Girl Perfect Docudrama Jennifer Strickland
Girl Perfect Docudrama
Jennifer Strickland
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Docudrama 1 HR 15 MINS

Speaker:   Jennifer Strickland
Publisher:   UR More Ministries - 2015
beauty, body image, faith, heartache
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Jennifer Strickland's modeling career began when she was a young girl enthralled by the flashbulbs and excitement of the modeling industry. Little did she know her job would lead to the heights of fashion as a runway model for Giorgio Armani.

Now Jennifer takes you behind the scenes of her personal journey. Step inside a European model's apartment, walk the cobblestones of Milan, explore the streets of Florence, and climb the highest mountain in Germany as you watch one model's story of real friendship, heartache, and true fulfillment.

Filmed in five countries, Girl Perfect Docudrama is an unforgettable journey of faith, hope, and true beauty.  
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Speaker:   Jennifer Strickland
Publisher:   UR More Ministries - 2015
beauty, body image, faith, heartache
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Jennifer Strickland
"Are you a teen girl who is starting to date? Do you want to be in a serious relationship? Do you think you won't be tempted to have sex, or do you think you know it all about guys and dating? Are you a young woman who wants to save sex for marriage? Who wants to protect your body but you don't know how … or even why? Maybe you've made some choices you regret and are wondering if you too can start over. or …. Are you a woman facing a painful situation right now? Do you come from a broken past and need some hope for a new day? Then #21Myths is for you!”
Series Trailer 3 MINS
1. The Body, Appearance & Identity 15 MINS
2. The Soul & Marriage 16 MINS
3. Abuse, Guilt & Healing 13 MINS
4. Shame, Secrets & Second Chances 15 MINS
5. Scars, the Past & Redemption 16 MINS
Jennifer Strickland
Discover the Truths that Set Us Free!

In this highly personal journey, you will explore the deepest longings of your heart, the lies that bind you from true fulfillment, and the truth that sets you free to live the abundant life God wants for you.

The Girl Perfect study features sneak peeks at the Girl Perfect Docudrama and includes personal messages from Jennifer. With eleven 5-minute sessions, these simple yet engaging messages walk you through the Girl Perfect Journey. Join Jennifer as she speaks from her own home on the topics of sexuality, body image, fashion, beauty, success and more.

You will surely be inspired to pursue true fulfillment and healing through a relationship with Christ. Designed for multiple generations of women and girls, 13 and up!
1. Bible Study Promo 1 MIN
2. Bible Study Introduction 3 MINS
3. The Perfect Affirmation 5 MINS
4. The Perfect Acceptance 6 MINS
5. The Perfect Image 7 MINS
6. The Perfect Body 6 MINS
7. The Perfect Look 6 MINS
8. The Perfect Dream 4 MINS
9. The Perfect Escape 5 MINS
10. The Perfect Path 5 MINS
11. The Perfect Fulfillment 5 MINS
12. The Perfect Freedom 5 MINS
Jennifer Strickland
Ever looked in the mirror and hated what you saw? Flipped through a magazine and felt like you'd never measure up? Believed the person who said you weren't good enough? You're not the only one.

When you look to men, mirrors, and magazines for a reflection of your value, you see only a distorted reflection. Former professional model Jennifer Strickland knows this all too well. Being treated like a plastic mannequin left her broken and lost, in search of her true identity.

Now she bares her heart and shares her struggles, reaching out with God's truth for all women:

  • We are his beloved daughters
  • We are his beautiful creations
  • We are his shining lights

The mirrors of the media will always change, but in the reflection of his Word, we see who we really are.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Lie 1: You Are What Man Thinks ... 8 MINS
2. Truth 1: You Are a Beloved ... 6 MINS
3. Lie 2: You are What You See In ... 6 MINS
4. Truth 2: You are a Precious ... 5 MINS
5. Lie 3: You are What Magazines ... 8 MINS
6. Truth 3: You are A Beautiful ... 7 MINS
7. Lie 4: You are The Mask You ... 6 MINS
8. Truth 4: You are a Shining ... 6 MINS
9. Lie 5: You are Mastered by the ... 5 MINS
10. Truth 5: You are A Chosen ... 5 MINS
Jennifer Strickland
Women face unbelievable pressure to measure up to today's standard of beauty. Society makes women feel that if they aren't beautiful, they aren't lovable. That's a lie. God's Word tells us we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Deep beauty—God-given beauty—is about real character and finding our identity in Christ.

The Perfection Deception gets to the heart of true beauty as defined by God. Join several women—a former model, a counselor, authors, and college students—as they discuss the pressure women face to be perfect . . . and the one true place they can find their heart's desire.
1. The Perfection Deception 25 MINS
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