Life, Money & Hope Dave Ramsey
1. Biblical Finance 31 MINS
2. Dealing with Debt 31 MINS
3. The Number-One Money Myth 35 MINS
Is God concerned about your financial situation? What does the Bible have to say about debt? What is the most important thing to know about money?

In these three engaging 30-minute session Dave Ramsey, a personal money management expert, popular national radio and television personality, and the best-selling author of Financial Peace and The Total Money Makeover, looks to Scripture as he discusses several critical issues about your personal finances.

From the creator of Financial Peace University.  
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How do you keep from going into debt, and what can you do to become successful financially? Discover the answers to these questions today on Precepts For Life with Kay Arthur and special guest Dave Ramsey.
1. Money with Dave Ramsey 25 MINS
In the Life. Money. Legacy. series, Dave Ramsey presents a biblical view of money in five entertaining, practical messages. Each 30-minute session teaches viewers how to handle their personal finances God's ways and how to build a lasting legacy that will transform generations to come.

From the creator of Financial Peace University.
1. Wealth, Wisdom and the World 31 MINS
2. Breaking the Chains of Debt 33 MINS
3. The #1 Myth about Money 31 MINS
4. Pride, Poverty, Gratitude 32 MINS
5. A Biblical Framework for Wealth 32 MINS
Why do we work? What is the purpose?

The world tells us that work is just a means to more comfort…more stuff…more me. TV shows and even our misdirected language in the church have hijacked our view of work and belittled it to mundane and meaningless.

But what if there's more? What if we are divinely place wherever we are? What if it's about what we can give, not just what we get?

Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur or manager in your business, you have an enormous opportunity to give people a picture of God by the way you work. You have the potential to impact the world around you for Christ.

In these five motivating video Bible study sessions, you will explore how to bring meaning to your work, how God can use you in the marketplace, how to find the needed energy, and how to work with excellence.
Trailer 3 MINS
1. Create a Leadership Factory 49 MINS
2. Start at the Finish Line 37 MINS
3. Bringing Meaning to Your Work 34 MINS
4. The Leader's Energy Source 20 MINS
5. Building a Winning Team 45 MINS
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