I Like Giving: Small Group Experience
I Like Giving: Small Group Experience
1. I Like Bugshells 4 MINS
2. I Like Laughter 3 MINS
3. I Like Car 6 MINS
4. I Like Bike 4 MINS
5. I Like Adoption 7 MINS
6. I Like Being 98 4 MINS
What if everything you thought you knew about giving was wrong?

Brad Formsma, author of the best selling book, I Like Giving invites you on a multi-session journey to experience the joy of a generous life. Brad will challenge your group with fresh ideas and engaging conversation that will help you understand generosity in ways you've never considered before.

Please note: Session 2 in the written curriculum includes two videos (I Like Laughter and I Like Car). Therefore the video "session" numbers do not match the written session numbers.  
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