The Anatomy of a Disciple
The Anatomy of a Disciple
1. Intro to the Anatomy of a ... 10 MINS
2. Responding to God's Call 9 MINS
3. Humbly Submitted 9 MINS
4. Biblically Formed 8 MINS
5. Generosity 11 MINS
6. Morality 13 MINS
7. Relationships 12 MINS
8. Living From the Inside Out 6 MINS
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You're a believer. You're a follower of Christ trying to mature in your faith. And while you're waiting to grow, you end up sinning again and again. So you try to be good, and try to do more, and hope to grow spiritually. But grow to what?

The Anatomy of a Disciple: So Many Believers. So Few Disciples. is an incredibly fresh, practical and relatable read, identifying 8 elements of Christ's life that ought to be reflected in yours: Humbly Submitted. Biblically Formed. Sacrificially Generous. Morally Discerning. Relationally Healthy. Intentional Blessing. Culturally Engaged. Inclusive Community. Using these 8 elements, The Anatomy of a Disciple Self-Assessment identifies areas where you are becoming more like Christ and those that are far from the Lord. What if you knew exactly what a disciple of Christ looked like? What if you knew with certainty – whether or not – you were actively becoming more like Him? Do you think your spiritual life would look different? Do you think it would feel different?

Offering a common language to what is generally understood as a complex idea, The Anatomy of a Disciple provides awareness of what God intended for authentic and sustainable spiritual growth, and what He intended for His disciples, as well as substantial resources allowing you to respond to what He is calling you to do.  
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