS
4. Christ, Culture, and a Call to ... 1 HR 7 MINS
In Secret Church 12 David Platt deals with the ever-present reality of suffering from the standpoint of the cross. This study offers a biblical theology of suffering, covering 75 key texts from Genesis to Revelation. The problem of evil and the reality of pain are faced head-on. Whether it's a doctor's diagnosis, persecution from the government, or a personal struggle with loneliness and depression, followers of Christ can rely on the sovereignty and goodness of God. The hope of the gospel sustains us through every form of suffering.
1. The Cross and Suffering - ... 1 HR 12 MINS
2. The Cross and Suffering - ... 1 HR 22 MINS
3. The Cross and Suffering - ... 1 HR 24 MINS
4. The Cross and Suffering - ... 1 HR 14 MINS
In Secret Church 1 David Platt examines a rather large portion of the Bible that many Christians find confusing and even intimidating—the Old Testament. This study looks at the Old Testament in its literary, historical, and theological dimensions, and it offers a survey of all 39 books. As we'll see, there's more here than a collection of good moral principles and examples. The God-inspired words of the Old Testament point us to Christ, to His church, and to God's plan for all nations.
1. Survey of the Old Testament - ... 1 HR 3 MINS
2. Survey of the Old Testament - ... 54 MINS
3. Survey of the Old Testament - ... 56 MINS
4. Survey of the Old Testament - ... 1 HR 3 MINS
In Secret Church 2 David Platt offers a tour of the entire New Testament, including an overview of each of the 27 books. The literary, historical, and theological dimensions of the New Testament will be examined in this survey. We'll see how the New Testament fulfills what was anticipated in the Old Testament, shining a spotlight on the King, Jesus Christ, and the gospel of His kingdom.
1. Secret Church: Survey of the ... 56 MINS
2. Secret Church: Survey of the ... 57 MINS
3. Secret Church: Survey of the ... 1 HR 2 MINS
4. Secret Church: Survey of the ... 1 HR 5 MINS
In Secret Church 3 David Platt provides a condensed training course in how to study the Bible. We'll consider why this one book is so critical to our faith, and we'll get answers to questions like, Why do we study the Bible? Who can study the Bible? How do we study the Bible? To answer this last question, a dependable approach to studying the Bible is explained and then applied to the different genres—letters, Gospels, parables, narratives, etc.—of Scripture.
1. How to Study the Bible - ... 1 HR 7 MINS
2. How to Study the Bible - ... 56 MINS
3. How to Study the Bible - ... 1 HR 2 MINS
4. How to Study the Bible - ... 1 HR 7 MINS
In Secret Church 4 David Platt looks to Scripture to answer a question that is relevant for every person on the planet—Who is God? We'll examine what Scripture says about the names of God, the attributes of God, and the mysteries of God (such as the Trinity, God's sovereign will, and the problem of evil). Nothing is more important than knowing and glorifying the God who has created us and made us His own through Jesus Christ.
1. Who is God? - Session 1 1 HR 1 MIN
2. Who is God? - Session 2 1 HR 5 MINS
3. Who is God? - Session 3 1 HR 4 MINS
4. Who is God? - Session 4 1 HR 10 MINS
In Secret Church 5 David Platt explores Scripture's teaching on the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. After looking at the mystery behind the Spirit's identity, as well as the way the Spirit has been viewed historically by the church, this study focuses on the person and work of the Spirit. Finally, a number of significant issues related to the Spirit are addressed: blasphemy against the Spirit, baptism in the Spirit, filling with the Spirit, and the gifts of the Spirit (i.e., prophecy, tongues, healing).
1. Exploring The Holy Spirit - ... 1 HR 1 MIN
2. Exploring The Holy Spirit - ... 59 MINS
3. Exploring The Holy Spirit - ... 1 HR 3 MINS
4. Exploring The Holy Spirit - ... 1 HR 25 MINS
In Secret Church 6 David Platt examines the cross of Christ from a number of different angles. We'll consider the reality of the cross (Scripture's teaching on the circumstances surrounding Christ's crucifixion), the history of the cross (the ways in which the cross has been understood throughout church history), the meaning of the cross, the journey to the cross (during Christ's final hours), the intent of the cross, and the effects of the cross. We'll see why our salvation and all of history is determined by the death of Christ over two thousand years ago.
1. The Cross of Christ - Session 1 1 HR 2 MINS
2. The Cross of Christ - Session 2 59 MINS
3. The Cross of Christ - Session 3 1 HR 4 MINS
4. The Cross of Christ - Session 4 1 HR 5 MINS
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