One Week in October Ravi Zacharias
One Week in October
Ravi Zacharias
1. One Week in October - Session 1 58 MINS
2. One Week in October - Session 2 1 HR 50 MINS
Six months after the fatal tragedy at Columbine High School, Ravi Zacharias went to Littleton, Colorado and spent a week in discussion and ministry at the request of the local churches. It was a diverse outreach for Ravi, with one message focusing on pastors and youth counselors, another message delivered to teens, and other messages given to the community at large. Ravi sought to answer many of the vital questions raised by those in Littleton and to minister God's love to the people. The series is a compilation of concise and pointed portions of the messages given by Ravi throughout the week. It also includes music and interviews that enable you to see and understand the ministry in Littleton more deeply.  
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The 19th century writer George Macdonald once said, "To give truth to him who loves it not is but to give him plentiful material for misinterpretation." Indeed, Ravi argues that the ideas of rationalism and agnosticism and the institution of the media have altered our social landscape, such that belief in God's revelation seems wholly implausible for many individuals. Without such an understanding, proclamation is pointless.
1. Biblical Authority and our ... 51 MINS
2. Biblical Authority - Cultural ... 50 MINS
Is it really possible to talk about Christ being the only way to God without implying at the same time that any ideas that contradict Christ then become false? In this lecture, Dr. Zacharias examines the philosophical idea of truth, points of tension between Christianity and Eastern religions, and how Christ's teachings are distinct from other religions. This message was also delivered at the South African forum on the uniqueness of Christ.
1. The Uniqueness of Christ in the ... 49 MINS
Ravi Zacharias
According to Richard Dawkins, there's no difference between God and the Easter Bunny. Is God really just a trick or a deception like the Tooth Fairy? Is accepting God's existence a fantasy fit only for the consumption of a child? In a world with so many tears is belief in God simply a lie we use to persuade a smile?
1. Is Faith Delusional? - Part 1 59 MINS
2. Is Faith Delusional? - Part 2 37 MINS
3. Q & A - Is Faith Delusional? 45 MINS
Join Dr. Ravi Zacharias for an in-studio talk he did for Crossroads Television System in Canada entitled Ideas Have Consequences. Aired nationally, Ravi's message focuses on the biblical story of Josiah and in it he traces some of Josiah's ideals and convictions and their eventual consequences in his life. With introductory remarks by RZIM Canada's lead apologist, Dr. Andy Bannister, Ideas Have Consequences is a provocative conversation you won't want to miss.
1. Ravi Zacharias in Conversation 53 MINS
Ravi Zacharias
Two questions often heard on university campuses are "Does God really exist?" and "How can Christ be the unique revelation of God?" Yet for many Christians the question is often, "What is God really like and how may I know Him how He desires to be known?" God revealed His answer to King Jehosophat in 2 Chronicles 20. Ravi delivered this message at the Christian Booksellers Association conference in Denver. The truths uncovered are delightfully inspiring and unrivaled by any other religion.
1. Who Are You God? 51 MINS
Ravi Zacharias
Jonah really ought to have missed the boat. A strong prejudice kept this man from capitalizing on one of the choicest opportunities ever given to an evangelist. He is the only minor prophet referred to by Jesus. There are some extraordinary lessons in Jonah particularly for the one who is called to serve but seeks to run.
1. Fish Out of Water 58 MINS
Ravi Zacharias
It is the cardinal doctrine that is most condemned by the skeptics but most empirically verifiable by experience.
1. The Lostness of Man 42 MINS
Ravi debates the difficult question, "Is There Meaning in Evil & Suffering" at the Faith and Science Lecture Forum. Ravi's address is followed by a rebuttal from three panelists: Dr. Bernard Leikind, a plasma physicist, senior editor at Skeptic Magazine and a renowned atheist; Dr. Jitendra Mohanty, one of India's most noted Hindu philosophers and a distinguished professor at Emory University in Atlanta; and William Lane Craig, a noted author, Christian philosopher and apologist. After the rebuttals and Ravi's response, the audience asks questions.
1. Is There Meaning in Evil and ... 45 MINS
2. Is There Meaning in Evil and ... 1 HR 48 MINS
RZIM along with the C.S. Lewis Institute recently set their sights on the nation's capital for a week of concentrated outreach undergirded by apologetics. These outreach events targeted critical contexts of influence. The capstone event was a sold-out evening at the prestigious Constitution Hall with Ravi Zacharias and Michael Ramsden. As global events continue their tumultuous paths, many men and women find themselves desperate for a relevant source of hope. To this end, Ravi and Michael delivered their talk to an audience of over 3,000 on the oft-neglected theme of hope. In the context of an increasingly unstable world, RZIM invites you to be a part of these timely reflections on our hope in Christ.
1. Christianity - A Failed Hope - ... 32 MINS
2. Christianity - A Failed Hope - ... 28 MINS
3. Q & A - Christianity - A Failed ... 6 MINS
Ravi Zacharias
No such thing as absolute truth? Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias' work is a brilliant defense of the unique truth of the Christian message. Exposing the futility of Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, he also highlights his own journey from despair and meaninglessness to the discovery that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
1. The Anatomy of Faith and the ... 20 MINS
2. A Taste for the Soul 15 MINS
3. Is God the Source of My ... 22 MINS
4. Is There a Gardener? 26 MINS
5. Bonus Material: The Hindu ... 7 MINS
6. Bonus Material: "Come and see!" 4 MINS
7. Bonus Material 12 MINS
8. Bonus Material 14 MINS
Ravi Zacharias
Join Ravi Zacharias, Stuart McAllister, and Alister McGrath of Oxford University in this seven-part study and learn how some significant ideas have shaped apologetic thinking, how to connect with contemporary issues, and how to frame an effective argument. The study ends with a 40-minute panel discussion that engages questions from a live audience.
1. Alister McGrath Part 1 24 MINS
2. Alister McGrath Part 2 20 MINS
3. Stuart McAllister Part 1 26 MINS
4. Stuart McAllister Part 2 23 MINS
5. Ravi Zacharias Part 1 32 MINS
6. Ravi Zacharias Part 2 18 MINS
7. Q and A Session 40 MINS
Ravi Zacharias
Is it arrogant to claim that your beliefs trump everyone else's? "Intolerance" is now a major accusation, particularly against men and women whose beliefs leave anyone feeling left out in any way. Is it even possible to include everyone when it comes to your beliefs? Could tolerance itself be a form of intolerance? Entitled Coexist? The Question of (In)tolerance, Ravi addressed this timely and challenging topic to a sold-out crowd in Clemson University's Littlejohn Coliseum.
1. Coexist? 54 MINS
It is ironic that we experience such evil in a society that posits relativism. In this video, Ravi presents a piercing analysis of human wickedness. He traces the origin of evil and particularly the lure of sin before Adam and Eve when Satan made God's truth suspect. Dr. Zacharias examines our hunger for the fulfillment of needs that God alone is big enough to fill and offers a challenge to surrender the human will to Christ's control.
1. The Mystery of Evil and the ... 1 HR 7 MINS
Ravi Zacharias
What happens when do you away with a moral point of reference and a sacred definition of human essence? What are the ramifications when you deny a personal God and ignore a moral first cause? In a naturalistic and materialistic world with no transcendent, how does one arrive at the reality of meaning? Join Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale at Princeton University as they explain how there is no rationally defensible basis for moral reasoning without God.
1. Ravi at Princeton - Session One 45 MINS
2. Ravi at Princeton - Session Two 1 HR
A Christian response to the Questions of origin, meaning & destiny. When science, philosophy and astronomy converge to unveil the splendor of God they awaken a sense of wonder. This is what happens when Doctors David Block, Louw Alberts, and Ravi Zacharias face this open forum at Witwaterstrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is a delightful presentation responding to the penetrating questions of the heart and mind. The responses accommodate both the young and the mature in search of answers, as they choose between Christ and other world views.
1. The Mind and Heart in Search of ... 48 MINS
Unlike DVD curriculum where the video dominates classroom time and requires only fill-in-the-blank answers, ASK requires a group leader to inspire and encourage students to verbalize their beliefs. For a group leader, ASK demands a time commitment similar to preparing for an in-depth Bible study. Hosted by Nathan Zacharias, speakers in this DVD series include Christian apologists Ravi Zacharias, John Lennox, Stuart McAllister, Andy Bannister, John Njoroge, and Jill Carattini. ASK was built to reach students of high school age and up.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Introduction 4 MINS
2. Something or Nothing 2 MINS
3. Q & A - Something or Nothing 5 MINS
4. Cause and Effect 1 MIN
5. Q & A - Cause and Effect 15 MINS
6. Reason and Order 2 MINS
7. Q & A - Reason and Order 9 MINS
8. Origin and Evidence 2 MINS
9. Q & A - Origin and Evidence 8 MINS
10. Big Questions 3 MINS
11. Q & A - Big Questions 8 MINS
12. Beauty All Around 2 MINS
13. Q & A - Beauty All Around 9 MINS
14. The Meaning of Stuff 2 MINS
15. Q & A - The Meaning of Stuff 8 MINS
16. Living Purpose 2 MINS
17. Q & A - Living Purpose 10 MINS
18. Whose Morality Is It Anyway? 3 MINS
19. Q & A - Whose Morality Is It ... 6 MINS
20. Judge and Jury 2 MINS
21. Q & A - Judge and Jury 8 MINS
22. War 3 MINS
23. Q & A - War 8 MINS
24. Moral Stories 2 MINS
25. Q & A - Moral Stories 9 MINS
26. Imagining a Destiny Beyond the ... 2 MINS
27. Q & A - Imagining a Destiny ... 11 MINS
28. In the Marketplace of Ideas 2 MINS
29. Q & A - In the Marketplace of ... 12 MINS
30. Your Life, Your Destiny 2 MINS
31. Q & A - Your Life, Your Destiny 7 MINS
32. Destiny Matters 2 MINS
33. Q & A - Destiny Matters 10 MINS
"Your pursuit of what is ultimate assumes that you find relevance in that belief," says Ravi Zacharias. But how are we to navigate the shoreless sea that constitutes our pluralistic world of conflicting ideas? Moreover, how do we remain committed to a particular worldview in a culture that dogmatically opposes any form of exclusivity? Most important of all, must Christianity itself be exclusive?

In this timely message, delivered in a crowded lecture hall at Yale University, Ravi Zacharias makes the assertion that truth is itself exclusive. To deny this is to exclude. Yale University's motto is "Lux et Veritas," meaning, light and truth. Throughout the course of his message, Ravi continually demonstrates his commitment to both of those ideals arguing that the Christian worldview is not unique for being exclusive but rather for its ability to stand up to scrutiny and to provide answers to the ultimate questions.
1. Ravi at Yale 1 HR 2 MINS
2. Q & A - Ravi at Yale 32 MINS
Ravi Zacharias
Poignantly relevant for today's world, this 13-part video series offers powerful ammunition for today's warfare of ideas. Ravi Zacharias empowers informed believers to change their world. While sweeping you away to remarkable settings that intrigue with their mystery and significance, this series is filled with eloquently told stories, historical references, and timeless truths that will open the eyes of the believer and seeker alike in many remarkable ways.
1. Session 1 20 MINS
2. Session 2 19 MINS
3. Session 3 17 MINS
4. Session 4 19 MINS
5. Session 5 21 MINS
6. Session 6 23 MINS
7. Session 7 10 MINS
8. Session 8 20 MINS
9. Session 9 16 MINS
10. Session 10 13 MINS
11. Session 11 24 MINS
12. Session 12 18 MINS
13. Session 13 19 MINS
Ravi Zacharias
No other city commands such spiritual focus as Jerusalem. Each historic site, every dramatic vista of Israel's countryside, reminds us of the importance of humanity's ongoing, unending search for God. Standing on the southern steps of what was perhaps Herod's Temple, at the entrance gates to the Old City, Ravi Zacharias delivers an important and moving message about the transformation of the heart and the empowerment of the spirit.
1. O Jerusalem 44 MINS
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