Healing is a Choice Stephen Arterburn
Healing is a Choice
Stephen Arterburn
1. True Truths 13 MINS
2. Connections 13 MINS
3. Breaking 14 MINS
4. Risk 15 MINS
5. The Choice 14 MINS

Speaker:   Stephen Arterburn
Publisher:   Northview Church - 2015
choice, choices, healing, pain, prayer
The power to heal - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - is in God's hands. But the choice to be healed is yours. Everyone, at some level, needs healing. You may have prayed for healing many times, for many years. Perhaps you have lived with your brokenness so long that you have become accustomed to it. Maybe you wonder just when God is going to take all the hurt away. He can. But you also must choose to let the hurt go and let the healing begin. In this five-week series, we will take a look at 10 critical choices we must make on the road to getting well.  
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Speaker:   Stephen Arterburn
Publisher:   Northview Church - 2015
choice, choices, healing, pain, prayer
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Stephen Arterburn
“I want to have better relationships . . . but is it all on me to fix things?” “This person's approval means everything to me. It's like it controls me.” “Why can't I get free from this cycle?” 

If you find yourself having these feelings, it's time to take your life back. Through personal examples, clinical insights, and spiritual truth, Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop will show you how to:

-Overcome the habits and history that are keeping you down—and take new, positive steps toward change; 

 -Heal from the hurts, setbacks, and broken relationships that affect you every day; -Develop better boundaries with others in your life; 

 -Stop overreacting and start responding appropriately to any situation or circumstance; 

 -Break the cycle of behavior that harms you and your relationships; 

 -Find the freedom you have longed for. Your past and current circumstances don't have to define you, and they don't have to determine the direction of your life. 

Take Your Life Back is the key to moving from reactive attitudes and behaviors to healthy, God-honoring responses that will help you live the life you were meant to live.
1. Introduction 2 MINS
2. Understanding The Reactive Life 6 MINS
3. Roots of Reactive Livings 6 MINS
4. Shame. Trauma, and Losing ... 6 MINS
5. Taking Your Life Back 7 MINS
6. Health on The Journey 7 MINS
7. Final Encouragement 2 MINS
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