Eternity (Youth Series) Francis Chan
Eternity (Youth Series)
Francis Chan
Trailer 2 MINS
1. The Right Perspective 17 MINS
2. Final Destination 17 MINS
3. Everyday Eternal Life 16 MINS
4. Now Is The Time 15 MINS
* Note: The real-life stories in this series contain mature themes.*

The world tells teens that they should have it all, and have it now. Too often temporary passions are elevated over those things of lasting significance. But what happens when teens are given a clear vision of the future, one that rightly places God at the center, clearly defines heaven and hell, and rightly sees Christ—not them—sitting on an eternal throne? What if all of life was lived through the lens of eternity? Would students not see the greater beauty and joy of loving God and loving others, compared to the empty pursuit of personal pleasure?

Through four sessions Francis Chan unpacks what Scripture says about eternity, debunking misconceptions about heaven and hell. He will inspire students to lay aside what is fleeting and passionately pursue God and His mission in light of eternity.

Please Note: This series is intended for High School aged teenagers. Please preview the material, especially if you plan on showing it to Junior High aged youth.

If you are leading a group though this Bible study, watch this short training post to help you facilitate. Click here!
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Francis Chan
Aunque no podamos este año reunirnos para la Pascua, podemos aun así recordar y celebrar en nuestros hogares lo que Jesús ha hecho por nosotros. En estas sesiones del Evangelio de Marcos, Francis Chan nos enseña acerca de la muerte y resurrección de Jesucristo y nos desafía a considerar cómo vivir nuestras vidas a la luz de su sacrificio y victoria sobre la muerte. 
1. Viernes Santo 14 MINS
2. Pascua 10 MINS
Francis Chan
Though we cannot meet together for Easter this year, we can still remember and celebrate what Jesus has done for us at home. In these sessions from The Gospel of Mark, Francis Chan teaches on Jesus’s death and resurrection and challenges us to consider how to live our lives in light of his sacrifice and victory over death.
1. Good Friday 14 MINS
2. Easter 10 MINS
Francis Chan
Christians today face all kinds of challenges when it comes to understanding who they are and what they’re meant to do. There’s no shortage of options that claim to offer “truth.” If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves chasing after popular opinion, celebrity opinions, or the tug of our emotions all the while neglecting the unchanging truth found in Scripture. 

In this four-session series, pastor and author Francis Chan invites students into the power and confidence that comes from anchoring their identity, purpose, and relationships in the truth of Scripture. Students will walk away with practical steps toward building their lives on the firm foundation of the Bible.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Who Has the Answers? 18 MINS
2. Finding Identity and Purpose 21 MINS
3. The Source of Confidence 15 MINS
4. A Changed Life 18 MINS
Francis Chan
* Nota: Las historias de la vida real de esta serie contienen temas sobre madurez.*

¿Funciona realmente la oración?

La oración es un tema frecuente en la Escritura, pero los estudiantes, a menudo, luchan con preguntas sobre el propósito, la práctica y el poder de la oración. ¿Es este Dios invisible tan solo un genio mágico que está en el cielo y nos da lo que queremos? ¿Dios quiere realmente saber de nosotros, y si es así, cómo responde? Si Dios ya sabe todo, ¿qué sentido tiene orar? ¿Por qué Dios no siempre responde nuestras oraciones?

Durante cuatro sesiones poderosas, exploraremos estas preguntas difíciles y escucharemos a los estudiantes compartir cómo la oración influyó en las situaciones difíciles que enfrentaban.

Francis Chan mostrará lo que la Biblia dice sobre la oración, y ayudará a los adolescentes a comprender cómo deben orar, por qué son llamados a orar y por qué Dios los invita a comunicarse con él.

Tengan en cuenta: Esta serie está destinada a jóvenes de secundaria. Obtengan una vista previa del material, especialmente si planean mostrárselo a adolescentes de secundaria.
Tráiler 2 MINS
1. El propósito de la oración 19 MINS
2. La práctica de la oración 19 MINS
3. La búsqueda de la oración 20 MINS
4. El poder de la oración 21 MINS
Francis Chan
Welcome to RightNow Media’s one-night marriage conference. Whether you’ve been married for six months or sixty years, taking time to learn and laugh together goes a long way to keep your relationship strong.

Find out more about the live event or hosting the simulcast at
1. Les and Leslie Parrott Part 1 52 MINS
2. Les and Leslie Parrott Part 2 27 MINS
3. Francis and Lisa Chan 35 MINS
Francis Chan
*Nota: Las historias de vida real en esta serie contienen temas para adultos.*

El mundo les dice a los adolescentes que deben tenerlo todo y ya. Muchas veces, las pasiones temporales se vuelven más importantes que aquellas de importancia duradera. Pero ¿qué sucede cuando los adolescentes reciben una visión clara del futuro, que ubica a Dios en el centro, que define con claridad el cielo y el infierno y ve a Cristo, no a ellos, sentado en el trono eterno¿Cómo sería si toda la vida fuera vivida a la luz de los lentes de la eternidad? ¿Los estudiantes verían la belleza y el gozo de amar a Dios yde amar a otros, comparado con la búsqueda vacía del placer personal? 

Durante cuatro sesiones, Francis Chan desentraña lo que dice la Escritura sobre la eternidad, desterrando conceptos erróneos sobre el cielo y el infierno. Inspirará a los estudiantes a dejar de lado lo fugaz y a buscar con pasión a Dios y su misión a la luz de la eternidad.

Por favor, observen: Esta serie es para adolescentes de escuela secundaria. Por favor, mira antes el material, especialmente si piensas mostrárselo a alumnos de edad de secundaria.

Tráiler 2 MINS
1. La perspectiva correcta 17 MINS
2. Destino final 17 MINS
3. Vida eterna diaria 16 MINS
4. Ahora es el momento 15 MINS
Francis Chan
El evangelio de Marcos registra las travesías de Jesús desde Galilea hasta Jerusalén. A lo largo del camino, el Mesías reúne un grupo de discípulos desaliñados. Mientras que las multitudes crecían y disminuían de camino a Jerusalén, solo unos cuantos se quedaron con el varón de dolores en el camino del discipulado.

En esta serie de 11 sesiones del evangelio de Marcos, el autor y orador Francis Chan le invita a caminar junto con él a través de los caminos antiguos del Maestro. Al rastrar los pasos de Jesús y de los doce discípulos a través de Israel, Francis explora los temas principales del evangelio de Marcos, y pregunta: ¿está dispuesto a hacer la travesía para convertirse en un discípulo?
Tráiler 3 MINS
1. Marcos 1:1–13 5 MINS
2. Marcos 1:14–45 10 MINS
3. Marcos 2:1–3:6 10 MINS
4. Marcos 3:7–4:34 11 MINS
5. Marcos 4:35–5:43 11 MINS
6. Marcos 6:1–29 9 MINS
7. Marcos 6:30–8:30 15 MINS
8. Marcos 8:31–10:52 8 MINS
9. Marcos 11:1–13:37 9 MINS
10. Marcos 14:1–15:47 14 MINS
11. Marcos 15:40–16:8 10 MINS
We might spend a few hours of our week at church or in a small group. This kind of worship is biblical and a vital rhythm in the life of a Christian. But during the other 166 hours of our week, we have just as much potential to worship the God who created us.

The Work as Worship retreat is for men and women in the business world who want to incorporate their Christian faith more fully into every day of their week. Experience the full lineup of speakers as they discuss what it looks like to worship with our work. Uncover opportunities you have waiting for you to carry your faith with you on Monday.

If you'd like more information about the Work as Worship retreat simulcast, visit the website here.
1. The Holy Spirit & The Workplace 32 MINS
2. Faith in the Spotlight 32 MINS
3. How to Drive Eternal Results in ... 33 MINS
4. Position and Purpose 31 MINS
5. Called to Work, Create Value, & ... 33 MINS
6. Leading with Love 33 MINS
7. An Interview with Steve Green 24 MINS
8. Building Businesses and Lives ... 32 MINS
9. The Power of Empathy in a World ... 38 MINS
Francis Chan
Next Step partnered with Francis Chan, acclaimed speaker and author of Crazy Love, to produce the Greater Than film series. Francis walks us through his own difficult childhood to help us understand that God is greater than any pain, sin or hardship that we might encounter in this life. Watch the videos and follow along with the study guide, and you too will realize that God is greater than any obstacle standing in your way.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Day 1 9 MINS
2. Day 2 10 MINS
3. Day 3 10 MINS
4. Day 4 7 MINS
5. Day 5 7 MINS
Francis Chan
The Gospel of Mark chronicles Jesus’s journey from Galilee to Jerusalem. Along the way, the Messiah gathers a ragged band of disciples. As crowds grow and dwindle on the road to Jerusalem, only a few stick by the Suffering Savior on the road of discipleship. 

In this 11-part series on the Gospel of Mark, author and speaker Francis Chan invites us to walk with him along the ancient ways of the Master. Tracing the steps of Jesus and the Twelve through Israel, Francis explores the major themes of the Gospel of Mark, and asks: Are we willing to take this journey to embrace discipleship?
Trailer 3 MINS
1. Mark 1:1–13 5 MINS
2. Mark 1:14–45 10 MINS
3. Mark 2:1–3:6 10 MINS
4. Mark 3:7–4:34 11 MINS
5. Mark 4:35–5:43 11 MINS
6. Mark 6:1–29 9 MINS
7. Mark 6:30–8:30 15 MINS
8. Mark 8:31–10:52 8 MINS
9. Mark 11:1–13:37 9 MINS
10. Mark 14:1–15:47 14 MINS
11. Mark 15:40–16:8 10 MINS
Every one of us will have to face eternity—to look across the chasm of death to life beyond. For those of us who have chosen to follow Jesus, we look forward to an eternity filled with joy and free from sorrow. The guarantee of eternity means we can live every day on this earth not for our own gain, but for the benefit of God’s kingdom. Let's use what we’ve been given in the time we have to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to ourselves, our disciples, and the world.

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our full lineup of speakers, who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, visit the website here.
1. Practicing Eternity, Abiding in ... 41 MINS
2. Forever Home 36 MINS
3. Increasing Your Leadership ... 36 MINS
4. Beginning with the End in Mind 36 MINS
5. A Brother's Blessing 35 MINS
6. Contextualization: Reaching Out ... 49 MINS
7. A Model of Servant Leadership 34 MINS
8. Rooted in Community 30 MINS
9. Living in a Polarized World 32 MINS
10. Eternity and Everyday Life 30 MINS
11. Trust 34 MINS
Francis Chan
Caution: This film was shot on location in East Africa and contains mature themes and brief images of extreme suffering and naked children. 

For their twentieth wedding anniversary, Francis and Lisa Chan traveled to East Africa to visit a ministry committed to helping young women out of the sex industry and providing for orphans and children in need. At the time, they were writing a book on marriage, later published as, You and Me Forever. After experiencing the work of the ministry in Africa, they decided to self-publish the book as a way of maximizing the book's earning potential and devote the proceeds to the ministry.

Using their story, this film offers a powerful glimpse into the light God is shining in the dark places of Africa by telling the tales of transformed lives as well as those who devoted their resources toward the service of others. But this film is also an invitation to consider what God has given to us that we can extend to those in need for the sake of introducing them to their greatest need—a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Series Trailer 2 MINS
1. In Light of Eternity 43 MINS
Francis Chan
True faith produces fruit. A faith without action and without life change is ultimately a dead faith. The book of James speaks to the realities of a living faith in Jesus—the kind of roll-up-your-sleeves and get-your-hands-dirty discipleship that is borne out of an authentic relationship with the risen Lord. James writes to believers who know suffering, who've faced trials, and who ultimately desire a deep relationship with God.

Francis Chan unpacks the dense truth contained in the book of James in front of the iconic backdrop of San Francisco, the city where he lives and ministers. Through 12 sessions, Francis works through James verse-by-verse, challenging followers of Christ to move beyond a private, intellectual knowledge of God and His Word, to a vibrant faith that impacts every square inch of life.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. James 1:1–12 8 MINS
2. James 1:13–18 8 MINS
3. James 1:19–27 12 MINS
4. James 2:1–13 7 MINS
5. James 2:14–26 7 MINS
6. James 3:1–12 8 MINS
7. James 3:13–18 8 MINS
8. James 4:1–12 10 MINS
9. James 4:13–17 8 MINS
10. James 5:1–6 10 MINS
11. James 5:7–12 8 MINS
12. James 5:13–20 10 MINS
Francis Chan
La verdadera fe produce fruto. Una fe sin acción y sin un cambio evidente es una fe muerta. El libro de Santiago habla acerca de las realidades de una fe viva en Jesús—la clase de fe demostrada en un discipulado que se remanga la camisa y se ensucia las manos, que nace de una auténtica relación con el Señor Jesucristo. Santiago escribe a creyentes que conocen el sufrimiento, que han enfrentado pruebas, y que ultimadamente desean una profunda relación con Dios.

Francis Chan explica la densa realidad que contiene el libro de Santiago en frente del icónico fondo de San Francisco, la ciudad donde él vive y ministra. A través de doce sesiones, Francis escudriña el libro de Santiago versículo por versículo, desafiando a los seguidores de Cristo a crecer a un nivel más allá de simplemente tener un conocimiento privado e intelectual de Dios y su Palabra—Francis nos invita a tener una fe vibrante que impacta cada milímetro de nuestras vidas.

Para obtener toda la experiencia descargue los recursos y complementos subsiguientes. La guía de estudio contiene más de 50 páginas de una enseñanza profunda con direcciones para la discusión en grupo y respuestas útiles para preguntas bíblicas. Esta guía de estudio va más allá de tan sólo darnos conocimiento, nos da varias aplicaciones prácticas de la Palabra de Dios para nuestra vida diaria o para nuestro estudio en grupo.
Tráiler 2 MINS
1. Santiago 1:1–12 8 MINS
2. Santiago 1:13–18 8 MINS
3. Santiago 1:19–27 12 MINS
4. Santiago 2:1–13 7 MINS
5. Santiago 2:14–26 7 MINS
6. Santiago 3:1–12 8 MINS
7. Santiago 3:13–18 8 MINS
8. Santiago 4:1–12 10 MINS
9. Santiago 4:13–17 8 MINS
10. Santiago 5:1–6 10 MINS
11. Santiago 5:7–12 8 MINS
12. Santiago 5:13–20 10 MINS
Mark Batterson
Leaders who are rooted in Christ are able to lead with His supernatural power. The 2015 RightNow Conference focuses on three areas of Jesus’ leadership to ensure that we are rooted in Him and are leading from His power: rooted in Christ, rooted in each other, and rooted in the Church's mission. 

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our full lineup of speakers, who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, visit the website here.
1. The Power of a Single Seed 29 MINS
2. Rooted in Christ, Not Just ... 39 MINS
3. Equip Your People for a Rapidly ... 29 MINS
4. Apart From Me You Can Do ... 39 MINS
5. Teach Us to Want 37 MINS
6. My Heart and My Relationships 28 MINS
7. Thriving in Babylon 38 MINS
8. Kicking Safe, Comfortable ... 41 MINS
9. Our Mission and Message 35 MINS
10. God Uses People 45 MINS
11. God's Blueprint for the Local ... 34 MINS
12. Holy Spirit Empowered Ministry 38 MINS
Francis Chan
Note: The real-life stories in this series contain mature themes.*

Does prayer really work?

Prayer is a frequent theme in Scripture, but students often struggle with questions about the purpose, practice and power of prayer. Is this invisible God just a magic genie in heaven who gives me what I want? Does God really want to hear from me, and if so, how does He talk back? If God already knows everything, what's the point of praying? Why doesn't God always answer my prayers?

Over four powerful sessions, we'll explore these tough questions and hear students share how prayer impacted the tough situations they were facing.

Francis Chan will unpack what the Bible has to say about prayer, helping teens understand how they should pray, what they are called to pray for, and why God invites them to communicate with Him.

Please Note: This series is intended for High School aged teenagers. Please preview the material, especially if you plan on showing it to Junior High aged youth.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Purpose of Prayer 19 MINS
2. Practice of Prayer 19 MINS
3. Pursuit of Prayer 20 MINS
4. Power of Prayer 21 MINS
Francis Chan
Marriage is Great, But it's not Forever

This seven session Bible study series, based on the book You and Me Forever from best-selling author Francis Chan and Lisa Chan, will challenge you to view your marriage like never before. These seven inspiring videos will help you dive deeper into the content of the book as you explore themes like:

  • It's until death do us part. Then comes eternal rewards or regrets depending on how we spent our lives.
  • While we cannot allow lesser things to destroy our marriages, we also cannot allow marriage to distract us from greater things.
  • A jealous God asks us to pursue Him first and most. Then life makes sense, and everything falls into its proper place.
  • Love, laughter, and intimacy were all created to be enjoyed. So there is a way to love family deeply without ignoring heaven.
  • It all comes down to our focus.
  • Jesus was right. We have it all backwards. The way to have a great marriage is by not focusing on marriage.
Note: This video series works best in conjunction with the book. A link to purchase the book is below.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Marriage in Light of God's ... 16 MINS
2. Marriage in Light of the Gospel 14 MINS
3. Marriage in Light of Christ's ... 17 MINS
4. Marriage in Light of Our ... 17 MINS
5. Marriage in Light of God's ... 12 MINS
6. Parenting to the Glory of God 15 MINS
7. Marriage in Light of Eternity 7 MINS
Francis Chan
*Note: The real-life stories in this series contain mature themes.*

Knowing the Truth and Acting On It

What are the essential beliefs of Christianity? And how should a healthy understanding of doctrinal issues—like The Trinity, the Church, sin and salvation—impact the way we live and act toward God and others? 

We will all face times where our faith will be challenged either by other people or by difficult circumstances. That's why it's critical that we have a foundational knowledge of the core beliefs of Christianity and a willing heart to obey God.

In these seven dynamic sessions, students share real-life stories about their own struggles to live out the essentials of their faith on a daily basis. And Francis Chan provides powerful teaching from Scripture to help teens understand the core of our Christian faith.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. The Bible 23 MINS
2. The Trinity 32 MINS
3. Creation 22 MINS
4. Sin 23 MINS
5. Salvation 25 MINS
6. Worship 22 MINS
7. The Church 20 MINS
Francis Chan
Are you stuck in a rut?

It's easy for Christians to find themselves caught up in the life of cluttered schedules, rhythms, and routines dictated by our culture. Many feel stuck in the routine of life—their jobs, relationships, and daily circumstances. They know it's not the life they dreamed of. And they feel stuck in a life yearning for deeper meaning.

The Unstuck Bible study has been designed to help guide you out of the ruts and pitfalls that so often ensnare us all. You will be inspired and equipped through the powerful biblical teaching of Mark Batterson, Francis Chan, Lisa Harper and Rich Stearns.

Each of these teachers will draw from the lessons of the award-winning short film Journey to Jamaa—a true story about two kids who are forced to search for hope in a broken world.

The dynamic combination of the film, profound biblical teaching and powerful real-life stories from everyday people will help you and your group get unstuck and back on the path to a life of purpose that God intends for you!
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Unimaginable 28 MINS
2. Unsafe 27 MINS
3. Unwanted 31 MINS
4. Unstuck 31 MINS
5. Journey to Jamaa Feature Film 43 MINS
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