Finding Your Way Back To God Dave Ferguson
1. Awakening to Longing 11 MINS
2. Awakening to Regret 11 MINS
3. Awakening to Need 11 MINS
4. Awakening to Love 12 MINS
5. Awakening to Life 11 MINS
If you're wondering whether God will ever be a part of your life again, this study may be your first step on a new road of spiritual discovery. The ten-to-twelve minute videos in this five-session resource explores the awakenings that everyone experiences on their way to new life:

  • Awakening to Longing
  • Awakening to Regret
  • Awakening to Need
  • Awakening to Love
  • Awakening to Life

Drawing from the themes in their life-changing book Finding Your Way Back to God, Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson speak with understanding about feeling distant from God and what those first steps back to God look like. Filmed in a home in Chicago, these rich videos also feature interviews with people who have gone through the five awakenings to find a new joy in life.  
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